Aqua-Plus PP-R T-coupling with female thread

The Aqua-Plus PP-R T-piece in white with fixed internal thread enables a connection of PP-R pipes running in a straight line, as well as an internal thread connection branching at a 90° angle.

✓ With internal thread (female)
✓ Thread firmly integrated
✓ Heat resistant up to +95°C
✓ Optimised flow
✓ Made in EU

The white PP-R T-pieces (IG) are available in various designs and thread sizes for PP-R pipes from 20mm to 32mm outside diameter.

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Aqua-Plus PP-R T-piece with female thread connection

Fixed integrated thread ✓ Various sizes ✓ Perfect flow ✓

The white Aqua-Plus PP-R T-pieces with threaded connection as a version with internal thread, are suitable for connecting two PP-R pipes of identical diameter, and have a brass internal thread branching off at right angles. Depending on the chosen version, the thread diameter varies from 1/2" up to 1", as well as straight-line receptacles for the PP-R pipes from DN20 to DN32. The available variants thus cover all sizes used in the sanitary sector for drinking water supply or for heating systems.

The T-pieces are thus not only ideal for connecting a PP-R pipe system to conventional pipes made of copper, aluminium or steel, but also offer a convenient way of connecting solar thermal panels, outlet taps or radiators to the pipe network by means of a screwable connection.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Aqua-Plus PP-R T-piece in white with internal thread

Properties of the PP-R T-piece with female thread

The Aqua-Plus PP-R system, just like the T-piece, is characterised by its versatile application possibilities. This is ensured by a combination of a high-quality brass alloy for the internal thread and white polypropylene random copolymer. The plastic, which is characterised by very good impact resistance, also has very good resistance to chemicals. This is not only an advantage if the pipe system is to be used as transport pipes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but also prevents deposits in water and waste water pipes. With a temperature resistance of -10°C to +95°C, the pipes can be used for both cold water and hot water lines. This can be done equally for pipes of heating systems as well as for drinking water supply, because the Aqua-Plus pipe system has a drinking water approval, which is certified by SKZ and DVGW.

The T-piece has an internal brass thread. To ensure that the connection from the metal to the plastic always has a firm seat in the T-piece when it is screwed on, the brass insert is worked deep into the plastic. Leakage due to loosening of the brass insert is impossible due to this complex manufacturing process, even with high tightening torques. The plastic coating inside the T-piece extends right up to the internal thread to achieve a perfect transition from the branch to the connected component.

Similar to our T-pieces without brass thread, the T-pieces with internal thread also have a middle section where the diameter is reduced to the internal diameter of the associated pipe. This not only serves to limit the insertion depth, but also contributes to an optimal flow of the liquids for which the piping system is to be used. Due to the almost seamless transition from one end of the pipe, through the T-piece, to the opposite pipe, pressure losses due to high friction are effectively avoided.

Size overview of the PP-R T-pieces with internal thread

  • PP-R T-piece DN20x1/2 "xDN20 IT: PP-R pipes with Ø outside 20mm - branching internal thread 1/2"
  • PP-R T-piece DN25x1/2 "xDN25 IG: PP-R pipes with Ø outside 25mm - branch internal thread 1/2"
  • PP-R T-piece DN25x3/4 "xDN25 IG: PP-R pipes with Ø outside 25mm - branch internal thread 3/4"
  • PP-R T-piece DN32x1 "xDN32 IG: PP-R pipes with Ø outside 32mm - branch internal thread 1"

Processing of the T-piece with internal thread for PP-R pipes

The T-piece has two pipe holders arranged opposite each other. These are used to weld two PP-R pipes with the same diameter. To insert the pipes into the T-piece, both the pipe and the pipe holder of the T-piece must be heated with a pipe welding device for PP-R pipes. To do this, the pipe is inserted into the heating socket of the welding unit. At the same time, the T-piece must be placed on the heating mandrel. After the required heating time has elapsed, the two components must be inserted into each other. The pipe must be inserted into the T-piece straight and without twisting until the insertion depth is reached. A maximum axial deviation of 3 degrees must be observed, otherwise the welded joint will not be leak-proof. Finally, the welded joint must rest for a certain time to cool down.

As with all fittings, the heating and cooling times vary depending on the diameter of the PP-R pipe. For this reason, we have created a separate installation data sheet for each available diameter, which can be viewed and downloaded in the "Data sheets" tab. These data sheets also contain a lot of other useful information on the processing and installation of the pipes. This includes, among other things, information on the linear linear expansion of the plastic pipes, as well as recommended installation distances.

On the threaded connection branching off at right angles with an internal thread made of brass, a connection of two pipe systems made of plastic and metal can be made very easily by screwing with a pipe coupling with an external thread of identical size. We recommend making this screw connection only after the two PP-R pipes have been welded to the T-piece and have cooled down sufficiently.

Technical data of the PP-R T-pieces with branching threaded connection

  • Product type: Pipe T-piece, pipe coupling
  • Material (Angle):Polypropylene random copolymer
  • Material (Thread): Brass
  • Editiohn: Internal thread
  • Thread diameter: 1/2"-1"
  • Outer pipe diameter: 20,0mm-32,0mm
  • Change of direction: 0°,90°
  • Temperature resistance: -10°C-+95°C
  • Food approval: Yes
  • Drinking water approval: Yes
  • DVGW certified: Yes
  • Corrosion resistnace: Excellent

NOTE: When screwing the brass internal thread, a little hemp or Teflon sealing tape helps to improve the tightness.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
VersionPipe T-piece, pipe coupling
Ø Threadvaries
Dimensions (W/H/D)varies
Insertion depthvaries
Heating timevaries
Cooling timevaries
MaterialPolypropylene random copolymer
UV resistanceUV stabilized

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