Professional foam gun FOME FLEX Black Edition

The professional foam gun FOME FLEX Black Edition has a complete non-stick coating made of Teflon and is therefore easy to clean. The finely adjustable adjustment wheel enables very precise dosing.

✓ Precise dosing of the building foam
✓ High-quality design made of metal
✓ 100% non-stick coated
✓ Teflon ball valve
✓ Extremely easy to clean
✓ Ergonomic design

The FOME FLEX PU foam gun in the Black Edition meets the highest demands and is ideally suited for craftsmen.

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Professional foam gun FOME FLEX Black Edition

Professional design ✓ PTFE-coated on the inside & outside ✓ Very precise dosing ✓

The professional foam gun FOME FLEX Black Edition in black is made of metal and has a complete non-stick Teflon coating. This makes the foam gun easy to remove stubborn building foam, even when it has already hardened. The robust and ergonomic construction is designed for long-lasting work by craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers with the highest quality requirements and is perfectly suited for regular application of construction foam in all common foam cans.

The very high quality of workmanship of the FOME FLEX Black Edition, as well as the high-quality Teflon coating, contribute to a very long service life. All components are perfectly matched to each other. A very precise dosage of the construction foam can be achieved through an easy-to-operate adjustment wheel.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x PU foam gun FOME FLEX Black Edition
  • 2 x Flexible polyethylene pipe extensions
  • 2 x polyethylene dosing tips

Features of the professional foam gun FOME FLEX Black Edition

The FOME FLEX Black Edition foam gun is aimed at craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers with the highest demands. The ergonomic design, which is characterised by a perfect balance, enables fatigue-free working. The robust metal housing is enormously durable and fully non-stick coated on the outside for easy cleaning. The inside of the tube also has a high-quality Teflon coating to prevent the tube from clogging up when applying the building foam.

Thanks to the long, slim gun tube, which can be extended if necessary with the flexible polyethylene tube extensions supplied, the foam gun is also suitable for foaming in hard-to-reach areas. The smooth-running adjustment screw allows the dosage of the construction foam to be set very precisely.

After foaming, the foam can can remain screwed onto the gun for later use. The airtight system with ball valve made of white Teflon prevents the foam from curing inside the gun, so that opened cans do not have to be disposed of and can be emptied at a later time.

Advantages of the FOME FLEX Black Edition at a glance

  • Durable, robust design with high-quality metal housing
  • Suitable for all common 1C and 2C foams in gun cans
  • Completely non-stick Teflon (PTFE) coating inside and out
  • Very precise dosing of the construction foam due to smooth-running adjustment screw
  • The rubberised handle is ergonomically shaped for good operability
  • The 21cm long gun barrel can be easily unscrewed if necessary
  • The flexible tube extension with dispensing tip is ideal for hard-to-reach places
  • No clogging of the can receptacle thanks to high-quality ball valve made of white Teflon
  • With only 329 grams, the foam gun is a lightweight for fatigue-free work
  • Perfect balance with the foam can screwed on thanks to carefully thought-out design

Handling of the PU foam gun FOME FLEX Black Edition

The professional foam gun FOME FLEX in the Black Edition is ready for immediate use and can be used for processing all commercially available construction foams. From conventional 1-component PU foam to frame foam, winter foam or fire protection foam to fast-curing 2-component gun foam - the foam gun is suitable for all foam cans of all common brands.

Before starting to work with construction foam, the safety data sheet of the foam - especially the instructions for processing and personal protective equipment - should be observed. Gloves should not be dispensed with under any circumstances. Before screwing the foam can onto the gun, it must be shaken vigorously so that the viscous adhesive mass mixes with the propellant. You should also make sure that the gun is closed by the adjustment wheel to prevent accidental triggering of the gun handle.

Now the foam can can be screwed onto the gun. Since most foam cans have a plastic thread, you should only screw the can on hand-tight. Now you can also loosen the adjustment screw to control the foam distribution. For narrow joints, half a turn is usually enough so that only very little foam comes out of the dispensing tip. For large-area foaming, the screw can be loosened as desired until the desired foam volume is achieved.

Depending on the foam used and the substrate, prior moistening is advisable. To apply the foam, the gun tube should be inserted into the joint or the area to be foamed at a sufficient depth. The foam can must point upwards so that the foam can be transported out of the can. Do not worry if the foam surrounds the pipe in the process. This can be cleaned later without any problems thanks to the Teflon coating. Construction foam swells strongly, depending on the design. This expansion causes the fine-pored foam structure, which contributes to optimised sound and heat insulation, so the foam should be applied carefully and yet in sufficient quantity. If necessary, overflowing foam can be removed with a sharp knife once the cut resistance has been reached.

TIP: To ensure consistent foam quality, we recommend shaking the gun vigorously from time to time with the foam can screwed on. This is extremely helpful, especially for long-lasting work, in order to be able to empty the cans completely and ensures a fine-pored structure of the construction foam.

After foaming, or to change the foam can, the adjusting screw should be screwed back in completely so that the system is hermetically sealed. To clean the inside of the pipe with a gun cleaner, on the other hand, it must be loosened again slightly as soon as the cleaner is screwed on hand-tight.

NOTE: After use, we recommend cleaning the foam gun with FOME FLEX gun cleaner.

Technical data FOME FLEX Black Edition foam gun

  • Product type: PU foam gun
  • Material: Metal (Teflon-coated)
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: approx. 33cmx20cmx5cm
  • Weight (without foam can): 329 grams
  • Length gun barrel: 21cm
  • Non-stick coating: Teflon (Housing,Pipe, Adapter, valve, mechanics)
  • Ergonomically formed: Yes
  • One-hand operation: Possible
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialMetal (Teflon-coated)

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