PE-HD sheets green 19mm custom cut (UV-stabilised)

Buy UV and weather resistant PE (HD-PE) sheets in green (similar to RAL6005) with 19mm thickness and medium grain on both sides conveniently online in desired size at low prices.

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PE Green - Weatherproof, impact-resistant PE-HD sheets for outdoor use

19mm thickness ✓ Graining on both sides ✓ Made in Germany

Our plastic sheets made of UV-stable polyethylene in the colour green resemble the colour RAL6005 (moss green) and have a medium-sized grain on both sides that resembles the surface structure of leather. The PE-HD sheets are completely dyed and, thanks to the grained surface, are comparatively resistant to scratching. For this reason, the green polyethylene sheets can also be used for optical purposes and are delivered without a protective film. Our PE sheets with surface graining are solid sheets without a foamed PE core, in a thickness of 19 mm.

Properties of our polyethylene sheets in green

Polyethylene is actually more of an engineering plastic, which is characterised by its very good impact strength, even at low temperatures. In addition, polyethylene is considered to be physiologically harmless, which is why it is also approved for use in the food processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Good sliding properties and a very long service life are equally important properties of polyethylene as its very good chemical resistance. Polyethylene is therefore indispensable in container construction, as well as in machines and plants in the chemical industry, or in transport and conveyor technology.

Our special polyethylene sheets with a green, grained surface are UV and weather resistant and have very good impact strength even at very low temperatures, without the material splintering or creating sharp edges. For this reason, the plastic sheets are excellently suited for permanent outdoor use and, not least because of their approval according to DIN ENN71, are used for the production of playground equipment, park benches and enclosures in publicly accessible areas. The green PE-HD sheets have excellent chemical resistance, so that even graffiti can be removed comparatively easily from the surface.

Approvals and standards for our PE-HD sheets in green

  • DIN EN71 (safety of play equipment)
  • DIN 4102 B2 (normal flammability)
  • REACH (EU Chemicals Regulation)
  • RoHS (Regulation on the Prohibition of Hazardous Substances in the Electrical Industry)
  • BGA and FDA approval (physiologically harmless)

We supply you with PE-HD in green just as you need it - accurate to the millimetre according to your specifications.

Even though the processing of our green polyethylene sheets is not a big challenge, we offer you the possibility to order your PE sheets directly in the desired size at favourable prices with our cutting configurator. Your sheets are cut to size with millimetre precision on one of our computer-controlled sheet saws and thanks to our constant stock of green PE-HD sheets in 19mm thickness, we always dispatch your desired sheets within the shortest possible time. Individual shapes or recesses (relief milling) are also no problem thanks to our CNC milling machines. You can find out the best way to order milled parts on our information page on our milling service.

Application examples for polyethylene (PE-HD) in green

  • Our green PE sheets are excellent for inconspicuous covers in gardening and landscaping
  • The impact-resistant polyethylene sheets in green are often used in livestock and agriculture
  • The PE sheets in green can be used for the construction of raised beds or as root protection sheets
  • For cladding sports equipment, or in the manufacture of playground equipment, green PE is also very popular
  • and many more

Processing of polyethylene (PE-HD) in green

Polyethylene is a very easy plastic to process and can be cut in a wide variety of ways. Water jet cutting, like CO2 laser cutting, is probably one of the more demanding methods that require special machines. Sawing or milling, on the other hand, can be done with conventional hand tools for wood processing. The same applies to turning or drilling PE-HD sheets.

Plastic sheet blanks, whether cut on our panel saws or as milled parts, already provide a wide range of applications. As a thermoplastic, the possibilities in the production of finished plastic parts made of polyethylene are almost limitless. This is made possible by hot forming or thermoforming, in which the plastic is heated and brought into the desired shape, as is often the case in the industrial processing of our green polyethylene sheets.

Polyethylene cannot be glued. At least not with normal plastic adhesives. Gluing, laminating or laminating is also not possible with polyethylene thanks to its high chemical resistance. Even solvent-based paints and varnishes, which are otherwise difficult or impossible to remove from surfaces, do not dissolve and can be removed comparatively easily from the grained, green surface of our PE-HD sheets.

Polyethylene is usually welded together with a corresponding PE welding rod. We offer suitable welding rods for our PE-HD in different colours and thicknesses in our online shop at particularly favourable graduated prices by the metre.

NOTE: Polyethylene cannot be glued with conventional adhesives. For this reason, we carry the special 2-component adhesive S-Polybond PEprofi in our online shop, which was specially developed for bonding polyethylene.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length2440
Standard width1220
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
UV resistanceUV stabilized
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL6005
Color designationMoss green

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