Universal dowel fischer DuoPower

The fischer DuoPower universal plug is an intelligent all-purpose plug which, thanks to its unique two-component technology, combines three functions in one plug and thus guarantees the highest load values in all building materials.

✓ 1 dowel– 3 functions
✓ Suitable for all building material types
✓ Spreads, knots and flaps
✓ Distinctive anti-rotation lock
✓ Expansion pressure free dowel neck
✓ Narrow dowel edge
✓ Suitable for push-through mounting

We have the intelligent all-purpose dowels in your desired quantity - also individual dowels.

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Fischer DuoPower - The intelligent universal anchor

Suitable for all building materials ✓ 1 dowel - 3 functions ✓

The fischer universal plug DuoPower is available from us as a standard length with normal anchoring depth in diameters from 6mm to 12mm. The special feature of this anchor is that it is made of two plastic components, which enables multiple folding, knotting and expansion functions. As a result, the anchor adapts itself to the building materials and ensures the highest load capacity in all building materials, such as concrete, solid brick, aerated concrete, high-hole brick, plasterboard, hollow blocks made of lightweight concrete, natural stone, chipboard or even drywall made of single-faced plasterboard. The strong anti-turning feature prevents the anchor from turning when the screw is inserted, even with less solid building materials. Due to the narrow plug edge, the plug is not pulled into the drill hole when knotting or folding. To prevent the edges of the drilled hole from being damaged by the expansion pressure when the anchor expands, the anchor has an expansion pressure-free area at the anchor neck. Chipping in drilled tiles or plastered walls and ceilings is therefore not to be feared.

The DuoPower with normal anchoring depth is available from us in 6x30mm, 8x40mm, 10x50mm or 12x60mm. For fixings that require a greater anchoring depth, we also offer the intelligent universal anchor in a long version, as well as other types of anchors, from conventional expansion anchors, to sustainable anchors made from at least 50 percent renewable raw materials, to anchors with a sealing effect. These we have summarised for you in the category plastic dowels according to dowel type.

Buy only as much as you need - without the hassle of packaging units.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x fischer DuoPower plug in selected size

NOTE: In the category Drill bits and bits we offer suitable drill bits for stone, concrete or reinforced concrete with SDS plus receptacle and PGM test mark for every dowel size at favourable prices.

Technical data of the fischer DuoPower plugs

  • Dowel type: Plastic dowel
  • Material: Two-component-plastic
  • Dowel size: See additional information
  • Ø Dowel: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm
  • Dowel length: See additional information
  • Operating principle: Spread, Knot, flap
  • Version: With edge
  • Ø Drill: see additional information
  • Borehole depth : see additional information
  • Ø Screw: See additional information
  • Screw length: See additional information
  • Screw-in depth: See additional information
  • Mounting type(s):Push-in mounting, push-through mounting
  • Building material: Concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, aerated concrete, natural stone, chipboard, hollow block concrete, hollow perforated brick and much more

NOTE: Many values of the technical data depend on the specific anchor size. Detailed information on the anchor, the hole or the screws can be found in the Additional information tab after selecting the desired anchor.

Installation instructions for fischer DuoPower universal plug

The fischer DuoPower is suitable for all common building materials and combines the functions of expanding, knotting and folding. Thanks to unique two-component technology, the anchor automatically adapts its function to the nature of the building material. This means that the highest load values are possible in all building materials, which cannot be achieved with simple plastic anchors. With a DuoPower plug, you are always on the safe side, even if the substrate is made of different building materials, for example, hollow bricks clad with plasterboard, sand-lime bricks with a high plaster layer, or wood cladding on unplastered concrete. With the right screw, the anchor will hold anywhere.

