S-Polybond - the new brand from S-Polytec

S-Polybond - the new brand from S-Polytec

After a long time, we are finally ready. Our own brand for adhesives - S-Polybond - is going online. The road to this point was interesting, but sometimes also arduous.

For a long time we planned and created concepts, revised them and sometimes threw them out the window, because we had to realise that often a few steps are necessary before you can start something new.

The goal of developing one's own adhesives and selling them under one's own name is not as simple as it might seem.

A brand of its own was needed

Establishing your own brand on the market requires a lot of research work, because the brand name must not already be in use, of course, and furthermore it must also fit the planned product portfolio.

Once a brand name has been found, you ultimately want to protect yourself from it being used by other companies. The key to success is a patent, and so we applied for a patent for S-Polybond as a word mark at the German Trademark and Patent Office. That was already in December 2017.

But a brand name alone is not enough. A logo has to be developed. After a few drafts sketched by our marketing department, the suitable logo could also be created comparatively promptly.

Adhesives development - more than just chemistry sets

At the same time, the development of the planned adhesives began. The aim here is to be able to offer the perfect adhesive for every application and every plastic in order to round off our product range, especially for the commercial use and processing of our plastic sheets.

The first adhesive that we can now also offer in our online shop is a special adhesive that was developed in the cold welding process for bonding ABS, ASA/ABS, ABS/PMMA to each other, as well as to many other plastics.

However, it is not enough to patent a brand, design a suitable logo and develop a good adhesive. To be able to sell adhesives, they have to be filled and labelled in appropriate sales containers.

The search for the perfect dosing bottle for our ABSprofi with a filling quantity of 100ml was found quite quickly thanks to a lot of time spent using search engines and a few telephone calls to manufacturers, and extensive tests for compatibility, dosing and tightness of the dosing bottle with applicator needle were positive.

Only the label is missing

One might think that it is enough to point out what is in the bottle, how to use it and perhaps the filling quantity. But far from it.

If you want to sell a product, you need a Global Trade Item Number - GTIN for short - which used to be more commonly known as EAN and which identifies a product exactly according to manufacturer, product and filling quantity. These are placed on the label in sufficient size together with the barcode, which can be read at the checkout.

However, if you want to sell an adhesive, the label must still contain a whole range of specific information. First and foremost, the hazard pictograms, signal words and hazard and safety information. The manufacturer must also be named with a contact option. A few other details that are required also need space on the label.

When you consider that a small bottle only offers limited space for a label, you quickly get into trouble with the design. But the CLP regulation requires the information, so we have to comply with it and of course we think it makes sense, after all, adhesives are not entirely harmless if handled incorrectly, especially in children's hands.

However, it becomes really difficult if the adhesive is not only to be distributed in Germany and German-speaking countries. For each target country in which the adhesive is to be available, the signal words as well as the safety and hazard information must be available in the respective language.

We have solved this too and are really proud of our first special adhesive ABSprofi, which will be followed by several other adhesives for targeted applications in the near future. In addition, we will also offer aids and tools related to adhesives and silicones via our own brand. We already have a high-quality and stable applicator gun for standard silicone cartridges in our delivery programme, which will also find its way into the shop in a few days.

Bottom line:

It took half a year, but we preferred to do everything right and enter the market with a mature product. Many stumbling blocks that were not entirely clear beforehand had to be carefully cleared out of the way. Nevertheless, the time has finally come and little by little the products are being offered via our online shop.

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