Coloured plastic sheets from S-Polytec

Coloured plastic sheets from S-Polytec

Plastic sheets are available in the various colours. We have compiled all coloured plastic sheets from our standard delivery programme in a clear list.

Plastics are available not only in black or white but also in a wide variety of colours. Some of them are even produced according to RAL colour shades. Others are similar to a specific RAL colour.

In our shop, we stock a wide range of different plastics, and in a wide range of colours. It's not easy to keep track of them all.

Coloured plastic panels

With this blog article, we would like to give you a small overview of our coloured plastic sheets. We have not sorted these plastics by type of chemical composition, but by their colours. However, this list only applies to our standard delivery programme in the online shop, so that many other coloured plastic sheets are also available on request.

Depending on the plastic, we are even able to have coloured plastic sheets produced for you according to your colour specifications in accordance with the RAL colour table. However, this is associated with a minimum purchase quantity, which can be up to several tonnes. The minimum order quantity for coloured plastic sheets, on the other hand, depends on the desired plastic. As a general rule, we cannot produce individual sheets in the desired colour.

Red plastic panels

Orange plastic panels

Yellow plastic sheets

Green plastic sheets

Blue plastic panels

In addition, we naturally also carry plastic sheets in silver, such as our aluminium composite sheets with brushed surface. In addition, you will find in our online shop a variety of plastic sheets in different shades of grey, in black, white or natural

Of course, this list is absolutely up-to-date, because as soon as we add another plastic, or an existing plastic in another colour, this list will be supplemented here, so that you can be absolutely sure that you will also find the plastics listed here in our online shop.

NOTE:Other colours and plastics are available on request.

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