Round nose pliers, straight (DIN 5745)

Our straight round nose pliers have a tapered tip and a side cutting edge. The pliers are made from extra-hardened chrome vanadium steel in accordance with DIN 5745.

✓ Tapered tip
✓ Side cutting edge with bevelled edge
✓ Induction-hardened pliers jaws
✓ High-quality chrome vanadium steel
✓ Pleasantly soft feel
✓ Ergonomically shaped

The high-quality round nose pliers with straight tips are available in either 160mm or 200mm overall length.

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Högert round nose pliers with straight tip

Chrome vanadium steel ✓ Inserted joint ✓ According to DIN 5745 ✓

Our straight round nose pliers from Högert have a tapered tip and a side cutting edge. The pliers are made from extra-hardened chrome vanadium steel in accordance with DIN 5745, making them versatile pliers that can be used as a gripping and cutting tool in countless areas. The flat jaws have fine serrations for a firm, secure grip when bending, pulling and holding objects. The narrow, long tip is ideal for hard-to-reach areas in deep-set cans and is also suitable for very small objects and components or very thin wires. The side cutting edge cuts even hard wire and cables effortlessly. We offer the needle nose pliers in two different sizes with an overall length of 160mm or 200mm, whereby the longer pliers also have a flat burner hole with coarse teeth between the wedge cutting edge and flat jaws.

The high-quality pliers are made from an equally high-quality chrome-vanadium alloy with plastic-coated handles. These are made of a two-component thermoplastic elastomer (TPR for short) for ergonomic and safe use. The mix of a soft component for a comfortable grip and a hard component that optimally transmits the force when squeezing the pliers is also easily recognisable visually on the blue and black handles. The collar is wide and protruding to prevent slipping towards the head of the pliers.

Features of the straight round nose pliers from Högert

In simple terms, the flat nose pliers are combination pliers with long, tapered jaws that have a rounded shape on the outside. The pointed nose pliers, whose high quality of workmanship and materials also fulfil the high demands of commercial users in industry and trade, are made from high-quality chrome vanadium steel in accordance with DIN 5745. In terms of hardness and toughness, this alloy is superior to most alloys from which tools are made. For even better resistance, the jaws are hardened using an induction process, so that a very high degree of hardness of 58 - 62 HRC (Rockwell hardness) is achieved, which is particularly effective when cutting hard wire, such as concrete binding wire. If such hard materials are cut through with a lower quality alloy, this can leave indentations in the cutting edge. The same applies to the gripping teeth, which are very fine on the inside of the flat gripping surfaces. The longer pliers also have a coarsely toothed burner hole. If hard, angular objects or materials are gripped, pulled or turned with pliers made of simple tool steel, this can sometimes result in serious damage to the teeth. With the straight round nose pliers from Högert, the alloyed CrV steel means that there is no risk of damage to the pliers in comparable applications.

The snipe nose pliers, also known as pointed pliers due to the elongated pointed shape of the jaws, are a universal tool for gripping, bending, edging and cutting. The round outside of the gripping jaws is ideal for bending circular eyelets, rings and bends. The tip is very fine, so that even very small nuts, washers, electronic components and extremely thin wires can be gripped with precision, but becomes wider and thicker towards the joint, providing excellent stability for bending thicker wires with larger diameters. In the side view, the jaw head tapers from the cutting edge to the front tip in a straight line and is therefore perfect for precisely bending small metal sheets or heated plastic plates. A cutting edge, which is positioned to the side of the jaw, is used to cut these to the required length. This side cutter can be used to cut through thinner cables as well as thicker single conductors or iron wires. However, the precision-milled cutting edges are also sharp enough to cut a cord, cotton thread or sewing thread.

The handles of pliers play a decisive role in terms of handling. A special thermoplastic elastomer consisting of a hard mixture in blue and a softer mixture in black is used in Högert's round nose pliers. This combination provides a balanced grip and optimum force transmission to the pointed jaws of the pliers. The brand name integrated into the gripping surface is not just an ornament here, but fulfils the purpose of providing the otherwise soft, smooth surface with increased slip resistance. The generously moulded collars at the front end of the handles also serve to prevent slipping. Even though the shape of the handles is very similar to that of VDE pliers, the round nose pliers are not VDE-tested and are therefore not suitable for live working.

