HSS-G single-cut tap set M3 - M12 (15 pieces)

The 15-piece HSS-G single-cut tap set to DIN 352 in the practical industrial cassette, includes stepless taps with matching core hole drills made of high-quality HSS steel for ISO internal threads to DIN 13 for the most common thread sizes from M3 to M12.

✓ In industrial case
✓ Stepless HSS taps
✓ Including HSS-G core hole drills
✓ Profile-ground drills
✓ Very long tool life
✓ TOP Quality

The HSS-G taps are perfect for cutting threads in plastics, metals or hardwood.

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HSS-G single-cut tap set M3-M12

Stepless taps ✓ Incl. core drills ✓ In industrial cassette ✓

The high-quality Bohrcraft single-cut tap set is available in the handy industrial cassette and includes not only the stepless taps but also the matching core hole taps for cutting metric ISO internal threads to DIN 13 in sizes M3 to M12. The long-lasting HSS-G taps, just like the matching HSS-G core hole twist taps, are made of high-quality alloyed high-performance high-speed steel with a complex profile grinding and have an enormous service life and tempering resistance. Since the seven taps, as well as the seven core hole taps, are ground with the highest precision, they are characterised by extreme sharpness. As a result, the required feed force during drilling and cutting is significantly reduced, making even the machining of tough plastics such as acrylic glass or steels easy. The comprehensive tap set is complemented by the adjustable tap wrench according to DIN 1814, which consists of a housing made of corrosion-resistant die-cast zinc and specially hardened clamping jaws that ensure optimum holding of the various taps with square shank. Since one lever of the tap wrench can be unscrewed, it can be used in narrow places and can be stored in the cassette to save space.

The profile-ground HSS-G core hole twist drills according to DIN 338 have normal spirals with a spiral twist of type N, which ensure optimum chip removal and enable smooth drilling of the core holes. The point angle of the precise core hole drills is 118°, whereupon the drill point can be optimally centred in the material without slipping. The absolutely high-performance HSS-G taps according to DIN 352 have a peel cut of form B with a medium 4 - 5 thread lead, which reduces the stress on the cutting edges, especially when machining materials with a high strength, thus additionally optimising the already very long tool life. Thanks to the straight flute, the chips are rolled tightly when cutting through holes and transported away in the cutting direction. A chip jam and the associated obstruction of the cutting process is therefore effectively prevented, ensuring perfect quality of the tapped holes.

The 15-piece set is clearly arranged and easy to transport in a hard-wearing industrial case made of robust metal. The 14 high-quality drill bits as well as the solid tap wrench are therefore ideally protected from impacts and can be removed from the precise recesses and reinserted very conveniently. Since all the required drill bits for the thread sizes M3 to M12 are collected in the practical cassette, the time-consuming search for the right core drill bit for the desired thread is a thing of the past.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x HSS-G single-cut tap set 15 pcs. in industrial case

NOTE: If a drill has damage to the drill tip or the drill spiral, it should no longer be used because this can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the hole or thread.

Technical data of our HSS-G taps

  • Thread type: Metric
  • Standard: DIN 352
  • Thread size: M3 - M12
  • Drill: Twist drill
  • Record: Square Shank
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Material: High-speed steel (HSS)
  • Peel cut: Form B, 4-5 gears
  • Ground: Profile ground
  • Spiralnut: Straight, for clearance holes

Technical data for our HSS-G core hole drills

  • Ø Bore hole: 2,5mm - 10,2mm
  • Ø Shaft: 2,5mm - 10,2mm
  • Drill: Twist drill
  • Standard: DIN 338
  • Record: Cylindrical adhesion
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Material: High-speed steel (HSS)
  • Point angle: 118°
  • Ground: Profile ground
  • Type: N (normal Spiral twist)

Use of the HSS-G single-cut tap set

To drill a thread in a workpiece made of metal or plastic, a cordless screwdriver or a drill with deactivated impact drilling function is required for drilling the core hole. In the first step, the core hole drill of the required size is clamped into the drill chuck and a hole is drilled at the desired position. The core hole drill of the tap set should always be one size smaller than the desired thread. When drilling the core hole, make sure that the hole is drilled absolutely vertically into the workpiece. Otherwise the thread will also be crooked, making it impossible to screw in the threaded screw straight.

