STEINEL Quarter-moon knife

Our STEINEL® quarter moon knife is perfect for pushing off protruding weld seams of welded vinyl, PVC or linoleum floor coverings.

✓ Professional quality
✓ Sharp, straight blade
✓ For even welding joints
✓ Incl. protective case
✓ Made in Germany

For storage, the quarter moon knife comes in a practical protective case that can be attached to the belt.

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STEINEL® professional quarter moon knife

Incl. protective case ✓ TOP quality ✓ Made of sturdy cast steel ✓

The quarter moon knife from STEINEL® makes it very easy to rework weld seams on floor coverings. The sharp blade can be used to push off protruding weld cut joints to achieve a perfect transition of welded floor coverings made of PVC, vinyl or linoleum. Thanks to the pouch supplied, which can be attached to the belt, the quarter moon knife is always ready to hand, so that efficient finishing of the welded floors is possible. The quarter moon knife from the STEINEL® Professional Line impresses with its outstanding quality and meets the very high demands of professional craftsmen. The favourable price helps make this indispensable hand tool affordable for home users too, and profitable even for occasional floor covering welding work.

The special blade shape of the quarter moon knife enables joints to be cut precisely right up to the wall connection. Due to the large pointed upper side of the blade, it is also possible to rework welding joints that end in sharp corners towards the wall.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x STEINEL® quarter moon knife
  • 1 x protective case for STEINEL® quarter moon knife

NOTE: The protective sheath supplied can be attached to the belt so that the quarter moon knife is always at hand when needed.

Features of the STEINEL® quarter moon knife

The STEINEL® Professional quarter-moon knife from the market leader for hot air tools features a sharp blade made of high-quality, sturdy cast steel. The knife blade has a special geometry with different functions. With the pointed top, welding joints in corners can be easily and precisely repelled. With the straight blade section, which also runs along the top, weld seams can be reworked where the welded surfaces run on a perfectly flat base to each other. This enables a seamless transition of the welded floor covering.

The rounded area of the blade not only contributes to the naming of the quarter moon knife, but also has an important function. If floor coverings with minimal height difference are welded together, it is indeed possible to push off with a straight blade, but depending on the height difference, a more or less pronounced degree is created at the weld seam. Depending on the holding angle of the joint knife, such a weld seam can be perfectly repelled so that the transition between the floor covering and the weld cord joint is evenly eliminated on both sides.

Using the STEINEL® quarter moon knife

The handling of the quarter moon knife is very easy thanks to the ergonomic design and the special arrangement of the blade. The quarter moon knife is placed on the weld seam of the floor covering in such a way that the blade protrudes sufficiently on both sides. The blade is then guided away from the body at a shallow angle with slight pressure so that the blade precisely pushes off the weld seam. In doing so, the blade should be advanced at a steady speed while maintaining a constant angle to prevent the blade from jamming. Guide the blade over the flooring until it reaches the wall and finally push off the thus planned weld seam from above with the blade.

The blade is sharp all around. Therefore, make sure that you never cut towards the body and also that the second hand is not placed in front of the knife to support the body. Protective gloves can also reduce the risk of injury.

In the event that the weld seam has not been sufficiently removed, which may well occur with inexperienced or irregular work with a quarter moon knife, the process can be repeated by planing the weld cord joint again until the result shows a flawless transition to the floor covering. If there are slight differences in the height of the installed floor covering, the blade with the rounded area can be guided over the weld seam to compensate for the difference in height at the weld seam and to achieve a more pleasing transition without minimal edges.

  • With the sharp blade, welds can be precisely repelled without much effort
  • The knife's wide blade allows clean guidance without damaging the floor covering
  • The quarter moon knife has a rounded blade side for slight uneven floors
  • The tip of the top of the blade can also be used to neatly finish welded joints in corners
  • Thanks to the protective case that is attached to the belt, the quarter moon knife is always ready to hand

NOTE: For better guidance with long weld cut joints, we recommend the optional STEINEL® weld cut carriage.

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Additional Information

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MaterialCrucible steel

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