fischer FIXtainer dowel screws (210 pieces)

The fischer FIXtainer plug screw box contains 210 screws in 3 sizes for plugs in Ø 6mm, Ø 8mm and Ø 10mm and are a perfect addition to the fischer DuoPower and SX plug ranges from our shop.

✓ 210 screws in 3 sizes
✓ Ideal for fischer plugs
✓ L-BOXX Mini transport box
✓ Flexible compartments possible
✓ Stackable thanks to click system
✓ Can be combined with any L-BOXX Mini

The range includes 120 countersunk screws in Ø4.5x40mm, 60 countersunk screws in Ø5.0x55mm and 30 hexagonal screws in Ø10x50mm.

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fischer FIXtainer plug screws - 210 screws - 3 sizes - 1 L-BOXX

Screws electrogalvanised ✓ Ideal for fischer plug boxes ✓ Refillable L-BOXX Mini ✓

The fischer FIXtainer anchor screw box consists of 210 screws in three different sizes to match the three most important anchor diameters in standard length. The screws are made of galvanised steel and are also passivated blue in a further production step for better corrosion protection. For the 6mm or 8mm diameter anchors, screws with full thread and countersunk head are included, both of which have a Torx TX-20 drive. Dowels with 10mm diameter are included in the set robust partial thread screws with hexagon head and Torx TX-40 drive.

For easy and clear storage of the different screw sizes, they are pre-sorted in an L-BOXX Mini. The transport box with transparent lid allows a quick overview of the contents, which is extremely practical if you also have a FIXtainer with plugs in addition to the fischer dowel screw box. Another advantage is that all L-BOXX Mini are compatible with each other and can be stacked quickly and easily thanks to the patented click system and thus transported together.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer FixTAINER L-BOXX Mini
  • 120 x fischer countersunk screw 4.5x40mm (full thread, TX20)
  • 60 x fischer countersunk screw 5.0x55mm (full thread, TX20)
  • 30 x fischer hexagon head screw 7.0x69mm (partial thread, SW13, TX40)

Advantages of the L-BOXX Mini assortment box

As with all fischer FIXtainers from our online shop, fischer also uses the tried and tested L-BOXX Mini for the dowel screw box. The storage box, which was developed in collaboration with Sortimo and Bosch, is compatible with all L-BOXX Mini and other sizes of the L-BOXX system, regardless of which brand they use.

Typically for all fischer FIXtainers from our online shop, fischer also uses the tried-and-tested L-BOXX Mini for the dowel screw box.

A typical feature of the L-BOXX Mini and one of the main reasons why it is so popular as a storage box for small assortments is the flexible division of the compartments using the removable dividers. These can be arranged in almost any way, so that up to 36 different variations are possible for dividing the compartments. The internal dimensions of the smallest L-BOXX system box are approx. 23 cm wide and 15 cm deep. This is also the size of the compartment when all dividers are removed. If, on the other hand, all the dividers are inserted, you get a compartment division with 6 small individual compartments, each measuring just under 8cm by 8cm. The inner height always remains the same, regardless of the division, and is just under 4.5 cm.

The purpose of the dowel screw box is to use the screws for dowel fixings. This means that the screws will be used up at some point. Now you have the choice of refilling the box with our fischer PowerFast II series screws or using the multifunctional storage box for completely different purposes. It doesn't even have to be assembly materials or craft supplies, because the L-BOXX is made of food-safe polypropylene, so it could also be used to store tea bags, dog treats in different varieties or sweets. If it is to remain in the home and craft application area after all, empty compartments can be filled with suitable dowels, drill bits, bits or further screw sizes.

Technical data of the plastic box L-BOXX Mini

  • Product type: L-BOXX Mini
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • External dimensions (WxDxH): 258.5mmx157.5mm x 63.0mm
  • Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 229.0mmx149.5mm x 44.2mm
  • Weight (empty): 0.3kg
  • Loading capacity: max. 1.5kg
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C - +80°C
  • Food safe: Yes

The contents of the dowel screw box in detail

The fischer FIXtainer plug screw box contains 120 screws in Ø4.5x40mm, 60 screws in Ø5.0x55mm and 30 screws in Ø10x50mm. The respective screw sizes are perfectly matched to the fischer plugs in terms of diameter and length and always reliably guide its operation, ensuring that the plug is securely anchored in the installation substrate. Of course, the screws can also be used if the anchor is not a fischer brand anchor, as long as the required screw diameters and screw-in depths are taken into account.

The smaller screws in the range are not only suitable for use as dowel screws, however, but are also ideally suited for direct screw fastening in or of wood materials due to the coarse thread. The countersunk screws with full thread can be screwed flush with the surface of the wood. The largest screw in the box has a partial thread with a smaller thread depth and a hexagonal head with a moulded-on washer, so that it is not suitable for countersunk screw fastening. The advantage of this screw geometry here is the perfect distribution of the tightening torque, which is distributed over a larger area on the surface.

The fischer plug screw box is a perfect addition to the fischer FIXtainer plug boxes with DuoPower universal plugs or SX expansion plugs, which we offer in our shop. Even the number of different screws matches the number of dowels.