In the second step, the stepless tap is clamped in the desired thread size in the tap wrench. This consists of two individual parts. The left handle with the clamping jaws and a separate right handle that is screwed into the empty side of the clamping jaws. To clamp the tap, the clamping jaws are opened so far that the square shank of the tap can be inserted into the tap holder and screwed tight again. Then insert the tip of the tap vertically into the drill hole and slowly and carefully turn the tap into the drill hole. Do not apply high pressure. Due to the precise cutting edges in profile-ground design, the right-handed tap cuts deeper and deeper into the drill hole with each rotation until it has reached the desired depth. Instead of screwing in the thread by hand with the tap wrench, the tap can also be clamped in a cordless screwdriver, but here you should work at an enormously reduced speed so that the tapping can be carried out without tearing or jamming.

The best results can be achieved if, after each clockwise turn, a quarter turn is made counterclockwise to loosen the chip and remove it through the large flutes. After the process is complete, the thread should always be checked with a threaded screw before the tool is disassembled again and stored in the practical industrial case.

TIP: Thanks to the stepless taps, freehand drilling of the threads can be implemented without any problems, but the use of a drill press can help to achieve more precise, straight internal threads so that the threaded screws can be screwed straight into the thread.

Overview of the required drills for the respective thread sizes

  • ISO internal thread M3:Core hole drill 2,5mm - tap M3
  • ISO-internal thread M4:Core hole drill 3,3mm - tap M4
  • ISO internal thread M5:Core hole drill 4,2mm - tap M5
  • ISO internal thread M6:Core hole drill 5,0mm - tap M6
  • ISO internal thread M8:Core hole drill 6,8mm - tap M8
  • ISO internal thread M10:Core hole drill 8,5mm - tap M10
  • ISO internal thread M12:Core hole drill 10,2mm - tap M12

Application examples for single-cut taps

Typical examples for cutting threads are screw connections that are to be made with threaded screws where fastening with a nut is not possible or desired. For example, our balcony screws with an M5 thread can also be used to screw panels to a metal substructure where the screw cannot be secured on the back of the substructure with the corresponding cap nut by providing the substructure with an M5 threaded hole at the fastening points. A similar procedure can be followed when installing balcony surrounds, where the cladding panels are screwed directly to the balcony railing. In addition, the taps are also perfect when threaded rods are to be screwed directly into a thread of a steel or plastic construction as mounting material or for spacing. Depending on the load and diameter of the threaded rods or threaded screws, our practical set includes the right tap from size M3 to size M12 with the corresponding core hole drill.

The HSS steel taps can also be used for screwing plastic plates onto a substructure or directly together. Especially for the production of containers and covers, screwing with threaded screws directly into the plastic is a popular alternative to gluing or welding with a welding rod, because screw connections have the decisive advantage that they can be loosened and screwed again at will. However, the disadvantage of screwing as opposed to gluing or welding is the leakage at the joints of the panels, which is why screwing is less of an option for liquid containers without further sealing. For machine housings in plant construction, where impact-resistant ABS panels or chemical-resistant PE panels are often used, the thread is cut into the substructure so that the panels can then be securely and firmly mounted with appropriate threaded screws.

Our drills in the single-cut tap set are all made from a high-quality high-speed steel alloy and are profile ground for greater precision. This makes the set suitable not only for tapping into our plastic sheets, but can also be used for metals such as aluminium, brass, iron or steel in order to later screw the workpieces with threaded screws. Especially the thread sizes M8, M10 or even M12 are often used in metal processing, for example to screw steel beams to intermediate beams using solid threaded screws. If threads in such sizes are drilled, it is advisable to pre-drill the core hole with a conventional metal drill in a reduced diameter in order to protect the core hole drill somewhat. We offer suitable drill bits and drill bit sets at favourable prices in our online shop. A cutting oil or a cooling drilling paste can also have a positive effect on the service life. Especially when frequently used in hard metals, cooling the core hole drill, as well as the tap, can significantly extend the service life.

WARNING: In the case of tools with percussion drilling function, urgent care should be taken to deactivate the percussion function so that neither the core drill nor the tap drill is damaged by the hammer blow.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialHigh speed steel (HSS)
Drill sizeNo
Ø BoreM3 - M12
Ø Schaft2,5mm - 10,2mm
Take-up ShankStraight shank
Overall lengthvarious
Spiral lengthvarious
Spiral typeN (normal spiral twist)
Point angle118°
Direction of rotationClockwise

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