VDE-Wire stripper 1000V

Our VDE wire strippers with V-shaped cutting edges made of induction-hardened chrome vanadium steel have a knurled screw and opening spring for optimum handling. The pliers are VDE tested for safety when working under voltage up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC.

✓ Protective insulation up to 1000V AC
✓ V-shaped precision cutting edges
✓ For conductors up to Ø 5mm or 10mm2
✓ High-quality chrome vanadium steel
✓ Two-component handle
✓ Ergonomically shaped

The VDE wire stripper with multi-component handle has an overall length of 160mm.

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VDE wire stripper according to DIN EN IEC 60900

VDE tested up to 1000V AC ✓ With knurled screw ✓ V-shaped cutting edge ✓

Our Högert VDE wire strippers made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel are an indispensable tool for every electrician, automotive mechatronics technician or plant engineer and simplify the stripping of rigid and flexible conductors and prevent the wire from being damaged or cut by nicks. The V-shaped cutting edges are hardened using an induction process to further improve the already very long service life. These are suitable for conductor cross-sections up to 10mm2 or an outer diameter of 5mm. The solid head is equipped with a knurled screw and lock nut for precise adjustment of the cutting depth. An opening spring increases comfort and facilitates handling when stripping stranded wires and wire sheaths. The combination of these features and the fact that they are made from alloyed chrome vanadium steel, which is particularly strong and hard, reflects the very high quality of our pliers, which fulfil the high expectations of professional users in industry and trade without hesitation.

The protective insulation of the VDE-tested wire strippers guarantees reliable protection when working with voltages of up to 1000 volts AC and 1500 volts DC. The handles of the pliers are made of a special multi-component PVC in the red-yellow colour typical of VDE pliers. The soft yellow component ensures a pleasant grip and feel and enables ergonomic, fatigue-free work. Protruding collars at the front of the handles prevent slipping, so that there is never any risk of coming into contact with the conductive metal of the pliers head when used as intended.

Features of the insulated VDE wire stripper

The VDE wire stripper from Högert is suitable for removing strands and insulation from wires and single conductors. It does not matter whether the conductor is a rigid wire made of copper, aluminium or another conductive material, or flexible, fine-stranded cables. The V-shaped cutting edge on the front of the pliers grips individual conductors with an outer diameter of up to 5mm, including the sheathing insulation. Converted, this corresponds to a nominal conductor cross-section of 10mm2 which is hardly reached in most areas of application, unless it is a main supply line or a power line for industrial machines. With a small knurled screw, the pliers can be limited to the desired cutting depth and secured with a lock nut. This ensures that the insulation is cut but the conductor remains undamaged. A sturdy steel spring between the two jaws opens the pliers, making work much easier. The protective insulation of the handles complies with DIN EN IEC 60900 for insulated hand tools for live working up to AC 1000V and DC 1500V. Compliance with this DIN standard, as well as the VDE test seal for tested safety, are printed on the inside of the handle surface.

The pliers are made from alloyed chrome vanadium steel. This is an extremely stable and hard alloy with a very high breaking strength, making chrome vanadium the first choice for tools for professional use. Other steel alloys are inferior in terms of toughness and durability, but are generally cheaper than professional pliers made of chrome vanadium. The V-shaped cutting edges of our wire strippers are also induction-hardened, which again has a positive effect on the service life of the pliers and is a further aspect of the very high quality of the stripping tool.

The multi-component handle of our VDE pliers is primarily designed to provide reliable insulation and, thanks to its ergonomic shape and the well thought-out combination of a harder plastic component in red and a softer one in yellow, contributes to optimum force distribution and hand position. The soft components ensure a perfect grip, so that slipping is virtually impossible when the cut strand is pulled off the conductor. The wide overhanging collars serve as further protection against slipping towards the pliers head, so that the risk of coming into contact with the pliers jaws can be ruled out when used properly.

Use and handling of VDE wire strippers

VDE wire strippers are used in a wide variety of trades for stripping conductors. Typical examples are connecting cables for lamps, switches and sockets in domestic electrics or the wiring of fuses and circuit breakers in fuse boxes, as well as in switch cabinet construction for large industrial machines. However, cables are also used in automotive mechatronics, in radio and television technology, as well as in model making, and here too the insulation must be stripped from the conductor before connection, crimping or soldering. Even very fine conductors, such as telephone lines or connecting cables for LED strip lights, can be stripped easily with the wire strippers. Thanks to the infinitely variable knurled screw with lock nut, the pliers can be adjusted so precisely that even very thin conductor cross-sections can be stripped without damaging the conductor.

The pliers, which are suitable for conductor diameters up to 5mm, which corresponds to a wire cross-section of 10mm2 can be used for stripping all rigid and flexible conductors. To avoid damaging the conductor, the depth of the V-shaped cutting edges can be limited using the knurled screw. The lock nut ensures that the screw does not loosen or become inadvertently twisted. Although the solid, induction-hardened blades are not intended for cutting copper or aluminium conductors, they will not be damaged if a single conductor needs to be shortened in a hurry. With nominal cross-sections of 2.5mm2 and higher, a side cutter or combination pliers should be used for shortening so as not to impair the service life and precision of the sharp cutting edges.

NOTE: Conductors should always be stripped in a de-energized state. The handles have sufficient insulation to protect against voltage so that there is no risk of electric shock to the user. However, the handle does not protect against short-circuits, for example due to contact between the pliers head and conductive housing components. The high short-circuit current can damage the pliers as well as electrical and electronic components.

Application examples for the insulated VDE wire strippers

  • The pliers are used by electricians to connect lamps, switches and sockets
  • A wire stripper is an efficient tool for wiring fuse boxes and switch cabinets
  • The wire stripper is also used in bicycle workshops due to the growing number of e-bikes and pedelecs
  • In automotive mechatronics, where technology is constantly advancing, insulated VDE wire strippers are essential
  • In the electrical and electronics industry, the pliers are used to strip even the finest conductors before soldering
  • In RC modelling and LED technology with the popular RGB strips, the stripping pliers are ideal for stripping the insulation

WARNING: Before using the wire stripper on electrical cables, the handles should be checked for damage, as this is the only way to ensure adequate protection against electric shock when working on electrical systems. There is a danger to life.

Insulated wire stripper data in accordance with IEC 60900

  • Product type: Pliers
  • Material (Handle): 2-Component PVC
  • Material (Jaw): Alloyed chrome vanadium steel
  • Colour: Red-Yellow
  • Protective insulation (AC): Up to 1000 volts according to IEC 60900
  • Protective insulation (DC): Up to 1500 volts according to IEC 60900
  • VDE-Certified: Yes, VDE test seal imprinted
  • Total length: 160mm
  • Weight: 212g
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-handed operation: Yes (on both sides)
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Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialAlloyed chrome vanadium steel

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