Threaded sleeve M5 jet black (RAL 9005)

The threaded sleeves in jet black (RAL9005) have a scratch-resistant, UV-resistant head coating and are made of A2 stainless steel so that they can be used outdoors without hesitation. The internal thread is also equipped with a 2K thread adhesive as a screw lock.

✓ Stainless steel
✓ Jet Black (RAL9005) lacquered
✓ For threaded screws in M5
✓ Ideal for our balcony screws
✓ Flat head with Torx drive
✓ Already from 1 piece

The threaded sleeves with black head lacquer are ideal for our balcony screws or screws with M5 thread.

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Threaded sleeve M5 stainless steel in black

Robust head lacquer ✓ For screws with M5 thread ✓ Without screw ✓

The threaded sleeve in black (RAL 9005) is made of A2 steel, which is a stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. We also use a UV- and weather-resistant powder coating for the black head lacquer, which corresponds exactly to our black HPL in the RAL shade deep black. This ensures that the threaded sleeves can be used outdoors without any problems and permanently without rain, persistent moisture or UV radiation having a negative effect on the colour and material. The gloss level of the silk-gloss head lacquer corresponds to the surface decor of our HPL panels. The flat screw head with a diameter of 14mm has a Torx drive. The sleeve has a smaller diameter of 8mm and a depth of 12mm. The sleeve has an internal thread of size M5, so that any standard M5 screw can be screwed in. A thread locker on the internal thread provides a reliable screw lock.

NOTE: The black lacquered threaded sleeve can be combined with all lacquered and unlacquered balcony screws from our shop. In addition, all other threaded screws with M5 thread size can also be used.

With a threaded sleeve, the sleeve is recessed in the material. This allows a comparatively very flat fastening that does not protrude far in contrast to a conventional hexagon nut of a closed cap nut. The round head has a thickness of approx. 2mm with a diameter of 14mm. A hexagon socket drive is used for screwing, which ensures easy processing with a commercially available Torx spanner in size T20, where no pressure has to be exerted on the drive. Please note that a shorter screw must be used with threaded sleeves and that the maximum clamping range of the screw connection increases by 1mm to 5mm based on the thread length of the screw. This means that a threaded screw in M5x25mm has a clamping range of 26mm to 30mm. This must be taken into account when mounting panels on a square tube or when connecting 2 panels to each other, so that both the screw head and the head of the threaded sleeve lie flush on the surface.

Properties of the black stainless steel threaded sleeve

The threaded sleeves are manufactured in a solid construction from one piece of steel and then painted black. We deliberately use a high-quality alloy made of A2 stainless steel, because the very good corrosion resistance means that the threaded sleeves can be used outdoors in all weather conditions without hesitation. With a depth of 12mm, the internal thread of the sleeve is sufficiently deep for a secure screw connection, but also means that the insertion depth in the hole must be at least 12mm so that the flat head rests on the mounting surface. A distinction is made between the diameter of the sleeve and that of the head. With an outer diameter of 8mm, the sleeve is 6mm smaller than the 14mm sleeve head, so that the latter protrudes 3mm beyond the sleeve. A modern drive with hexagon socket (also called Torx) ensures easy screwing. For this, a Torx key or another screwdriver with a bit in size T20 (ISR20) is required. Another screwdriving tool is required for the screw, which is screwed into the internal thread of the sleeve, because without securing one of the two sides against turning, the screwing will not be successful due to the thread adhesive.

The black lacquer finish on the top of the sleeve consists of a scratch-resistant powder coating, which is also very suitable for permanent outdoor use due to its very good UV and weather resistance, without having to worry that the deep black colour will fade over time. The black shade is deep black with the RAL colour code 9005. The silk matt gloss corresponds to the surface decor of our black HPL panels in the cut-to-size, but can be used on almost all other panels and surfaces in RAL9005 for an inconspicuous fastening that is to be implemented indoors and outdoors With threaded sleeves and threaded screws.

In many cases, a secure screw connection is not only desirable but also absolutely necessary to prevent the screw connection from loosening or coming completely loose. To ensure this, we use a highly reliable form of screw locking in the form of a special two-component adhesive, which is applied to the thread of the threaded sleeve. When the screw is screwed into the internal thread, the microscopically small glass bodies containing the activator burst. This mixes the two components and starts the chemical reaction of curing. After curing, the screw connection can only be loosened with a great deal of force and suitable screwdriving tools.

NOTE: A 2K thread locker ensures that the screw connection does not loosen over time. If the screw is unscrewed, this screw locking is no longer guaranteed, so a new threaded sleeve should be inserted. Alternatively, a thread locking varnish can be applied to the internal thread of the old threaded sleeve to renew the thread locking.

Use of threaded sleeve in black

For the processing of threaded sleeves, a suitable threaded screw with M5 thread is required, which is screwed into the internal thread of the sleeve. In addition, the insertion depth of the sleeve must be at least 12 mm, whereby this applies equally to steel profiles made of square tube, or to boards, battens and laths. This is important so that the sleeve can be fully inserted into the hole, which must have a diameter of 8.5 mm, so that the sleeve head lies flush on the surface. The black threaded sleeves are most likely to be combined with our balcony screws, which we also stock with a head finish in jet black (RAL 9005). This balcony screw set is perfectly suitable for mounting our HPL panels, aluminium composite panels or ASA/ABS panels on a corresponding substructure.

As already mentioned, the threaded sleeves are compatible with all M5 threaded screws, so that the possible applications are multiplied. Possible examples are fastenings of plastic covers of machines and sports equipment in the gym, which have a steel frame, or claddings of playground equipment and climbing frames, whereby especially in these examples the screw locking is not to be despised. Of course, stair railings, side cladding of patio roofs and carports and the balcony cladding mentioned several times as fall protection are also among the frequently occurring areas of application in which our black threaded sleeves are used.

Technical data of the threaded sleeve in jet black

  • Material: A2 Stainless steel
  • Colour: RAL9005 (Jet Black)
  • Head shape: Round, flat
  • Drive: Torx 20 (T20, ISR20)
  • Ø Thread: M5
  • Depth internal thread: approx. 12mm
  • Ø Head sleeve: 14mm
  • Ø Sleeve: 8mm
  • Ø Drill: 8,5mm
  • Depth sleeve: 12mm
  • Tightening torque: 2 - 4 Nm
  • Uv-resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Excellent
  • Acidity resistance: Sufficient
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialStainless steel A2
ScrewsizeM5 (Female thread)
Screw driveTorx T20
Shape screwheadround
Ø Screwhead14mm
Type of threadMetric thread
Ø ThreadM5
Length screw threadnot applicable
Clamping rangeplus 1mm - 5mm
Color accuracyProduction according to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL9005
Color designationJet black

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