NOTE:The screws are not suitable for the anchor box with the fischer UX Green universal anchors, because the anchor lengths here always turn out to be somewhat longer, so the screws from the anchor screw box are too short to introduce the functional principle of the UX anchors.

General data of the fischer anchor screws

  • Screw type: Dowel screw
  • Material: Steel, electrogalvanised
  • Corrosion protection: Galvanised, blue passivated
  • UV resistance: Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Sufficient
  • Acid resistance: Moderate

Solid thread dowel screw in Ø4.5x40mm

The dowel screw with a diameter of 4.5mm has a length of 40mm. The thread extends over the entire length of the screw so that the load is distributed over the entire screw-in depth. The smallest screw from the anchor screw box is 120 included and is suitable for all conventional anchors in 6mm diameter with an anchor length of up to 30mm. These include, among others, the fischer DuoPower in 6x30mm, the fischer SX expansion plug in 6x30mm or the S 6 expansion plug. The screw is also very suitable for the fischer DuoBlade, as well as the special GKM plasterboard plugs made of metal or GK made of plastic.

The screw has a countersunk head with a Torx TX-20 drive. Due to the coarse thread with common thread pitch, the screw can also be screwed directly into wood materials or plastics without a dowel. However, with hard wood or plastic, pre-drilling with a 3mm drill bit is advisable. If the screw is to be flush with the surface, the use of a taper countersink is also recommended for hard surfaces.


Technical data of the countersunk screws in Ø4.5x40mm

  • Screw size: 4.5x40mm
  • Ø Thread: 4.5mm
  • Thread type:Fully threaded
  • Screw length: 40mm
  • Head shape: Countersunk head, round
  • Ø Screw head: 9.0mm
  • Drive: Torx 20 (TX20, ISR20)

Dowel screw with full thread in Ø5.0x55mm

For fastening with an 8mm dowel, the dowel screw in 5.0x55mm is ideally suited. It should be noted that the dowel has a maximum length of 45mm, otherwise the necessary screw-in depth can no longer be achieved. Our range of plugs includes the intelligent 2-component fischer DuoPower plug in 8x40mm and the SX expansion plug in 8x40mm. The screw can also be used for the simple fischer S 8 expansion plug, but here it is important to ensure that the plug is not inserted too deeply into the drill hole and does not slip further into the drill hole when the screw is screwed in.

The 8mm dowel screw, which can equally be used as a wood screw, has a countersunk head with a head diameter of 10mm. For easy processing, the screw is equipped with a modern Torx drive. For hard materials, the hole should be pre-drilled and countersunk with a countersink so that the countersunk head is flush with the surface. A drill with a nominal diameter between 3.0 and 4.0mm is suitable for pre-drilling.

Technical data of the countersunk screws in Ø5.0x55mm

  • Screw size: 5.0x55mm
  • Ø Thread: 5.0mm
  • Thread type:Fully threaded
  • Screw length: 55mm
  • Head shape: Countersunk head, round
  • Ø Screw head: 10.0mm
  • Drive: Torx 20 (TX20, ISR20)

Partially threaded dowel screw in Ø7.0x69mm


The largest screw in the range with a thread diameter of 7mm has an overall length of 69mm (without head) and a thread length of 59mm. This screw size is ideal for the fischer DuoPower universal plug in 10x50mm or the fischer SX expansion plug in the same size. In addition, the screw is suitable for the simple fischer S 10 expansion plug, which also has a diameter of 10mm. The partially threaded screw with hexagonal screw head allows a high tightening torque and ensures a gap-free fixing.

The screw is suitable for all anchors with a diameter of 10mm, provided that the necessary screw-in depth can still be maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications, taking into account the attachment part length. For anchors with an anchorage depth of 50mm, which are inserted flush with the surface of the drilled hole, the screws should usually be sufficient, because as a rule of thumb, the screw-in depth for a 10x50mm anchor is 50mm plus the screw diameter - for this screw therefore 57mm. However, if the anchor is inserted deeper into the drill hole, it must be checked in each individual case whether the screw length is still sufficient to introduce the functional principle of the anchor adequately.

A spanner with a spanner size of 13mm or a screwdriver with a TX-40 bit is required to work the screw. If the screw is not to be used as a dowel screw, but is to be screwed directly into the wood, we recommend pre-drilling with a 5mm drill bit. It should be noted, however, that due to the small thread depth, no extremely high tensile loads should prevail. In this case, we recommend the use of chipboard screws of the appropriate size.

Technical data of the hexagon head screws in Ø7.0x69mm

  • Screw size: 7.0x69mm
  • Ø Thread: 7.0mm
  • Thread type:Partial thread
  • Thread length: 59mm
  • Screw length: 69mm (77mm incl. head)
  • Head shape: Hexagonal head with moulded-on washer
  • Ø Screw head: 19.0mm
  • Drive: Torx 40 (TX40, ISR40)
  • Wrench size: 13mm (SW13)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialSteel, galvanised, blue passivated
Screw drivevaries
Shape screwheadvaries
Ø Screwheadvaries
Type of threadCoarse thread
Ø Threadvaries
Length screw threadvaries
Clamping rangevaries
Color accuracyNo

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