VDE-Screwdriver set 1000V (6-piece)

Our VDE screwdriver set consisting of 6 screwdrivers in different sizes is insulated in accordance with IEC 60900 and guarantees safety when working under voltage up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC.

✓ Protective insulation up to 1000V AC
✓ VDE-tested safety
✓ Tips made from S2 tool steel
✓ Magnetic tips
✓ Non-slip rubber coating
✓ Ergonomic handle

The set contains slotted screwdrivers in the sizes 2.5mm, 4mm and 5.5mm, as well as Phillips screwdrivers in the sizes PH0, PH1 and PH2.

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VDE screwdriver set with protective insulation (IEC 60900)

Protective insulation up to 1000V AC ✓ Non-slip soft grip ✓ Magnetic tip ✓

With the VDE screwdriver set from Högert, we offer a high-quality set consisting of three Phillips screwdrivers and three slotted screwdrivers in the most common sizes. The screwdrivers comply with the IEC 60900 standard and guarantee protection against electrical hazards for maximum safety when working under voltage up to 1,000 volts AC or 1,500 volts DC and are therefore indispensable in trades, for example in electrical installation, control cabinet construction or in the maintenance and repair of electrical systems and machines.

The insulated screwdrivers with soft grip are ergonomically shaped. The soft component of the multi-component handle has countless small, soft nubs at the front to prevent slipping when screwing. The long blades made of hardened tool steel with burnished blade tips have a very long service life and can withstand high tightening torques without breaking or bending.

Properties of the insulated VDE screwdrivers

The VDE screwdrivers impress with their very precise workmanship and will satisfy any craftsman or DIY enthusiast with high quality standards. The insulation of the screwdrivers complies with the VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies). This is confirmed on every screwdriver by the VDE - tested safety seal of approval. Compliance with the IEC 60900 standard is also confirmed by an embossing on the insulation of the blade and is a prerequisite for safety when working under voltage. The insulation of the round blade extends right up to the tip of the blade. This is magnetic, which prevents screws with a high iron content from falling off. The magnetic tip is a safety factor, especially when screws are to be loosened or screwed in within energised assemblies such as switch boxes or machines, as screws cannot always be removed or held by hand in this case. In addition, falling screws can cause short circuits within electrical devices and systems, which can lead to system failure and also pose a high safety risk to health.

For safe handling and optimum power transmission, the handle is a multi-component handle with soft components for optimum power transmission, allowing high tightening torques with less effort. The handle is also equipped with a cross hole. This is not only used for storage on the wall in the workshop, but also as a practical aid when screwing in self-service hooks and can be used as a lever by inserting another screwdriver with the blade through the hole. In this way, the screwdriver acts as a T-handle, which provides a strength advantage, especially with tight-fitting screws.

Sizes of the screwdrivers included in the set

  • VDE slotted screwdriver 2.5mm: Blade length: 75mm, total length: approx. 165mm, blade tip: slot 0.4mm x 2.5mm
  • VDE slotted screwdriver 4.0mm: Blade length: 100mm, total length: approx. 190mm, blade tip: slot 0.8mm x 4.0mm
  • VDE slotted screwdriver 5.5mm: Blade length: 125mm, total length: approx. 225mm, blade tip: slot 1.0mm x 5.5mm
  • VDE Phillips screwdriver PH0: Blade length: 60mm, total length: approx. 150mm, blade tip: Phillips PH0
  • VDE Phillips screwdriver PH1: Blade length: 80mm, total length: approx. 180mm, blade tip: Phillips PH1
  • VDE Phillips screwdriver PH2: Blade length: 100mm, total length: approx. 210mm, blade tip: Phillips PH2

Use and handling of VDE screwdrivers

An insulated screwdriver is basically just a normal screwdriver and can therefore be used for all assembly and screwdriving work where conventional screwdrivers without an insulated blade are also used. The main difference is that the screwdrivers can also be used for work on electrical machines or energised components without the risk of electric shock.

The insulated VDE screwdrivers are an indispensable tool, especially for electricians whose daily work involves connecting sockets, changeover switches or roller shutter controls. As with all screwdriving tools, the correct blade tip is crucial for screwing without damaging the drive of the screw head. With Phillips screws in particular, it is important to ensure that the screw head has a Phillips or Pozidriv drive. PZ screws can certainly be screwed in with PH screwdrivers, but the screwdriver has some play due to the different shape, so that greater pressure on the tip and careful screwing in is required. Conversely, a Pozidriv screwdriver cannot be used for Phillips screws, as the tapered geometry with straight flanks does not interlock sufficiently in the screw head and there is a very high risk of damaging the screw drive.

Application examples for the VDE screwdriver set

  • The large slotted screwdriver is perfect for connecting cables in switch boxes and distribution boards
  • The medium 4mm slotted screwdriver is very suitable for screwing in sockets and switches
  • The PH2 Phillips screwdriver is the perfect size for wiring contactors and circuit breakers
  • Insulated VDE screwdrivers are vital when working on main and small distribution boards for the power supply
  • The small screwdrivers are good for screwing components and circuit boards in radio and television technology
  • VDE screwdrivers are useful for repair and maintenance work on all electrical appliances and machines

WARNING: Before using the screwdriver, ensure that the plastic insulation is intact. Damage to the insulation layer can severely impair protection against electrical hazards. Damaged screwdrivers must no longer be used on electrical systems or energised components. There is a danger to life.

Data on the insulated screwdriver set to IEC 60900

  • Product type: Screwing tool
  • Material (Handle): Plastic, partially rubberised
  • Material (Blade): S2 tool steel, burnished
  • Colour: Red-Yellow
  • Protective insulation (AC): Up to 1000 volts according to IEC 60900
  • Protective insulation (DC): Up to 1500 volts according to IEC 60900
  • VDE-Certified: Yes, VDE test seal imprinted
  • Blade tip: Slot 2.5mm, 4.0mm 5.5mm, Philips PH0, PH1, PH2
  • Blade length: varies from 60mm - 125mm
  • Blade shape: Round blade, insulated
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-handed operation: Yes (both sides)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialPlastic, S2 tool steel
PropertyProtective insulation up to 1000V AC (IEC 60900, VDE-tested)

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