fischer chipboard screws Ø 4.5mm (countersunk head, full thread, TX20)

The fischer PowerFast II chipboard screws with countersunk head and full thread are ideal for flush surface installation and effectively distribute the load over the entire thread length.

✓ With ETA admission
✓ Low screw-in resistance
✓ Quick bite behaviour
✓ Reduced splitting behaviour
✓ Ideal as a dowel screw
✓ From 1 screw

The fischer PowerFast II countersunk screws with 4.5 mm diameter and full thread are available in different thread lengths.

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Countersunk screw fischer PowerFast II Ø 4.5mm with full thread

Galvanised ✓ Ideal as a dowel screw ✓ From 1 screw ✓

Our chipboard screws fischer PowerFast II with a thread diameter of 4.5 mm are available from us in a wide range of thread lengths. The screws with the manufacturer's marking FPF II CTF are high-quality countersunk screws with full thread and hexagon socket in the Torx-TX20 size. The sophisticated thread geometry with increased thread pitch, in combination with the milled shank ribs, contributes to easier, battery-saving processing. The continuous thread, which extends over the entire length of the screw, contributes to optimum load distribution. The chipboard screws are equally suitable for screwing wood-based materials or as dowel screws with tested loads in the fischer dowel.

Buy as much as you need - No need to order boxes with us, because we also sell all screws individually!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer PowerFast II FPF II CTF countersunk screw Ø 4.5mm in selected length

Properties of the fischer PowerFast II countersunk screws with full thread

The chipboard screws fischer Power Fast II FPF II CTF are heavy-duty countersunk screws with full thread and are made of high-quality steel. The full thread distributes the load safely over the entire length of the screw and ensures a secure, firm hold even with soft wood. At the same time, the screws are characterised by significantly reduced splitting behaviour and very good bite behaviour, which has a positive effect on workability.

The increased thread pitch of the fischer PowerFast II significantly reduces the screw-in time compared to conventional chipboard screws. This saves time and energy, regardless of whether the screw is screwed in by hand or with a cordless screwdriver. In addition, the new core cutter geometry at the screw tip, as well as the shaft milling ribs, contribute to a noticeably lower screw-in resistance. This means that considerably more screws can be processed with one battery charge. The inner star drive (also known as TORX) in the size ISR20 or TX20 enables a high tightening torque of the screw so that the countersunk head can be countersunk flush with the surface without any problems. Another advantage of the drive is the perfect transmission of force, while at the same time minimising the risk of the screwdriver or screwdriver bit slipping out of the drive.

For good corrosion resistance, the screws are galvanised. The blue passivation also significantly improves the protection of the steel alloy against external influences. This makes the screws perfectly suitable for all screw connections indoors. The screws can certainly be used outdoors, but we advise against applications that are permanently exposed to strong weathering and moisture. In such applications, countersunk screws made of a stainless steel alloy are recommended. For good environmental compatibility, fischer PowerFast II countersunk screws do not contain any chromium VI components. The use of chromium (VI) oxide is banned anyway because of the health hazards, but this does not mean that cheaply produced screws from emerging countries will comply with the regulations that apply in this country.

Approvals of the fischer PowerFast II screws

  • ETA-19/0175 - European Technical Assessment for Screws for Use in Timber Structures
  • DoP 0118 - Declaration of performance for the use of screws in load-bearing timber structures
  • DoP W0009 - Declaration of performance for self-drilling screws for use in wood structures
  • DIN EN 13501 - Non-combustible - Meets the requirements of class A1 (no contribution to fire)

Technical data of the fischer PowerFast II fully threaded screws

  • Measurements: see additional information
  • Name: PowerFast II FPF II CTF
  • Thread: Coarse thread, full thread
  • Thread length: see additional information
  • Ø Dowel: 4.5mm
  • Ø Core: ca. 2.8mm
  • Ø Screw head: 9.0mm
  • Head shape: Countersunk head, round
  • Drive: Torx 20 (TX20, ISR20)
  • Material: Steel, galvanised
  • Corrosion protection: galvanised, blue passivated
  • UV-resistance:: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Sufficient
  • Acid resistance: Moderate

Processing of countersunk screws with full thread

Chipboard screws are ideal for working with wood-based materials and can also be screwed directly into the wood without pre-drilling. For hardwoods, pre-drilling is recommended, as is countersinking with a conical countersink, so that the countersunk head is flush with the surface. For pre-drilling, we recommend a drill bit suitable for the material, the diameter of which corresponds to the core diameter of the screw. If the screws are used as dowel screws, the holes must be drilled according to the requirements of the dowel in terms of diameter and hole depth.

A screwdriver or screw bit for Torx screws in size TX20 is required to process the screws. The increased thread pitch in combination with the milling shaft ribs makes screwing much easier and noticeably reduces the time and effort required.

Advantages of the chipboard screws PowerFast II FPF II CTF

  • Significantly reduced splitting behaviour compared to conventional chipboard screws
  • Suitable for applications with tested loads in the fischer anchor (e.g. DuoPower or UX)
  • The inner star drive (also called Torx) prevents slipping off when screwing in
  • The countersunk head enables flush-surface screwing in wood and plastics
  • The screw does not contain any chrome VI and is therefore considered to be very environmentally friendly

Application examples for fischer countersunk screws and solid threads

Countersunk screws with full thread are excellent for screwing wood materials together, or for fastening fittings and angles in wood. The screws with a thread diameter of 4.5 mm are ideal for screwing kitchen cabinets together or the worktop. The fastening of hinges in furniture construction as well as the screwing of small angles to wooden constructions are also very easy to implement with the small screws.Screws with a longer thread length are well suited for the construction of wooden fences or garden houses made of solid boards and squared timber. For screwing the beams together, we advice choosing longer screws with a larger diameter and partial thread, as these pull the beams together without gaps.

The fischer PowerFast chipboard screw is a screw with tested loads for use with a fischer plug. This makes them ideal as a plug screw for all kinds of fixings in the home and trade. Screws with a diameter of 4.5 mm are very suitable for screwing into plugs with a diameter of 6 mm or 8 mm. The required screw length depends on the dowel length and the thickness of the attachment. However, the screws are too small for larger dowel diameters, because the screw diameter that is too small cannot sufficiently initiate the functioning of the corresponding dowel, which means that the load-bearing capacity of the fastening cannot be ensured.

The countersunk screws are also very suitable for screwing our plastic panels, regardless of whether the plastics are to be screwed to each other or to another material. Pre-drilling is only necessary for hard, brittle plastics. However, in order to countersink the countersunk head flush with the plastic surface, we recommend pre-drilling with a conical countersink.

NOTE: The screws are galvanised for improved corrosion protection. When working, make sure that the bit is inserted correctly into the drive to avoid damage to the drive or the zinc coating.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialSteel, galvanised, blue passivated
Screw driveTorx T20
Shape screwheadCountersunk head
Ø Screwhead9.0 mm
Type of threadCoarse thread
Ø Thread4.5 mm
Length screw threadvarious
Color accuracyNo information available

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