The required drill hole depth is just as important for dowel fixings as the choice of the right drill bit. The diameter of the drill should correspond to the selected anchor and be chosen to match the mounting surface. Drill holes should always be straight and precise to ensure an optimal fit of the fastening. How deep an anchor has to be inserted into the drilled hole depends on the one hand on the required screw-in depth, and on the other hand on the type of installation, because with push-in installation the anchor is inserted completely into the drilled hole, and with push-through installation the anchor is also inserted through the attachment part. This reduces the necessary depth of the hole by the thickness of the attachment part. The minimum screw-in depth is important because screws must be longer than the nominal length of the anchor so that the tip of the screw can penetrate the end of the anchor and thus initiate knotting or collapsing, if the building material makes this functional principle necessary. Detailed information on the screw-in depth and the drill hole depth can be found in the additional information after selecting the desired anchor size.

For mounting with DuoPower dowels, screws are required that fit the dowel. The length should always be selected in such a way that the thickness of the attachment part is added to the minimum required screw-in depth. The rule of thumb is the anchor length plus the thickness of the attachment plus the simple screw diameter. With our extensive range of screws, we also offer the right screws for the Allweck anchors. We have listed which screw size fits which anchor in the additional information. For screwing in the screw, a screwdriver or screw bit suitable for the screw drive should be selected. The fischer DuoPower's anti-turning feature makes it easy to screw in the screw without the plug turning in the drill hole.

NOTE: For push-through installation in combination with thick add-on parts, for bridging plaster, as well as for substrates made of less solid material, the anchors with a greater anchoring depth are recommended. This allows a longer screw to be used, which can distribute the load better. A longer screw alone, however, does not improve the load-bearing capacity of the anchor. Screws that are too short or too small in diameter, on the other hand, have an influence on the load-bearing capacity of the fastening, because screws that are too small mean that the anchor cannot fulfil its function or can only do so inadequately.

Advantages of the fischer DuoPower universal plug

  • Two-component injection moulding for hard and soft plastics
  • Suitable for all common building materials thanks to two-component technology
  • Secure hold due to multiple functions (spreading, knotting, folding)
  • The universal anchor adapts automatically to the mounting surface
  • The distinctive anti-turning device prevents the screw from turning during screwing
  • No stress damage at the edge of the drilled hole due to expansion pressure-free anchor neck
  • No slipping of the anchor into the drill hole thanks to the narrow anchor edge
  • Equally suitable for push-in mounting and push-through mounting

Application examples for DuoPower anchors in standard length

Who has not experienced this? You drill into the wall and after a few millimetres the drill slips into the hole with a jerk because the wall is hollow sand-lime stone. The standard anchors supplied in the simplest version don't get a grip. With a fischer DuoPower in 6x30mm you are on the safe side, regardless of the material of the wall, when it comes to fixing lamps, wall decorations or curtain rails. Especially in old buildings, where the walls are often made of more brittle clinker, simple fixings, as are common in households, are possible with the 6mm DuoPower plug in the standard version.

For letterbox systems, extractor bonnets, light wall cupboards in kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms, as well as small shelves in children's rooms, anchors with a diameter of 8mm or more are the better choice because, on the one hand, larger screws can be used here and, on the other hand, the larger anchor not only has a larger diameter but also a greater anchoring depth. This increases the load capacity, which, depending on the material of the wall and ceiling, can have enormous maximum loads of up to 1.1kN (load calculation of the example: fischer DuoPower 8x40 with wood screw 6x50mm in solid concrete), which cannot be achieved with simple plastic plugs.

For heavy objects and attachments that are regularly subjected to movement, an anchor diameter of 10mm, 12mm or even 14mm is recommended. Typical examples of objects where movement stress is more important than weight are TV consoles, kitchen cabinets, light awnings for patio shading or washbasins in bathrooms and toilets. The fischer DuoPower ensures a secure, firm anchoring in the substrate, where the load-bearing capacity is only limited by the load-bearing capacity of the building material itself.

NOTE: The fischer DuoPower all-purpose plug is extremely versatile and can be used in all common building materials. The load capacity varies considerably depending on the size, building material and anchor screws. In the Downloads section, we have provided a load table for downloading the intelligent all-purpose plug.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Dowel sizeNo
Versionwith rim
Length screw threadvaries
Ø Threadvaries
Screw-in depthvaries

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