Combination pliers (DIN 5746)

The high-quality combination pliers to DIN 5746 combine side cutters, pipe wrenches and flat nose pliers and are made from chrome vanadium steel. The solid pliers head with inlaid joint is induction-hardened for maximum service life.

✓ Factory quality
✓ Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
✓ Induction-hardened pliers jaws
✓ High-quality chrome vanadium steel
✓ Multi-component soft grip
✓ Ergonomically shaped

The professional power combination pliers are available in either 160mm or 180mm overall length.

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Högert combination pliers made of chrome vanadium steel

Craftsman quality ✓ Inserted joint ✓ According to DIN 5746 ✓

Our combination pliers from Högert combine the three most important pliers in one tool, making them the true all-rounders among hand pliers. They are used, for example, as side cutters for cutting wires and cutting cables, as well as pipe wrenches for gripping pipes, screw connections and nuts, and as flat nose pliers for precisely gripping, holding and pulling small objects and bending sheet metal, wires and plastics. We stock the combination pliers in workshop quality in different sizes of 160mm and 180mm at favourable prices.

The manufacturer relies exclusively on high-quality materials for the pliers and promises a quality that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. The head is made from induction-hardened chrome vanadium steel. A thermoplastic elastomer consisting of a hard component and a soft component is used for the handles. This achieves a perfect balance between ergonomic handling and optimum power transmission.

Features of the combination pliers from Högert

With the combination pliers from Högert, we offer high-quality pliers in workshop quality at a favourable price. The pliers, which are available in sizes 160mm or 180mm depending on the version, are made from a high-quality chrome-vanadium alloy. This is a robust steel that is characterised by high hardness and stability with very good toughness and is therefore superior in quality and durability to most other alloys used in tool manufacture. The solidly manufactured pliers head with integrated side cutter, torch hole and flat jaws is induction-hardened, resulting in a high degree of hardness of 58 - 62 HRC (Rockwell hardness). The high hardness of the cutting edge is particularly advantageous when cutting wires and cables.

Combination pliers, commonly referred to simply as combination pliers, combine two or more types of pliers in one. As with most combination pliers, our combination pliers also have a side cutter whose side-mounted wedge cutting edges have a bevelled edge. This bevel, also known as a facet, is created by milling the cutting wedge on both sides, which is milled with high accuracy for precise cutting on our combination pliers. The so-called burner hole is located in the centre sector of the jaws. This is oval in shape and has a coarse toothing in order to be able to grip round, hard materials securely and firmly with comparatively little force. This area comes closest to the function of a pipe wrench, as is usually used in heating and sanitary installations. The tip of the pliers with the wide, flat jaws is finely serrated and is used for gripping and holding sheet metal, wires, nuts and the like, but is equally suitable for crimping and pressing, as is the case with simple flat pliers. The solid inlaid joint and the multi-component handles made of TPR also ensure very good leverage and power transmission in the front area of the pliers head of the combination pliers.

The balanced ergonomics and grip of the handles are due to the two-component TPR and contribute to a pleasant feel and fatigue-free use with optimum power transmission. The TPR is a thermoplastic elastomer in two different degrees of hardness, which are firmly bonded to the steel handle in a special process. The hard component, in the brand's typical blue colour, provides the necessary strength and stability for high levels of force. The soft black component, which extends over the entire outside of the grip surface, yields slightly under high pressure, resulting in a more comfortable feel when squeezing the pliers. The lettering incorporated into the soft grip serves to prevent slipping, so that the pliers sit comfortably and securely in the hand even with sweaty hands. The protruding collars on the solid jaws of the combination pliers also contribute to safe handling and are designed to prevent slipping towards the pliers head and the associated risk of crushing. The pliers should not be used for working on live cables and systems, as the plastic sheathing does not fulfil the requirements of DIN EN IEC 60900 for this purpose.

