Plastic glue Ruderer L530 for PS, PVC a.m.m.

Plastic adhesive Ruderer L530 in the handy 20g tube - For fast and durable bonding of plastics, Ruderer L530 is the ideal adhesive for model makers and cures transparent (crystal clear).

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Ruderer L530 - crystal clear plastic adhesive

Ruderer L530 is a low viscosity, colourless-transparent, solvent-based plastic adhesive that is particularly suitable for bonding small areas of plastic to each other or to other materials. The wet adhesive is particularly suitable for bonding plastics such as polystyrene, ABS, ABS/PMMA, PVC, ASA, PMMA (acrylic glass or Plexiglas), SAN - both to each other and to other materials such as wood, ceramics, metal, paper, cardboard or textiles.

Even though Ruderer L530 is not a superglue, the substrates to be bonded should be joined immediately after application to both sides. Unlike superglue, however, it is possible to correct the position of the bonded parts. After the solvent has completely evaporated, the bonding acts like a permanent welding of the plastics. This process is widely known as "cold welding", in which the solvent penetrates the plastic surface, softens it and completely hardens again during evaporation.

The crystal-clear plastic adhesive Ruderer L530 in the practical 20g tube can be applied without any other aids. A squeeze gun is not required for application.

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Ruderer L530 features

  1. Ruderer L530 is a fast and transparent curing plastic adhesive
  2. Ruderer L530 has a high initial tack and is very low viscosity
  3. Ruderer L530 causes a permanent welding of the plastics (cold welding)
  4. Ruderer L530 is a solvent-based plastic adhesive (toluene-free)

Examples of use of Ruderer L530

  1. Ruderer L530 is ideally suited for model making - especially for clear, transparent plastics
  2. Ruderer L530 is suitable for repairing cracks and breaks in plastics
  3. Ruderer L530 is suitable for bonding mobile phone displays to the housing
  4. Ruderer L530 is suitable for making plastic housings

Processing of the plastic adhesive Ruderer L530

Before bonding, ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are dry, clean and free of grease. The plastic adhesive should be applied or brushed onto the surfaces of the substrates and bonded immediately when wet. For very small parts, a single-sided application of adhesive is sufficient; for somewhat larger surfaces, a double-sided application of the plastic adhesive is recommended to ensure reliable wetting of both sides.

In contrast to superglue, corrections can still be made after joining. Until the adhesive is fully cured, the bonded parts should be sufficiently fixed. The necessary fixing time depends on the type and design of the joined parts. If the parts are not under tension, a fixing time of 5 - 10 minutes is usually sufficient.

NOTE: The crystal clear plastic adhesive Ruderer L530 is not suitable for semi-crystalline plastics such as PE, PP, PTFE, PET, POM, EPDM.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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filling quantity in ml22
Color designationTransparent
Color accuracyNo

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