Technicoll 8008 colorless

Technicoll 8008 colorless


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Universal plastic adhesive for small-area bonding of many plastics with each other and with other materials.

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Diffusion adhesive perfect for plastics with metals

The colorless universal plastic adhesive Technicoll 8008 is particularly suitable for bonding plastics together or bonding plastics to metals. It is easy to apply and has a wet application time of only 10 to 30 seconds when applying on one side (about 1 minute for two-sided application).

It is recommended to fix the glued elements until a sufficient further working strength is achieved. This fixing time is usually about 5 to 10 minutes when the bonded parts have no tension.

Areas of application of Technicoll 8008

  • Bonding of plastic housing parts in machine and device construction
  • Gluing of plastic parts in the model construction
  • Glueing magnets or metal handles to plastic parts
  • Glueing plastic handles to wood or metal tools
  • and many more

Characteristics of Technicoll 8008

  • Technicoll 8008 bonds most plastics together
  • Technicoll 8008 bonds most plastics to metal, ceramics, cardboard / paper, wood or glass
  • Technicoll 8008 has a very short wet adhesion time with single or side application

NOTE: Not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE, POM, silicone, EPDM, soft PVC (imitation leather), PS rigid foam (Styrofoam)!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
filling quantity in mlN/A
Color designationTransparent
Color accuracyNo
RAL color codeN/A