STEINEL Angled flat nozzle 40x2mm

The STEINEL® angled flat nozzle with a width of 40mm is ideal for flat heating with high precision and perfect for overlap welding of tarpaulins, films or roof sheeting.

✓ Angled version
✓ Screwable professional nozzle
✓ For surface heating
✓ Optimum air flow distribution

The STEINEL® angled flat nozzle can be used on all hot-air units with a mount for screw-on professional nozzles.

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Screwable angled flat nozzle 40x2mm for hot air blower

Professional quality ✓ Angled version ✓ For surface heating ✓

Flat nozzles, like the angled flat nozzle from STEINEL®, are suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the wide 40mm x 2mm outlet opening, the air stream is distributed evenly across the entire width. This makes targeted, two-dimensional heating possible. The angle of the flat nozzle is perfectly adapted to use with rod blowers, so that the unit can be used excellently for work close to the floor without the design of the blower being a limitation.

As a professional nozzle in screw-on design, the angled flat nozzle impresses with its excellent quality, which stands for an extremely long service life. This means that the angled flat nozzle can also be used permanently in demanding areas or at very high temperatures without hesitation and is therefore primarily aimed at industry and trade with high demands on the material resistance and reliability of a tool.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x STEINEL® angled flat nozzle 40 x 2mm

TIP: A Phillips screwdriver is required to fix the flat nozzle after mounting, but this is not supplied.

Application examples for angled flat nozzle with 40mm width

Flat nozzles are ideal for welding plastic tarpaulins and films. The angled shape of the STEINEL® angled flat nozzle makes for ergonomic working, which is particularly practical when welding close to the ground with rod blowers. The opening of the flat nozzle is 40x2mm and is therefore perfectly suited in terms of width and height for overlap welding of roofing membranes to reliably seal flat roofs or garages. Even the welding of robust pond liners can be best carried out with a flat nozzle, because here too, watertightness is the most important factor. Due to the wide, even air flow, the film can be heated very well thanks to the low height of a flat nozzle, without having to lift the film too far. This makes it much easier to press on the overlapping films with a pressure roller, as there is no need for a helping hand to hold up the top film. This also prevents the films from cooling down too much before they are firmly attached to the pressure roller. The welding of robust PVC tarpaulins is also very often carried out with a flat nozzle. Whether for the production of large tarpaulins for truck bodies and trailers, large event tents or even fixed camping awnings for caravans and mobile homes.

The removal of old varnish or paint is often an extremely laborious and lengthy procedure. With a hot-air device, almost all oil- or solvent-based paints and varnishes can be removed from surfaces in no time at all. Depending on the surface, very high temperatures of approx. 500°C - 630°C are necessary for this. With an angled flat nozzle, this work can be made much easier, as it offers excellent control over the surface to be heated and has the perfect width of 40mm to completely remove the dissolved paint residues with a spatula. Instead of removing paint, the drying of freshly applied paints and varnishes can be significantly accelerated by hot air. Also very popular in the painting trade, is the drying of freshly filled plasterboards in drywall construction, in order to apply another fine layer of filler or to be able to apply the painter's fleece to the smooth surfaces. This makes it possible, for example, to carry out touch-up work or small conversion measures without long drying times.

Due to the wide air flow, plastic sheets can also be very well deformed by the effect of heat. In this way, plastic skirting boards or cladding can be produced around radii and corner bends or curves, for example. It is also possible to bend plastic panels by heating. The same is true for the forming of plastic pipes or solid rods, which are easily deformable with the right heating temperature and duration. By hot forming, the shape of thermoplastics is permanently retained after cooling. The application of lipping on kitchen worktops or in furniture construction to visually enhance cut edges is also much easier to achieve with a wide nozzle.

  • Thanks to its angled design, the STEINEL® flat nozzle is perfect for overlap welding
  • The angular compartment nozzle has the ideal width for removing paint and varnish with a spatula
  • The welding of tarpaulins for truck trailers and semi-trailers is very easy with an angled nozzle
  • A flat nozzle is often used when welding roofing membranes for sealing roofs and foundations
  • Flat nozzles facilitate the welding of pond liners and tent tarpaulins due to their flat design
  • And many more

The STEINEL® angled flat-angle nozzle in screw-on design is suitable for a variety of hot-air units with a receptacle for screw-on professional nozzles and is not limited to use with STEINEL® hot-air blowers.

WARNING: The STEINEL® angled flat nozzle is not compatible with the type HG 2120 E hot air gun as this is not suitable for screw-on professional nozzles.

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