Parquet acrylic Paracryl Parquet beech

The Parquet Acrylic Parquet Beech is a sandable, paintable sealant for sealing and sealing wood materials such as parquet and laminate and is characterised by very good adhesion to countless building materials.

✓ Silicone- & Solvent-free
✓ Fast drying time
✓ Ideal for parquet & laminate
✓ Easy to sand
✓ Very good adhesion

The acrylic sealant Paracryl Parquet in beech is available at very favourable graduated prices.

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Paracryl Parquet Beech - The acrylic for beech wood

Resistant to ageing ✓ Sandable & Paintable ✓ Professional quality ✓

Our Paracryl Parquet in beech is a sealant that is especially suitable for sealing connection joints on parquet and laminate indoors. The parquet acrylic is also ideal for sealing transitions from floor and skirting boards to the wall. Paracryl Parquet in the colour beech is also the ideal sealant for door frames and thresholds made of beech wood. The high-quality acrylic has excellent adhesion to all porous substrates, as well as to metal, ceramics or laminate. Paracryl Parquet Beech is silicone and solvent-free, very easy to apply and smooth. After curing, the fast-drying sealant for wood materials can be sanded and painted over.

Benefit from our generous quantity discounts with graduated prices starting at 5 standard cartridges.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x Paracryl Parquet Beech 310ml standard cartridge

Properties of Paracryl Parquet Beech

Paracryl Parquet is an elastic sealant for parquet and laminate, which is suitable for interior applications. It is a ready-to-use parquet joint compound that can be applied with any standard cartridge press. The parquet acrylic in beech is ideal for grouting and sealing wooden floors such as floorboards, parquet, wooden plasters and skirting boards as well as laminate and cork. The silicone-free sealant reliably seals and also fills larger cracks, unevenness and imperfections in the surfaces.

The paste-like sealant with a density of 1.65g/ml is very easy to apply and hardens by evaporation of the water it contains until the acrylic has reached its final strength. Skin formation starts after about half an hour, leaving enough time to smooth the applied sealant with a finger or a spatula. After sufficient curing, the beech-coloured acrylic can be sanded or, if required, painted over with all dispersion-based paints and varnishes.

As a high-quality acrylic for interior applications, it meets the highest demands by professional applicators and naturally fulfils the strict requirements for the VOC emission class with the top grade A+. The acrylic is also free of phthalates. Furthermore, the sealant does not contain any silicones or solvents.

Technical data of Parquet Acrylic Paracryl in Beech

  • Material: Acrylic polymer
  • Colour: Beech
  • Skin formation: approx. 60-70 min. at 23°C
  • Curing speed: approx. 0,5mm/24h. at 23°C
  • Density: 1,65g/ml
  • Shore hardness: 36 accordingly to ISO 868
  • Elongation at break: 250% accordingly to ISO 8339
  • Permissible deformation: max. 12,5% accordingly to ISO 11600
  • Temperature resistance: -20 °C-+80 °C
  • Processing temperature: +10 °C-+40 °C
  • VOC-Emission class: A+
  • Ageing resistance: Excellent
  • UV-resistance: Moderate
  • Weather resistance: Moderate
  • Storage capacity: 12 months (unopened)

NOTE: The Parquet Acrylic Paracryl in Beech should always be stored in an airtight container, in a dry, cool place at temperatures between +5 and +25°C in order not to impair its shelf life.

Application of acrylic sealant for beech wood

The acrylic in the colour beech is a silicone-free sealant, but it is processed in a similar way to a silicone sealant. This means that a cartridge press, and if required, a caulk remover are needed. Unlike silicone, however, acrylic sealant can be excellently smoothed with simple water.

Parquet acrylic is mainly used for connection joints and transitions between parquet and laminate. However, the beech-coloured acrylic can also be used very well to fill cracks, gaps or indentations in door leaves, frames or panelling made of beech. After curing, the acrylic can be sanded very well with sandpaper. However, care should be taken that the sealant is not applied in too few layers. The wooden surfaces can be painted or varnished after drying and optional sanding. We recommend testing the paint or varnish in a preliminary test on an inconspicuous area. Because most paints and varnishes have only a low ductility, cracks may appear in the paint layer over time if the parquet acrylic is used on expansion joints with regular deformation.

    Application examples for Paracryl Parquet Beech
  • The parquet acrylic in beech is suitable for connecting joints between beech parquet and skirting boards
  • The acrylic compound can be used excellently for transition joints in parquet and laminate flooring
  • Paracryl Parquet Beech fills cracks, holes and indentations in beech wood almost invisibly
  • The parquet acrylic is also suitable for stairs, railings or furniture made of beech indoors
  • and much more

The acrylic is water-sensitive before skin formation and can still be removed very well with water beforehand. As soon as it has started to harden, the beech-coloured sealant can only be removed mechanically. All tools that are also used for removing silicone joints, such as a joint knife, a profile scraper or a cutter knife, are suitable for this purpose.

NOTE: Before complete curing, the permissible deformation of the joint should not exceed 5%. Furthermore, the parquet acrylic is not suitable for floor coverings made of PVC, vinyl or linoleum. The sealant should also not be used on joints that frequently come into contact with water. Furthermore, Paracryl Parquet is not suitable as a glazing sealant to seal glass panes in wooden frames. For such applications, we advise using a silicone sealant.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Adhesive typeParquet Acryllic
filling quantity in ml310
Color designationBuche
Color accuracyNo

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