Metal PU foam gun

The PU foam gun P-Plus is ideal for occasional processing of 1C PU foams and can be essential dismantled for easier cleaning.

✓ Simple special dosing
✓ Robust metal housing
✓ Essential dismountable
✓ Steel joint valve
✓ Ergonomic handle

The inexpensive PU foam gun P-Plus is suitable for all common 1C foam types in gun cans.

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Inexpensive metal PU foam

Metal housing ✓ Easy dosing ✓ Can be essential dismantled ✓

The foam gun P-Plus is an inexpensive solution for processing one-component PU foams. Despite the very low price, the foam gun has a robust metal housing. Unlike our foam guns for professional use, the simple construction foam gun is not non-stick coated, but can be essential disassembled for easier cleaning if necessary. This makes the inexpensive gun ideal for the occasional foaming of doors, windows and wall openings.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x PU foam gun P-Plus
  • 2 x Flexible polyethylene pipe extensions
  • 2 x polyethylene dosing tips

Features of the metal PU foam gun

Even though the inexpensive PU foam gun is a simple model for occasional use, you do not have to forego a high quality of workmanship. The lightweight weighs only 300 grams, despite its metal housing. In terms of operability, the inexpensive gun is in no way inferior to higher-quality models. A robust dosing screw made of solid metal enables precise adjustment of the desired foam volume and the long handle lever, in combination with the ergonomic plastic grip, allows comfortable, effortless foaming.

Unlike most cheap guns, the P-Plus PU foam gun can be essential disassembled for thorough cleaning if necessary. However, it is not necessary to disassemble the gun to clean the inner tube or the gun barrel. A simple foam gun cleaner is sufficient in most cases. The adapter valve is even PTFE-coated, which is by no means common for foam guns in this price range.

The elongated gun tube is sufficient for most purposes and is also suitable for narrow joints and gap fillings due to its slim design. The pipe extensions made of flexible polyethylene make it easy to apply building foam even in hard-to-reach places - around corners, for example.

Advantages of the PU foam gun P-Plus at a glance

  • Sturdy design with metal housing made of metal
  • For all common 1C PU foams in gun cans
  • Easy dosing of the construction foam thanks to dosing screw
  • Sturdy, ergonomic plastic handle
  • Adapter valve with non-stick PTFE coating
  • Including flexible pipe extensions made of PE
  • Very low own weight of only 300g

Handling the PU foam gun P-Plus

The P-Plus foam gun is suitable for 1C PU foam in conventional gun cans and enables precise, effortless application of construction foam, regardless of the type of foam in question. PU foam must be shaken thoroughly to mix the foam mass and the blowing agent. To do this, shake the foam can vigorously for about 15 seconds before screwing it on.

After shaking, the foam can can be screwed into the foam gun with the valve pointing upwards. Make sure that the dosage screw is screwed tight. To foam, it must be loosened a little. How far it has to be turned depends on the desired foam volume and can be adjusted as required. The further the screw is loosened, the higher the foam volume. However, PU foams vary considerably in terms of expansion and foaming behaviour, depending on the type of foam. A look at the product description or the technical data sheet of the manufacturer can be very helpful.

When foaming, the foam can must be directed upwards so that the foam mixture can be conveyed out of the can. Gloves should always be worn when working with PU foam. In addition, the specifications for personal protective equipment according to the safety data sheet for the respective construction foam should always be observed.

TIP: Shaking in between ensures a constant fine-pored foam structure. For this purpose, the foam canister does not have to be removed and can remain screwed onto the adapter valve.

If an empty foam can is to be replaced by a full one, it is advisable to turn the metering screw in as far as it will go to avoid accidentally releasing the handle lever. After foaming, or if work is paused for a longer period, the foam can should be removed and the pipe flushed with a gun cleaner. Otherwise there is a risk that the construction foam remaining in the pipe will harden and the gun cannot be used again.

NOTE: The inexpensive foam gun is not non-stick except for the adapter valve and should therefore be cleaned after each use. With our PU gun cleaner FOME FLEX Foam Cleaner, the outer casing as well as the pipe system can be cleaned without any problems as long as the construction foam has not yet hardened.

Technical data foam gun P-Plus

  • Product tyoe: PU foam gun
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Silver, red
  • Diameters: approx. 32cmx21cmx 5cm
  • Weight (without foam can): 300 grams
  • Length gun barrel: approx. 21cm
  • Non-stick coating: None
  • Ergonomically formed: Yes
  • One-hand operation: Possible
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Additional Information

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