MS Polymers from S-Polytec: an ultra-strong adhesive and sealant

MS Polymers from S-Polytec: an ultra-strong adhesive and sealant

Buy now from S-Polytec MS Polymers, an adhesive and sealant with strong initial adhesion. Various colours are available for you to choose from: White, Black, Grey and Transparent

MS Polymer

This technology came to Europe from Japan at the end of the 1980s and is now indispensable in many areas. Due to their excellent adhesion and sealing properties on a very wide range of surfaces, MS polymers are often the only ones to offer the problem solution. The good adhesion comes partly from a adhesion promoter which is automatically included in an MS polymer due to its structure. Another advantage is the non-toxic components. Due to the good environmental compatibility and simple handling, e.g. adhesive residue escaping from the joint can be cleaned with alcohol immediately after application without any problems, the MS polymers are increasingly displacing the PUR adhesives and sealants from the market.

MS polymers are adhesives and sealants based on silanes, mostly 1K systems, which harden into an elastic, rubbery mass through reaction with atmospheric moisture. Due to their chemical structure, MS adhesives and sealants have good weathering and ageing resistance. The skin formation time is 10-20 minutes and the curing speed is usually 2 mm in 24 hours.

With the Parabond product range, we offer you MS polymers of the highest quality and optimised for the respective area of application. The S-Polytec team particularly recommends Parabond 600 in white as a universal assembly adhesive with strong initial adhesion

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