Spacer stainless steel 25 x 25mm screwable

Solid wall spacer made of stainless steel for the wall installation of large signs or heavyweight glass plates with a wall distance of 25mm for a plate thickness of 2mm to 18mm.

✓ Stainless Steel
✓ For indoors and outdoors
✓ Easy installation
✓ 25mm Wall Distance
✓ Round, solid edition
✓ With screw head

The spacers are also appropriate for the installation of large, heavyweight facade panels with a high tare weight – also on surfaces that are hard to reach.

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Spacer 25x25mm of stainless steel with head screw

Available from one piece per order ✓ Enormous load capacity ✓ Stainless steel ✓

The solid spacer in the size 25x25mm made of stainless steel is the largest in our standard delivery programme. Due to its enormous load capacity of approximately 40kg it is ideal for large signs with a strength of up to 18mm or glass plates with a high tare weight. The diameters of the spacer sleeve and the screw head mount up to 25mm. Also, the wall distance that is defined by the spacer sleeve mounts up to 25mm. Due to the solid production using V2A stainless steel the tare weight of this spacer is 115 grams. A main benefit of the V2A stainless steel is that a carefree use, both indoors and outdoors, can be guaranteed and, thus, also enables the installation of facing tiles or sight protection to walls or supporting substructures.

We deliver the large, heavyweight spacers in the exact volumes you need them. Regardless, whether you wish to order only one spacer or several hundreds. You will benefit not only from short delivery periods but also from attractive quantity discounts, which are taken into account automatically.

    Scope of Delivery:
  • 1 x Spacer Sleeve 25mmx25mm round and brushed
  • 1 x Screw head stainless steel 25mm round and faceted

Characteristics of our 25x25mm spacers

Due to the large head diameter the spacer is slightly more appropriate for images, signs and billboards of larger size. Even though small signs can also be installed, it might occur that this has a negative optical effect as an overall end result. The strength of the used plates should be between 2mm and 18mm. In case the diameter of 25mm does not appeal optically or if only smaller signs are to be installed, our online shop also offers a variety of other Spacers in more decent editions with a 10mm, 13mm or 15 mm diameter.

All our spacers in the online shop are made of solid V2A stainless steel, of which both the screw head and the spacer sleeves are made of one material. We do not offer a spacer with a brass core and just a thin, covering stainless steel coat, like they are often offered. Comparably, the difference on the one hand is a higher load capacity and on the other hand the increased usability for outdoors.

NOTE: For screwing on the cover caps no additional tool is required.

Technical Data of Our 25x25mm Spacer

  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Wall Distance: 25mm
  • Head Shape: Round
  • Head Thickness: 6mm
  • Total length: ca. 32,4mm
  • Ø Screw Head: min. 7,0mm - max. 10,0mm
  • Screw Thread: max. 6,0mm
  • Hole Drilling Plate: min. 12,0mm - max. 16,0mm
  • Clamping Area: 2mm - 18mm
  • Load Capacity: ca. 40kg
  • Protection: Screw Head
  • Material: Stainless Steel V2A
  • Place of Use: Indoors and outdoors
  • UV-resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion Resistance: Excellent
  • Rust-resistance: Excellent
  • Acid Resistance: Excellent

The very large clamping area refers to the collective strength of all plates including the optional distance- or intermediate rings.

Installation of The Solid Stainless Steel Spacer

Our stainless steel spacers with a 25mm diameter are appropriate for the installation of plates and signs with a strength from 2mm up until a strength of maximally 18mm when wanting to install very thick plates. For the installation of the signs it is required that holes are drilled into them before applying them to the wall. For this, we recommend creating a hole size with a diameter between 12mm and 16mm to make sure that the drilling hole is completely covered by the cover caps at all times. When drilling onto the plate, mind that it is done on a solid surface and that you follow the instructions of the material used with regard to the thermal expansion, a smoothless installation and also the recommendations given regarding the distance in between the fixation points.

The maximum load capacity of the spacer mounts up to approximately 40kg. Depending on the surface or the bending strength of the preferred plate used it could be sensible to use multiple spacers than the weight of the plate requires to ensure the best possible end result with respect to the aimed stability.

TIP: The diameter of the spacer is 25mm. For this, we recommend at least creating an edge distance of 25mm from the drilling holes. This will prevent outbreaks or bursts from occurring – either during the installation or due to vandalism.

Prior to the installation of the sign the spacer sleeves have to be screwed into the walls. After this, the screw heads are applied by placing them through the sign and screwing them into the sleeves. Depending on the size and weight of the signs it is sensible to be assisted by one person or more people to hold the sign. Our solid 25mm spacers are equipped with a screwable head and a decent indentation for securing the screw head more thorough with the help of a screwdriver or Allen key. This could be useful for more heavyweight plates.

NOTE: For screwing on the spacer sleeves we recommend using screws with a head diameter of maximally 10,0mm and a thread diameter of maximally 6,0mm. Depending on the weight of the sign we advise using countersunk-head screws in the size 5,0x60mm and for heavier plates screws in the size 6,0x80mm or even 100mm.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialStainless steel V2A
Wall distance25,0mm
Overall length32,4mm
Diameter plate drillingmin. 12,0mm - max. 16,0mm
Clamping range2mm - 18mm
Color designationStainless steel (brushed)

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