STEINEL Quick welding shoe 5mm

The STEINEL® high-speed welding shoe in 5mm with separate welding rod feed makes it easier to weld plastics and is suitable for mounting on all professional round nozzles with a 5mm diameter.

✓ With wide air slot
✓ Separate welding wire feed
✓ Optimised angle
✓ For perfect welding seams

The STEINEL® rapid welding shoe is suitable for welding plastics with welding rods up to approx. Ø 4.5mm.

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5mm quick welding shoe for professional round nozzles Ø 5mm

Optimised angle ✓ Wide air slot ✓ Separate welding wire feed ✓

The STEINEL® quick welding shoe is the perfect complement to plastic welding with our hot-air welding machines and allows precise heating of the welding wire and the surfaces of the parts to be joined. Due to the separate welding wire feed, the welding wire is heated up to the set temperature exactly at the welding seam and automatically adjusted. The spot heating simplifies the welding of plastics considerably and contributes to an improved result of the welding seam. In order to be able to use the high-speed welding shoe, a professional round nozzle with a diameter of 5 mm must be screwed onto the outlet pipe of the hot air blower. This serves as an adapter for the welding shoe, which is simply attached to the round nozzle.

The professional welding shoe has a welding wire feeder with 5mm inner diameter and is suitable for all plastic welding wires and welding rods up to a maximum cross section of approx. 4.5mm, regardless of the type of plastic and the colour of the welding wires. For example, the welding wires made of polyethylene or polypropylene from our online shop are excellent for welding with the welding shoe.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x STEINEL® Speed welding shoe 5mm

TIP: A professional round nozzle with 5mm diameter is required as an adapter for the speed welding shoe. This is not included in the scope of delivery, but can be purchased separately.

Application examples for the 5mm quick welding shoe

A quick welding shoe is always used when plastics are to be permanently and securely welded together with a suitable plastic welding rod. A welding shoe not only increases the efficiency considerably by automatically tracking the welding wire along the weld seam, but also contributes to a considerably better welding result. The risk of burns on the surface is greatly reduced by heating the welding rod and the parts to be welded very precisely to the preset temperature. This has an extremely positive effect on the quality of the weld seam. The welding wire tracking system precisely guides the welding wire according to the length covered, so that the thickness of the weld seam is always identical, which not least has the effect of improving the appearance of the weld seam.

The welding of plastics is used in many different areas. Quick welding shoes are used by floor layers to weld the edges of large floor coverings made of linoleum, vinyl or PVC. The optimum angle of the welding shoe allows a comfortable and pleasant position of the plastic welding device and therefore a precise positioning of the welding seam. Also the welding of skirting boards for plastic floor coverings is usually carried out with a hot air welding device. Due to the slim design of the welding shoe, welding seams can also be carried out very easily in corner joints up to the edge.

Plastic welding is very often used for plastics that are difficult to bond. Particularly with polyethylene or polypropylene, which as food-safe plastics can only be bonded with special adhesives on a 2-component basis due to their excellent resistance to chemicals, welding is the only safe joining method that does not have a negative effect on the approval for the food sector and also guarantees one hundred percent tightness if the weld seam is correctly executed. For this reason, containers for the food industry, fresh water tanks, supply lines in pipeline construction or even machine components are often welded instead of glued.

In addition to the large industrial sectors and in specific craft businesses, plastic welding is also used in many areas where the activity is limited to repair and touch-up work. With a quick welding shoe, even less experienced users will succeed in welding seams, e.g. for occasional welding of plastic tanks, bumpers or plastic support structures for fittings. Also the repair of cracks in waste containers, plastic boats or sports and play equipment is possible by welding and can be easily carried out with a welding shoe.

  • The high-speed welding shoe is suitable for the production of containers using the plastic welding process
  • With the quick welding shoe plastic floor coverings can be welded quickly and easily
  • In apparatus and pipeline construction, pipe connections are securely welded with plastic welding wires
  • Thanks to the separate welding wire feed, the high-speed welding shoe is also suitable for long welding seams
  • Plastic welding is also used in the automotive industry, e.g. for the repair of bumpers
  • And many more

The professional high-speed welding shoe STEINEL® can be attached to all round nozzles with a diameter of 5mm, regardless of the manufacturer of the round nozzle or hot-air welding unit. The design of the hot-air blower is also irrelevant as long as the blower has a receptacle for screw-on professional nozzles.

WARNING: The speed welding shoe cannot be used with the STEINEL® HG 2120 E heat gun.

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