STEINEL Round nozzle Ø 5mm

The STEINEL® professional round nozzle with a diameter of 5mm in screw-on design permits precise, spot-on heating and is suitable for all hot-air units with a receptacle for screw-on professional nozzles.

✓ Screwable version
✓ Angled design
✓ Spot heating
✓ Solid construction

The STEINEL® round nozzle also serves as a receptacle for professional high-speed welding shoes.

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Screwable round nozzle Ø 5mm for hot air devices

Solid construction ✓ Professional quality ✓ For precise heating ✓

The STEINEL® professional round nozzle for hot-air welders concentrates the heat to the point, enabling precise, targeted heating. As a professional nozzle in screw-on design, the round nozzle is suitable for our HG 2620 E and HG 2420 E hot-air units and is fitted to the unit's outlet pipe and fixed in place with a screw. The solid construction of the top nozzle contributes to the fact that it remains dimensionally stable even at very high temperatures and does not warp due to the thermal effect.

The round nozzle in 5mm also serves as an adapter for high-speed welding shoes with separate welding wire feed in the sizes 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x STEINEL® round nozzle Ø 5mm

TIP: A cross-head screwdriver is required to fix the nozzle. This is not included in the delivery.

Application examples for the 5mm professional round nozzle

A round nozzle is always used when spot heating is required, which cannot be carried out precisely enough with a hot-air blower without an attachment. Typical examples of the use of a nozzle with a significantly reduced diameter are the desoldering of components on circuit boards or the loosening of seized screws, as is often the case with vehicles on the underbody. With a round nozzle, the hot air flow is reduced to a very small area, so that surrounding components are heated less and the heat is limited to the small area of the nozzle diameter. Depending on the selected temperature, it is also possible to loosen soldered copper pipe connections or to heat a copper pipe in order to repair damaged, leaking soldered joints with soft solder.

Due to the small diameter of the 5mm round nozzle, it is also excellently suited for the adaptation of spectacle frames or small plastic mouldings which are to be formed into a desired shape by heating. Such a nozzle can also be used for the targeted drying of freshly applied adhesives. Especially when the joints are small in size or difficult to reach without a round nozzle.

Thanks to the slightly angled outlet nozzle, a comfortable, natural position of the hands is possible when using on rod blowers. This not only has a positive effect on spot heating, but also proves to be a great advantage when welding plastics, if the round nozzle is supplemented with an optionally available high-speed welding shoe. Thus, a perfect angle is achieved when welding with a plastic welding rod, which allows comfortable working even with very long welding seams.

  • The 5mm round nozzle enables extremely precise, punctual heating exactly at the desired position
  • With the diameter of 5mm, the desoldering of solder joints can be carried out with high precision
  • In combination with a quick welding shoe the safe positioning of welding seams is very easy
  • The loosening of tight screws by heating can be made easier with a round nozzle
  • With a round nozzle, copper tubes can be heated precisely to solder them
  • And much more

The screw-on nozzles from STEINEL® are suitable for all hot-air appliances whose blow-out pipes are suitable for attaching professional nozzles with a diameter of around 30 mm. When using the round nozzle, you are not limited to using STEINEL® hot-air units but can also use this nozzle with an existing hot-air welding unit (e.g. Leister TRIAC).

WARNING: The screw-on round nozzle is not suitable for STEINEL® HG 2120 E gun blower.

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