PE-HD welding rod nature 4mm

PE welding rod in natural with 4mm diameter for welding polyethylene by the metre. Simply enter the length you require in metres in the input field for the quantity.

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Polyethylene welding rod 4mm in natural as yard goods

Our welding rod for polyethylene with a diameter of 4mm in the colour natural is perfect for our natural coloured polyethylene sheets. Welding polyethylene together creates a permanent and secure bond between the plastic parts, which cannot be guaranteed with adhesives (apart from our special adhesive for polyethylene), as PE cannot be glued easily.

The diameter of 4mm of our welding rod in natural is also suitable for plastic sheets made of polyethylene with high sheet thicknesses. For a seamless connection of thicker PE sheets, several welding seams can be made on top of each other without any problems.

Buy PE welding wire in natural colour by the metre instead of having to take off whole rolls

We are aware that in the rarest of cases, entire rolls of the natural-coloured PE welding wire are required. For this reason, we offer you the possibility to buy our welding rods for polyethylene by the metre at particularly fair and favourable graduated prices. Simply enter the required length in metres in the input field. The quantity you order will be unwound from the roll and delivered in one piece. In order to have a small buffer, especially at the end of the welding seams, we recommend that you add about 0.5 metres to the required quantity.

Notes on the welding rod for polyethylene

  • Our PE welding rod natural in 4mm thickness can only be used for welding PE with PE
  • A hot air fan welder is recommended for welding our PE welding rod
  • Attain a processing temperature of +220°C to +280°C for welding polyethylene
  • Our natural coloured PE welding rod in a thickness of 4mm, is also suitable for higher sheet thicknesses

Processing of welding rod for polyethylene

Our natural coloured PE welding rod is perfect for securely joining our PE sheets in the colour natural. Polyethylene can be welded very well, provided you pay attention to the right temperature when welding. This should be between +220°C and +280°C for PE. Temperatures below this mean that the welding rod is not heated sufficiently and thus a sufficient, permanent bond cannot be ensured. Similarly, if the temperature is too high, both the PE welding rod and the plates to be welded can burn, which can also lead to the weld seam being of insufficient quality.

Welding polyethylene requires a little practice, so we offer you in our online shop the special adhesive S-Polybond PEprofi for PE, if you prefer to glue your polyethylene parts instead of welding them.

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Additional Information

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