Foam gun FOME FLEX Mega Edition

The high-quality foam gun FOME FLEX Mega Edition with robust metal housing is Teflon-coated on the inside and offers up to 20% more foam yield thanks to the innovative cross valve.

✓ Simple dosing of the building foam
✓ 20% more foam yield
✓ Robust metal housing
✓ Non-stick coated inside
✓ Teflon ball valve
✓ Ergonomic Design

The FOME FLEX PU foam gun in the Mega Edition is a high-quality foam gun at an affordable price.

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PU foam gun FOME FLEX Mega Edition

Robust metal housing ✓ Teflon-coated inside ✓ Easy to use ✓

The FOME FLEX Mega Edition foam gun made of metal with an ergonomic handle made of high-quality plastic is suitable for all foam cans that are processed with a foam gun. The special design of the cross valve inside the foam can holder enables a higher yield of the construction foam of up to 20 percent without affecting the foam quality. For a targeted processing of the PU foam, the FOME FLEX foam gun has a large adjustment wheel that ensures a very precise dosage of the foam.

With the FOME FLEX Mega Edition we offer a high-quality foam gun with an excellent price/performance ratio. The very good manufacturing quality, as well as the Teflon coating of the adapter valve and the inner tube, prevent the gun from clogging and contribute to a long service life of the foam gun. This makes the FOME FLEX Mega Edition a very good choice for all DIY enthusiasts who value high quality at an affordable price.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x PU foam gun FOME FLEX Mega Edition
  • 2 x Flexible polyethylene pipe extensions
  • 2 x polyethylene dosing tips

Features of the PU foam gun FOME FLEX Mega Edition

The FOME FLEX Mega Edition foam gun is suitable for all common construction foams in gun cans and is characterised by an enormous service life. The high-quality Teflon coating in the gun barrel and the adapter valve makes cleaning easy. The ergonomically shaped handle, in combination with the good balance, allow easy application without premature fatigue. This makes the foam gun an excellent choice for all do-it-yourselfers with a high demand for quality at a fair price. Also for craftsmen who are looking for an inexpensive, reliable foam gun for regular use, the Mega Edition is an inexpensive alternative to the Professional foam gun FOME FLEX Black-Edition.

The slim gun tube with a length of just under 20cm can be inserted effortlessly into narrow joints for foaming door frames, windows, cavities and connection joints. For hard-to-reach areas, the set also includes flexible extensions that can simply be attached to the dispensing tip of the foam gun. The coated adapter valve for holding the foam cans has a ball valve made of white Teflon. For the best possible foam quality and dosage, which, thanks to the cross valve, enables a higher foam yield of around 20 percent, the gun has a large, precisely adjustable adjustment screw.

The foam gun is completely non-stick coated on the inside. When the adjustment screw is closed, the system is absolutely airtight, so that opened foam cans can remain screwed on to be used again at a later time. There is no need to worry about the foam hardening or clogging due to the viscous foam mass.

Advantages of the FOME FLEX Mega Edition at a glance

  • Sturdy design with high-quality metal housing
  • Suitable for all common 1K and 2K gun foams
  • Adapter valve and inside of gun barrel Teflon coated
  • Easy dosing of the building foam due to large dosing wheel
  • Up to 20% more foam yield thanks to innovative cross valve
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for good operability
  • Including flexible pipe extensions and dosing tips made of PE
  • Adapter valve with high-quality ball valve made of white Teflon
  • Low own weight of only 380g for fatigue-free working

Handling of the PU foam gun FOME FLEX Mega Edition

The FOME FLEX Mega Edition foam gun is suitable for processing all common building foams in gun cans and is ready for use immediately after screwing the foam can onto the adapter valve. PU foam consists of the actual adhesive mass and a propellant, which must be mixed properly by vigorous shaking. For the sake of simplicity, this should be done before screwing on the foam can. To be on the safe side, the dosage screw should also be completely closed so that the grill lever cannot be actuated accidentally.

Then the tree foam can be screwed on hand-tight and the dosing screw loosened until the foam dosage corresponds to the desired result. For narrow, narrow joints or for foaming window profiles and door frames, one turn is usually enough. For a higher foam dosage, the dosage screw can be loosened further so that the handle lever can be tightened further. For foaming, the gun tube is inserted as far as necessary into the joint, gap or cavity.

However, PU foam is available in countless versions, so attention should always be paid here to the specific properties of the foam, as these can also be important when dosing the foam. A look at the foam manufacturer's technical data sheet is therefore always advisable, because these usually contain information on the volume increase when the foam hardens and whether additional moisture is useful by wetting with a spray gun. The safety data sheet, on the other hand, should always be read. Above all, the instructions for application and personal protective equipment - above all the wearing of gloves - must always be observed for your own safety.

TIP: For long-lasting work, it is advisable to shake the foam can in the meantime. This ensures that the propellant and the adhesive are always well mixed, which has a significant influence on the quality of the construction foam. The foam can can remain screwed onto the gun.

After foaming, or to change the foam can, the adjusting screw should be screwed back in completely to prevent accidental operation of the handle lever. This also ensures that the system is hermetically sealed and the construction foam does not harden. Because the FOME FLEX Mega Edition, in contrast to the Black Edition, is not completely non-stick coated on the outside, the foam gun should be thoroughly cleaned of foam residues after finishing work before it has hardened.

NOTE: For cleaning the foam gun, we recommend the FOME FLEX Foam Cleaner gun cleaner. This is equally suitable for removing construction foam from the outside of the gun tube or the housing, and can also be screwed onto the adapter valve for cleaning the inner tube.

Technical data FOME FLEX Mega Edition foam gun

  • Product type: PU foam gun
  • Material: Metal (partially coated)
  • Colour: Silver, black
  • Dimensions: approx. 35cmx18cmx 5cm
  • Weight (without foam can): 380 grams
  • Length gun barrel: approx. 19,5cm
  • Non-stick coating: Teflon (Pipe, inside, adapter valve)
  • Ergonomically formed: Yes
  • One-hand operation: Possible
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialMetal (partially coated)

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