New payment methods in the online shop

New payment methods in the online shop

We are constantly working on improvements to our online shop to enhance the shopping experience and the user experience. With a whole range of additional payment services, we have been able to implement another important step towards a better customer experience.

Customer friendliness and satisfaction are our top priorities. This includes providing each customer with their preferred payment method to enhance their shopping experience. For this reason, we have significantly expanded our payment methods, especially for neighbouring European countries.

More payment methods for Europe

With the well-known payment methods prepayment and Paypal, as well as its services purchase on account, credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard) and SEPA direct debit, we have so far already provided the most important payment methods for Germany to be able to complete the order. However, these services are not common or popular in every European country. Even for Germany, there are now a whole range of alternatives that are more or less popular. For example, we have decided to integrate payment by Sofortüberweisung, which has been a service of Klarna for some time and is available in our shop under its name Klarna Sofort.

In the Netherlands, payment with iDEAL is one of the most popular options, so we were happy to comply with this request and have also included it. Please note that this payment method, like all others, is only available for selection if the billing address matches the payment method. In the case of iDEAL, this means that the invoice must be issued to a valid address in the Netherlands, while any other country to which we deliver can be selected for the delivery address. Some payment methods can be used for several countries, while others are specific to a particular country, so they can only be selected if the billing address matc

In the first step, we have activated four payment methods, but several more will follow so that the most common payment options are also available for every country we supply.

What else is new

In addition to the new payment methods, we have also added a variety of new products to our online shop. These include our new PU foam guns and the matching 1C PU foams

Another category, which we announced in a previous blog post, is now also available in the shop. This is the new Aqua-Plus PP-R pipe system in white, which consists of PP-R pipes in various diameters, matching fittings for welding, as well as countless coupling connectors.

In total, there are 23 products of the PP-R pipe system, which, due to the different sizes and designs, result in more than 100 individual products. The work behind this for the MarkeTEAM naturally includes writing easy-to-understand product descriptions, which then have to be translated into Dutch and English by our translators. In addition, every single product has to be photographed. To make the pictures look nice, the products have to be cropped, which means that the background of the picture is removed and replaced with a white background. This is already done as much as possible when we take the pictures in our own photo studio, but we need real white so that the products in the shop all create a consistent overall image. In addition, the cropped product images are also needed for print media, social media and the alternative marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

To make it easier to process the PP-R pipes and fittings, our MarkeTEAM has also created suitable data sheets for the products. In addition to the technical data sheet, which is valid for all components of the PP-R pipe system, we have also created various data sheets with important information on processing, installation and temperature-dependent properties, because these values vary depending on the outer diameter of the pipe.

As soon as we have finished and integrated all products in the shop, the appropriate tools for processing will follow. Pipe cutters and a pipe welder must not be missing here, because these are needed for cutting and welding the PP-R pipes. In addition, we already have three different silicone guns in stock, which address different requirements in terms of price, handling and design.

And it goes on

We have by no means reached the end of the process of adding the new products of the PP-R system, because there are already a few more products on our wish list, in the hope that we will soon be able to include them in our online shop. Especially with our Aluminium-Profilen which we currently stock in three different versions in 6mm and 8mm thickness as well as in 1000mm and 2000mm lengths, there will be a lot more happening in the near future. The profiles are in great demand and the requests for further thicknesses and colours are increasing, so that we want to offer the U, H and corner profiles made of anodised aluminium in 3mm clamping thickness in the future. Furthermore, it is planned to have all profiles manufactured with a scratch-resistant powder coating in anthracite grey (RAL7016) in order to offer a painted version in addition to the unpainted ones. We are already able to have the profiles painted in any colour, but this is very expensive. We also consider the delivery times to be unreasonable, because currently every profile is still painted at the express request of the customer. We cannot yet say whether the profiles will also be available in white, black, dusty grey or light grey, but if demand is high enough, we will certainly look into this direction.

Our development department is also busy and is currently testing several adhesion promoters and adhesives. This requires many processes and an incredibly deep knowledge of chemistry. I'm out of that. It's a good thing that our boss is active here, who, as a graduate engineer, incorporates his concentrated knowledge into the new formulations of the adhesive mixtures and primers. This has already resulted in a number of adhesives and silicones and we hope that some more products of our own brand S-Polybond will follow soon.

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