Specific data of the straight round nose pliers 160mm

  • Total length: 160mm
  • Head width: approx. 15,0mm
  • Head length: approx. 65,9mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 7,5mm per side
  • Tip width: approx. 1,7mm per side
  • Tip length: approx. 35,7mm (Flat, finely toothed)
  • Cutting edge shape: Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
  • Cutting edge length: approx. 11,5mm
  • Weight: approx. 147g

Specific data of the straight round nose pliers 200mm

  • Total length: 200mm
  • Head width: approx. 18,0mm
  • Head length: approx. 97,5mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 2,5mm per side
  • Tip width: approx. 2,0mm per side
  • Tip length: approx. 47,8mm (Flat, finely toothed)
  • Burner hole: approx. 15,3mm (straight, roughly toothed)
  • Cutting edge shape: Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
  • Cutting edge length: approx. 12,2mm
  • Gewicht: approx. 193g

Application and handling of round nose pliers

Round nose pliers are one of the most versatile hand pliers and can be used for countless applications and are one of the standard pliers in toolbox sets, alongside side cutters and pipe wrenches, which are almost always included. As a gripping and cutting tool, the pliers are mainly used for wiring switch boxes and domestic fuse boxes, but also as an aid for connecting the thin copper wires of telephone sockets. The long, very pointed flat jaws at the front, which are rounded on the outside, make the needle nose pliers ideal for all applications that are so narrow or deep that they are difficult to grip with shorter combination pliers and their wide head or with the fingers. Thanks to the fine tip, the pliers are also widely used in electronics to place the smallest components and wires on circuit boards. For such precise tasks, curved round nose pliers are usually the better choice, but with a little skill in hand position, straight nose pliers can also be used very well without restricting the view of the tip.

Depending on the version, the needle nose pliers are also the perfect pliers for delicate bending of small eyelets and rings. The smaller version has the advantage that the smaller dimensions enable more precise fine motorised work. Bending wire and small, delicate sheet metal, for example when crafting or making jewellery, is certainly possible with the 200mm long pliers, but requires a little more skill in handling. Thanks to the round shape of the jaws on the outside, which taper towards the tip, and the flattened gripping surfaces, even thicker wires and conductors can be gripped and bent into shape without the wire slipping out of the pliers. The straight shape of the needle nose pliers is ideal for bending small sheets and enables a precise bent edge.

NOTE: The straight gripping jaws of the pointed pliers are provided with fine transverse grooves as serrations. These provide a much better grip when gripping or pulling. The longer version also has a burner hole which, unlike our combination pliers, is straight rather than oval. The coarse gripping teeth wedge optimally into the material to ensure a firm grip of the jaws when holding or turning without exerting great pressure. Apart from the side cutting edge, the compact 160mm long pliers have flat jaws with fine teeth throughout. Due to the small size of the pliers, there is not enough space for an additional burner hole, which would also make relatively little sense due to the lower leverage and the slightly smaller opening angle.

Typical of combination needle nose pliers is the integrated side cutter, which is perfect for cutting cables, wires, strands, cable ties or cord and cords. The wedge-shaped cutting edge on the side is precisely milled and specially hardened so that even harder wires, such as florist's wire or concrete binding wire, can be cut. The bevel on the outside is very small due to the straight, flat jaw shape, so that wires can be cut as flush as possible.

Application examples for the round nose pliers with straight tip

  • The long tip makes it easy to grip low-lying wires and small objects
  • The long, flat gripping surfaces are perfect for bending small sheets of aluminium, brass or copper
  • The rounded outside of the long straight jaws simplifies the round bending of sheets and wires
  • The flat burner hole of the large needle nose pliers offers the best possible grip when gripping, turning or pulling
  • The integrated side cutter is used to cut cables, individual conductors or hard wire

WARNING: In contrast to the VDE needle nose pliers in accordance with DIN EN IEC 60900 , the thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) handles do not provide sufficient protection for live working and are therefore unsuitable for such applications.

Data on the Högert straight round nose pliers

  • Product type: Pliers
  • Material (Handle): 2-component TPR
  • Material (Jaw): Alloyed chrome vanadium steel
  • Joint type: inserted joint
  • Hardness (jaws): HRC 58-62
  • Colour: Black, Blue
  • VDE-tested: No
  • Total length: 160mm or 200mm
  • Tip shape: Straight
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-handed operation: Yes (both sides)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialAlloyed chrome vanadium steel

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