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Buy high-quality polystyrene sheets in black in 2mm or 3mm with a high-gloss surface online at best prices directly made to measure from the specialist dealer.

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Polystyrene - the all-rounder among plastics

Our black polystyrene sheets are similar to RAL 9005 and have a smooth surface on both sides, one side of which is high-gloss. To ensure that both cut edges and surfaces have the same deep black colour, our polystyrene sheets are dyed black throughout. To protect the high-quality surface of the black polystyrene sheets from scratching, our sheets are covered on one side with a protective film on the high-gloss side. A very special advantage of our black polystyrene sheets, apart from the very good price-performance ratio, is the increased impact resistance compared to the usual polystyrene sheets available on the market. This makes our polystyrene sheets not only more stable, but also more durable. The black polystyrene sheets are available in our shop in the thicknesses 2mm and 3mm.

Properties of our high-gloss polystyrene sheets in black

Polystyrene is a cheap and hard thermoplastic that does not make high demands on processing. For this reason, polystyrene is used for every conceivable purpose. We claim that there is not a single household in which a product made of polystyrene is not used. Starting with office utensils such as filing trays, pencil holders or drawer inserts, through children's toys such as play figures, cars and doll's houses, to electrical appliances such as coffee machines, toasters or fans, the list of examples for the use of polystyrene can be continued almost indefinitely.

Order only what you really need - we will do the rest for you.

Save yourself the time of cutting our black polystyrene sheets and order your plastic sheets directly in the size you need. Our cutting configurator offers you the possibility to enter all the necessary information for thickness, quantity, length and width and determines the favourable price for your customised polystyrene sheets immediately after completing the entries. The sheets are cut to size on a modern, horizontal panel saw with a very low sawing tolerance of only +/-1mm. But you don't just save time, because the waste that you would otherwise have to dispose of is either used by us for further cuts and you are therefore not charged for it, or it is collected by type and extruded into new polystyrene sheets (reclaimed material). Furthermore, the shipping costs are in most cases lower compared to polystyrene sheets in standard size.

The cutting and shipping of our black polystyrene sheets is always carried out promptly, thanks to a permanent stock of black polystyrene in 2mm and 3mm sheet thickness in our own warehouse.

Application examples for black polystyrene

  • Black polystyrene is often used for housings and housing parts of electrical appliances
  • Polystyrene is used to make black waste paper baskets, standing trays, filing trays and other office utensils
  • Black polystyrene is used to make trays, the black carriers in CD cases
  • Black polystyrene is used in container construction and as covers for machinery and equipment
  • and many more

Processing polystyrene in black

Our polystyrene sheets are dyed completely black and therefore also have the deep, black colour on cut and milled edges. The fact that polystyrene is so easy to work with is not only appreciated by model makers, because it can be cut to size without any problems using all machining methods. Sawing, milling, drilling, grinding or filing - even cutting with a CO2 laser is possible with our black polystyrene sheets.

In order to form our black polystyrene sheets using heat, for example with a hot air gun, or to be able to deep-draw this plastic, the protective film must first be removed. Thermoforming itself, i.e. shaping by means of heat, is no problem with polystyrene. Relatively low temperatures are sufficient for this.

Gluing or painting our black polystyrene is just as easy as gluing. Our crystal clear adhesive Ruderer L530 for plastics is ideal for this.

NOTE: The protective film on one side of our black polystyrene sheets is designed to protect the high-gloss surface from scratches. When thermoforming or deep-drawing, the film must be removed in advance.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Thickness2mm - 3mm
Standart Length2000
Standard width1000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialPS (HIPS)
UV resistancenot UV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL9005
Color designationJet black

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