New products at S-Polytec

New products at S-Polytec

We are expanding our product range and have added new plastic sheets and special adhesives from our own brand S-Polybond.

The first weeks of the year are now over and a lot has already happened to us. Many points will probably only be noticed unconsciously from the outside. For example, we have made a server adjustment to improve the speed of our online shop once again.

In the first blog post we already mentioned that we have revised our shipping options to be able to deliver to more countries in Europe, which until then was only possible on request, but a lot more has happened.

New products in the shop

In addition to improvements to the performance of our shops, we have also added new products in order to be able to offer our customers an even wider range of products. On the one hand, there are our polycarbonate sheets in grey with a fine tint as a UV-stabilised type for indoor and outdoor use, which was often searched for in our shop or requested by e-mail.

In addition, we have expanded our range of PTFE sheets to include standard sheets in various formats. The same applies to our plastic sheets made of ABS, ASA/ABS and polystyrene, which were previously only available cut to size in our online shops.

However, for some products we are still waiting for translations, so we have deactivated them for the time being, but the translations should be ready in a few days so that all products can be finished and activated in all languages.

Same quality in all languages

This brings us to the next topic. Although some of our products are described in great detail in the German shop, the descriptions in the English and Dutch shops are very poor. Here, too, we are working hard to implement the same high quality standard of product descriptions in all languages. Some categories are already finished, but with the mass of products and the many new products that are currently being added, it is a mammoth task for the two translators, who not only have to translate our product descriptions, but also, for example, the labels of our new adhesives. (That was a successful transition)

S-Polybond soon with new adhesives

Our adhesive brand S-Polybond has now enjoyed one year of existence and the only adhesive to date, ABSprofi, has been better received in the market than expected.

Thank you for that at this point.

For us, this is reason enough to finally expand the product range of our own brand adhesives and so 4 new products will find their way into our shop in the next few days.

After a long test phase and constant haggling over the chemistry, a special cold welding adhesive for acrylic glass will be available in the next few days. Our S-Polybond PMMAprofi will be available, like the ABSprofi, in the 100ml needle bottle for very precise dosing. This adhesive is particularly suitable for bonding and repairing cracks and breaks in acrylic glass. The product is also ready, but we are still waiting for the labels and packaging, without which we cannot deliver the product.

In addition, there will be a special 2-component adhesive whose formula is adapted to bonding polyethylene. This 2-component adhesive, as is usual for our adhesives, will bear the name PEprofi and will be available in our online shop in about 2 - 3 weeks.

With the new 2-component adhesive PPprofi, we complete the new range of our adhesives. As the name suggests, this is a special adhesive developed for bonding polypropylene. Here, too, it will take about 2 - 3 weeks until we can offer the adhesive in our online shop. As the last product for the time being, there will be a special smoothing agent for joint sealants such as silicone, polyurethane or MS polymer. Under the name FUGENglatt, the ready-to-use smoothing agent will be available in our online shops in 500ml spray bottles.

However, we continue to work diligently on formulations, testing, improving, testing again - so that more products should be added in the future. We are planning to produce cold welding adhesives for PVC under the name PVCprofi, adhesives especially for POM, PA and PTFE, but also special cleaning agents for plastics or metals, which we would like to introduce under the name PLASTICclean or METALLclean.

Silicones from our own production, as well as MS polymers, should complete the product plate in the future.

Rods and wires soon also in the shop

Our programmers are already working diligently on the online shop to create further categories for plastic rods and welding rods. Especially for the rods, the calculation of the weights, because we work with prices per kilogram, must be completely revised so that we can also offer the round rods made of different plastics cut to size.

What else is going on at S-Polytec?

We will occupy another production hall in the second quarter and thus double our production area, because we urgently need more space to accommodate the new machines (milling machines, lasers, filling systems, etc.) and products.

However, we not only need more space, but also more employees in the areas of production and customer service, so we have already placed corresponding job advertisements through the employment agency.

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