Specific data of the Högert combination pliers 160mm

  • Total length: 160mm
  • Head width: approx. 25.3mm
  • Head length: approx. 55.6mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 12.7mm per side
  • Centre width: approx. 9.6mm per side
  • Centre length: approx. 10.5mm (Flat, finely toothed)
  • Burner hole: approx. 11.7mm (oval, coarsely toothed)
  • Cutting edge shape: Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
  • Cutting edge length: approx. 12.0mm
  • Weight: approx. 203g

Specific data of the Högert combination pliers 180mm

  • Total length: 180mm
  • Head width: approx. 26.6mm
  • Head length: approx. 62.2mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 13.3mm per side
  • Centre width: approx. 9.8mm per side
  • Centre length: approx. 11.5mm (flat, finely toothed)
  • Burner hole: approx. 13.2mm (oval, coarsely toothed)
  • Cutting edge shape: Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
  • Cutting edge length: approx. 13.5mm
  • Weight: approx. 261g

Application and handling of combination pliers

Combination pliers owe their name to the pliers head, which is a combination of side cutter, pipe wrench and flat nose pliers. These are divided into three clearly differentiated areas on the jaws. The wedge-shaped cutting edges are closest to the joint and are arranged laterally, so that the highest leverage is achieved when cutting and therefore the least amount of force is required. The cutting edges have a bevelled shape, which enables cutting flush with the surface as far as possible. This facet is also known as a bevel. The induction-hardened cutting edges are ideal for cutting through electrical wires and cables, as well as for cutting wires and strapping bands made of plastic or metal.

The centre section of our combination pliers is dominated by the large, oval-shaped burner hole. This has profile-milled jaws with coarse serration on both sides. The positioning in the centre enables a perfect ratio of leverage and possible opening of the pliers head, so that pipes, screws, nuts or fittings can be gripped and held very well and securely, even with larger diameters, without having to squeeze the pliers handles with all your strength. The coarse gripping teeth wedge into the object even at low pressure, so that there is no need to worry about the pliers slipping when turning.

The flat, finely grooved jaws at the front of the pliers are used for precise gripping, bending and pressing. In most applications for which flat nose pliers are used, less force is required than in typical applications for which pipe wrenches are used. It therefore makes sense to position this function furthest away from the joint. The wide contact surface of the tip makes the combination pliers ideal for edging small sheets or precisely bending wires, but thanks to the fine serration they also offer a secure grip when pulling and tensioning ropes, cables or wires without leaving rough indentations on the surfaces.

WARNING: The jaws of the front, flat pliers head, as well as the oval-shaped torch hole, are provided with profile-milled teeth to ensure the best possible grip and hold with comparatively little effort. As a result, each individual gripping tooth is quite sharp-edged. Even with hard materials such as steel, this can leave marks on the surface, so we strongly recommend placing a cloth between the pliers and the material to prevent scratches, damage to the paintwork or other types of damage to the surface when working with sensitive or decorative surfaces.

Application examples for the combination pliers

  • The combination pliers replace a side cutter when cutting wire, cables or cable ties
  • With the coarse, oval burner hole, the pliers are perfect for fixing aluminium or copper pipes
  • Combination pliers are used as flat-nose pliers for gripping, pulling and tensioning wire, rope or flat strip
  • Large nuts can be easily tightened with the torch hole if no spanner is to hand
  • Combination pliers are ideal for screwing hooks into wooden materials or dowels
  • Thanks to the wide, flat jaws on the head, the combination pliers can also be used for forming sheet metal

WARNING: The handles of the combination pliers do not comply with DIN IEC EN 60900 and are therefore not suitable for live working. For such applications we offer VDE combination pliers with protective insulation up to 1,000V AC in our online shop.

Data on the Högert combination pliers

  • Product type: Pliers
  • Material (Handle): 2-Component TPR
  • Material (Jaw): Alloyed chrome vanadium steel
  • Handle type: inserted joint
  • Hardness (jaws): HRC 58 - 62
  • Colour: Black-Blue
  • VDE-certified: No
  • Total length: 160mm or 180mm
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-handed operation: Yes (on both sides)
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Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialAlloyed chrome vanadium steel

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