PE-HD sheets natural 2x1meter

Natural coloured polyethylene sheets (PE-HD) in thicknesses from 1mm-100mm in standard format 2.0x1.0 metres. The price shown is per sheet in 2x1 metre format.

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Dimensions of the samples approx. 200mm x 100mm

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PE-HD sheets in natural colour in standard format

Food-safe ✓ Many thicknesses ✓ Made in Germany ✓

Our standard sheets made of polyethylene (PE-HD with high density) in the colour natural have a format of 2.0x1.0 metres and are available in thicknesses from 1mm to 100mm. In its natural form, polyethylene has a milky, cloudy, whitish colour and is still relatively translucent in lower thicknesses, but opaque. Our solid sheets, which do not contain a foamed core of polyethylene (they are exclusively solid core material), have their natural colour throughout, so that both cut edges and surfaces have the same whitish colour. Our natural-coloured polyethylene sheets with a smooth surface, as an engineering plastic, are not equipped with a protective film.

NOTE: As an engineering plastic, polyethylene is not recommended for optical applications because the smooth, natural-coloured surface scratches relatively easily.

Properties of our polyethylene sheets in nature

The typical characteristics of polyethylene are, in particular, its very good chemical resistance and its approval for use in foodstuffs. This makes our natural-coloured PE-HD sheets the plastic of choice, especially in the food and chemical industries. In addition, polyethylene has very good impact strength and excellent sliding properties. This, in combination with the long service life and the electrically insulating properties, multiplies the areas of application for polyethylene, so that this inexpensive plastic is also used in the construction industry, in road construction, in tank construction or in the construction of machines and plants.

Approvals and standards for our PE-HD sheets in nature

  • Food law approval in accordance with LFGB and EC Regulation 1935/2004
  • Physiologically safe according to BfR
  • Food conform according to EU 10/2011 and FDA
  • REACH (EU Chemicals Regulation)
  • RoHS (Ordinance on the Prohibition of Hazardous Substances in the Electrical Industry)

In addition to the standard polyethylene sheets offered here in the colour natural in the format 2000mmx1000mm, we also offer you the possibility in our online shop to buy our PE-HD sheets in natural in millimetre-precise cuts, exactly according to your specifications. Larger standard sheets in the format 3.0x1.5 metres, or 4.0x2.0 metres made of polyethylene in natural, as well as other colours, thicknesses or solid rods are available on request.

Application examples for polyethylene (PE-HD) in nature

  • PE-HD sheets in natural are used as cutting boards and table tops in the food industry
  • Natural coloured polyethylene sheets are suitable for tank construction of chemicals and drinking water
  • Impact-resistant, durable sheets of natural-coloured polyethylene can be used as wall and impact protection
  • In concrete construction, PE is used for the production of precast concrete elements thanks to its chemical resistance
  • and many more

Processing of polyethylene (PE-HD) in nature

Our natural coloured polyethylene sheets can be processed with all cutting methods, such as sawing, milling, turning or drilling. All machines or devices that can be used for wood processing, such as jigsaws, routers or cordless screwdrivers, are suitable as tools. This means that cutting our PE-HD sheets to size can be done even without extensive knowledge of plastics processing. Provided the appropriate equipment is available, our polyethylene plastic sheets can also be cut with a CO2 laser or by water jet cutting.

Polyethylene can neither be painted nor covered with a film (laminating). The reason for this is the very good chemical resistance of PE-HD. Bonding our PE sheets in nature is also impossible with conventional plastic adhesives. However, in order to be able to join polyethylene together safely and permanently, it is possible to weld the sheets with a suitable welding rod for polyethylene. The suitable PE welding wire in the colour nature with 4mm thickness, can of course be found in our online shop.

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material and for this reason can be very well shaped into almost any conceivable form by so-called thermoforming. Here, thermoforming, just like deep-drawing, offers possibilities with regard to the shape of the finished plastic parts that are difficult or impossible to realise with conventional, metal-cutting methods.

NOTE: Polyethylene cannot be glued with conventional adhesives. For this reason, we carry the special 2-component adhesive S-Polybond PEprofi in our online shop, which was specially developed for bonding PE.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standard width2000
Standart Length1000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 7 - 10 working days
UV resistancenot UV resistant
Color accuracyNo

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