Aqua-Plus PP-R wall connection angle 90° in white

The Aqua-Plus PP-R wall connection brackets 90° IT DN20x1/2 inch in white are used to connect outlet taps, couplings or ball valve valves with 1/2 inch thread on PP-R pipes with 20mm outer diameter.

✓ For Ø 20mm PP-R pipes
✓ DVGW and SKZ certiefied
✓ 1/2 inch internal thread
✓ Ideal for water taps
✓ Integrated mounting plate

The white PP-R wall connection bracket is suitable for connecting all couplings and outlet taps with 1/2 inch external thread.

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Aqua-Plus PP-R wall connection angle 90° IG 20mm x 1/2" in white

1/2 inch female thread ✓ For PP-R pipes DN20 ✓ Produced in Europe ✓

The Aqua-Plus PP-R wall connection bracket in white has a pipe holder for welding a PP-R pipe with an outer diameter of 20mm and is suitable for surface mounting on the wall. The internal thread, which is arranged at a 90 degree angle, is made of a high-quality brass alloy and has been worked deep into the plastic through an elaborate manufacturing process to ensure a tight fit with optimised flow of hot and cold water.

The high-quality internal brass thread with a diameter of 1/2 inch is standard in the sanitary sector, so that all common fittings, water taps, outlet valves or ball valve valves can be screwed into the thread. In addition, the thread can also be used for screwing in couplings with flexible hose connections or as a connecting element to pipes made of steel, copper or aluminium.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Aqua-Plus PP-R wall connection angle IG 20x1/2" in white

Eigenschaften des Wandanschluss-Winkels für PP-R Rohre

The Aqua-Plus wall connection elbow with an angle of 90° is suitable for establishing a water connection with a conventional outlet tap or ball valve with a half inch thread. The high-quality brass thread is incorporated in the PP-R sleeve made of polypropylene random copolymer and has an absolutely tight fit in the elbow. Due to the very high manufacturing quality of the Aqua-Plus piping system, the internal thread cannot rotate.

For the installation of a water connection for drinking water use, the Aqua-Plus system, which also includes the PP-R wall connection bracket, has all the necessary approvals for use as a drinking water pipe. The wall connection is certified according to DVGW and SKZ.

The 90° wall connection bracket is suitable for easy wall mounting both indoors and outdoors and can be used for both cold and hot water connections up to a water temperature of +95°C. The standardised thread with a diameter of 1/2" is also compatible with hose nozzles for connecting common systems for garden irrigation. Most manufacturers, most of whom are familiar with the Gardena brand, offer coupling adapters that can be screwed into the internal thread so that the corresponding hose system can be connected directly.

For easy mounting, the wall connection bracket is provided with a pre-drilled mounting plate. The holes for wall mounting have a spacing of 45mm and are suitable for all screws with a maximum thread diameter of 6.0mm. For mounting the PP-R wall connection bracket, we recommend our dowel screws with partial thread in size 6x40mm.

Processing PP-R connection brackets for wall mounting

For a pressure- and water-tight connection, the wall connection bracket is welded to the PP-R pipe. A simple socket welding device for plastic pipes is required for this. The PP-R pipe is inserted into the heating socket of the welding device. At the same time, the pipe socket of the PP-R wall connection angle must be plugged onto the heating socket. The heating time at approx. 260°C is about 5 seconds, which is necessary for the softening of the polypropylene. The pipe must not be twisted in the process. Care should therefore be taken to ensure that the angle is correctly aligned beforehand. In addition, the pipe must be inserted straight into the socket with a maximum axial deviation of +/- 3°. Otherwise a tight welded joint cannot be guaranteed.

The wall mounting of the PP-R wall connection bracket should only take place after the welding process. This makes the heating process and the insertion of the pipe much easier. Thanks to the mounting plate attached to the angle piece, fastening is easy and accomplished by simply screwing it to the mounting surface with two screws. After installation, any conventional tap with a 1/2 inch thread can be screwed into the internal thread of the wall connection bracket.

WARNING:To insert the PP-R pipe, the joining parts must be heated. Without heating, the pipe will not fit into the pipe holder of the wall connection bracket, as the inner diameter is approx. 0.5 mm smaller than the outer diameter of the pipe.

Technical data of the white PP-R wall connection bracket

  • Product type: Wall connection bracket
  • Material (angle): Polypropylene random copolymer
  • Material (Thread): Brass
  • Edition: 1/2" Internal thread
  • Outer pipe diameter: 20,0mm
  • Change of direction: 90°
  • Temperature resistance: -10°C - +95°C
  • Food approval: Yes
  • Drinking water approval: Yes
  • DVGW certified: Yes
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
SizeDN 20 x 1/2 inch
VersionWall connection bracket
Ø Thread1/2"
Dimensions (W/H/D)226mm / 114mm / 57mm
Insertion depth14 mm
Heating time5 sec.
Cooling time> 2 min.
MaterialPolypropylene random copolymer
UV resistanceUV stabilized

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