We have moved

We have moved

We have now completely moved to the new location in Kranenburg. This means that both our address for collections and deliveries and our telephone number have changed.

After our marketing team moved into the Kranenburg location a year ago, the administration, customer service and the entire production have now also moved to the new main location. This means that our main address for collections, deliveries and business appointments has changed, as has our telephone number, under which we can be reached in future.

The location in Kranenburg as the new headquarters

We are finally all united at the new location in Kranenburg.

We from the Marketing TEAM are happy, because finally we are no longer the only ones who have moved into your office and are otherwise wandering through empty premises. Our customer service team moved into the office right next to us a few days ago and is now ready for all your queries and enquiries on about 58m² with four available workstations, of which only three are occupied at the moment. Anyone who has visited our location in Goch knows how much space we have to work in. The sales office in particular, which also housed our coffee kitchen, was very cramped and, due to its limited size, there was always quite a high noise level caused by telephone calls, printers, coffee machines and small talk from those present.

The head office, as well as our order coordination, are located in the opposite wing in an office that is also very spacious. It is so large that every word echoes in the room, despite the sound-absorbing acoustically perforated ceiling. A few larger plants are needed here to visually enhance the room and at the same time improve the room acoustics. Our boss has moved into the smallest office in the building and seems to prefer sitting in his individual office, which is also directly adjacent to the marketing office, to moving into his small cubicle. We claim that this is due to our presence.

Both saws are now in operation in the large production hall. On the one hand, there is the new saw-storage combination with a floor space of around 350m², which we purchased at the beginning of the year, and on the other hand, the larger of the two panel saws from Goch, which was moved to Kranenburg last Wednesday. Originally, it was planned to place them directly behind the warehouse combination, but our boss has revised the space concept again and moved the CNC milling machine, which has also been in operation at the new location for 8 months, to the middle of the hall, so that the small saw for panels up to a size of 4.2 x 4.2 metres is located at the back of the hall. The shelves with the countless plastic sheets in 2x1 metre format are arranged around the saw. In addition, some more storage spaces have been created here, which will soon be filled with more plastic sheets. Here we will probably store more PVC sheets for cutting, which we have only offered as standard sheets in the online shop up to now.

Here you can see allthe plastic sheetswe have been offering you so far.

Even though we are now all united at one location, there is still a lot to do. All the goods still have to be sorted into the shelves properly. At the moment, it still looks quite chaotic in the hall, but that should be done in a few days.

With the move, however, not only the way to work for our colleagues will change, but also the main address of our company. Although the notarised date for the relocation, which is scheduled for next week, is still pending, the location in Kranenburg will now be used for self-collections, deliveries of goods and business appointments. The location in Goch will remain, but more on that later.

The new address of our company

  • S-Polytec GmbH
  • Im Schlop 11
  • 47559 Kranenburg
  • Germany

New telephone system and fast fibre optic connection

From now on you can reach us under the telephone number 0049 2826 - 308 905-0.

With the new location, the telephone numbers of the respective staff members have also changed. Thanks to the new, modern telephone system, everyone can be reached via a separate extension. Even we in marketing finally have a telephone connection with our own telephone number range, so that every workstation here has its own telephone. In addition to the fixed base station, our customer service and our service hotline are also equipped with high-quality headsets and handsets so that queries in the production area can be discussed without interruption.

Thanks to the fast fibre-optic connection, problems with the accessibility of our company will be a thing of the past in the future. The old location in Goch was simply no longer designed for the scale we have reached in recent years.

The most important numbers at a glance

  • Head office 0049 2826 - 308 905-0
  • Distribution 0049 2826 - 308 905-10
  • Marketing 0049 2826 - 308 905-30

NOTE: The old telephone number will remain available until further notice and will be diverted to the new connection at the head office to ensure smooth accessibility during our business hours during the transition period.

What will happen to the site in Goch?

The old location at Jurgensstraße 5 in Goch remains an important part of our company and will be run as Plant 2 in future. Although the offices are now empty and the production hall is also yawning with the exception of a panel saw, this will soon change. There are several ideas for the use of the hall, but until that happens, the storage area of around 750m² will be used as a buffer store to achieve higher storage capacities for our plastic sheets. Especially nowadays, when the prices for plastics fluctuate more than many a share price, the external warehouse gives us enough leeway to realise stable prices in the online shop without having to react to every price increase. The same applies to silicones or aluminium profiles, of which more will follow soon.

One of the possible uses is to use the site for profiles, pipes and plastic rods in cutting. Another idea is to use the site completely for the production of our adhesives. Here, too, there will be a lot more going on in the future, because several adhesives and bonding agents are in the development phase, so that our own brand S-Polybond is constantly growing. Here, it is also planned to no longer sell the products only via our online shop, but also to serve the local trade, as well as other online dealers as a wholesaler. The location would also be very suitable for adding cut-to-size products made of wood materials to the range. Sawing wood causes a lot of dust, which, despite a strong extraction system, is still partly suspended in the room air and thus covers all the stored boards, including our plastic boards. This is the reason why we have so far refrained from cutting wood.

The envisaged uses of Plant 2 in Goch

  • External buffer storage for stocking larger quantities of our plastic sheets
  • Separate site for the development and production of S-Polybond adhesives
  • Separate location for the processing of tubes, rods and profiles in the cutting process
  • Separate location for the processing of wood-based materials in the cut-to-size stage
  • Expansion of the plant to an operation for recycling and regranulating plastics
  • Expansion of the plant for the production of plastic sheets by extrusion

These are just a few thoughts that revolve around the further development of our company while using our old location. In addition, there are already thoughts of expanding the location in Kranenburg, as well as acquiring another property for our purposes. However, this is all still pie in the sky. As soon as something develops in this direction, we will be happy to keep you informed and report on it. We will also report on which new products will be available in the shop in the future as a result of the additional storage space after final research and clarification.

We hope that this blog post has been helpful and interesting. We are always available for questions and feedback and welcome your suggestions and opinions, especially regarding ideas for the use of our location in Goch.

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Your Sascha from S-Polytec

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