Universal dowel fischer DuoSeal (with screw)

The fischer DuoSeal universal plug is ideal for fixings in wet areas by securely sealing drill holes without the need for additional sealants. The 2-component plug is suitable for all common building materials thanks to its three modes of operation.

✓ Secure sealing of the borehole
✓ Ideal in wet areas
✓ Suitable on tiles
✓ Spreads, knots and folds
✓ No rotation of the dowel
✓ Expansion pressure-free anchor edge
✓ Including stainless steel screw

We offer the sealing dowel from one piece in Ø6.0x38mm or Ø8.0x48mm with matching screw at favourable conditions.

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fischer DuoSeal - For waterproof fastenings

Screw included ✓ Spreads, knots and folds ✓

The fischer DuoSeal universal plug is suitable for use on tiles in pre-set installation and reliably protects the drill hole from penetrating wetness and moisture. This makes the sealing plug ideal for fixings in wet areas. Due to the production in a special pointed casting process, hard and soft plastic components are combined, whereby the anchor automatically initiates the optimal functional principle. In solid, solid building materials, the plug expands in the drill hole. In perforated building materials, the functional principle of knotting is applied. In slab building materials, the anchor knots so that a secure hold of the fastening is always given. The generous plug edge prevents the plug from being pulled into or slipping through the hole and at the same time reliably seals the drill hole. The stainless steel screw is perfectly matched in length and diameter to the respective anchor size. The thread-less shank area, presses the anchor shank with the soft grooves firmly against the drill hole wall and thus contributes to the full-surface sealing of the drill hole. To ensure that the anchor does not turn when the screw is screwed in, anti-rotation locks are attached to the side of the anchor body.

For fixings where sealing of the drill hole is not necessary, we also stock conventional fixings in the plastic fixings category. Our product range includes fischer expansion anchors SX, which are mainly suitable for solid building materials. Inexpensive universal fixings of the fischer UX series, optionally made of high-quality nylon or, as the sustainable UX Green version, partly of bio-based plastic, are equally suitable for solid building materials as well as hollow building materials. The DuoPower plugs from fischer, which are also suitable for panel building materials, are also available in our online shop. Available in a standard version or as a long version with a higher anchoring depth.

You only need two plugs to mount a soap dispenser above the washbasin? You can also order the fischer DuoSeal sealing plugs individually from us.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer DuoSeal plug in Ø6x38mm or Ø8x48
  • 1 x fischer dowel screw in Ø4.5x60mm or Ø6.0x70

NOTE: Drill bits with a nominal diameter corresponding to the diameter of the anchor are required for the drill holes. We have suitable hammer drills with a long drill spiral for the required drill hole depth of more than 65mm (or 75mm) in the category drills & bits .

Technical data of the fischer DuoSeal plugs

  • Dowel type: Plastic dowel
  • Material: Two-component plastic
  • Dowel size: Ø6x38mm resp. Ø8x48
  • Ø Dowel: 6mm resp. 8mm
  • Dowel length: 38mm resp. 48mm
  • Operating principle: Spread, knot, flap
  • Version: With sealing rim
  • Ø Drill: 6,0mm resp. 8,0mm
  • Borehole depth: ≥ 65mm resp. ≥ 75mm
  • Ø Screw: 4,5mm resp. 6,0mm
  • Screw length: 60mm resp. 70mm
  • Screw drive: TX-20 resp. TX-30
  • Screw-in depth: ≥ 48mm resp. ≥ 58mm
  • Mounting type(s): Exclusively push-fit assembly
  • Building material: Concrete, lightweight concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, aerated concrete, plasterboard, chipboard, etc.

NOTE: The sealing properties of the anchor can only be guaranteed on tiled surfaces in combination with the screw supplied. These are perfectly matched to the anchor in length and diameter.

Installation instructions for fischer DuoSeal

The fischer DuoSeal plug combines the outstanding properties of the intelligent fischer DuoPower universal plug with a sealing effect. This means that the plug is suitable for all common building materials and can be used especially for fixing tiled surfaces in wet areas. Additional sealing with a silicone sealant is not only costly, but also does not comply with the requirements of DIN 18534, which regulates the sealing of floor and wall surfaces in interior rooms. With a fischer DuoSeal plug and the corresponding screw, the drill hole is reliably sealed and prevents structural damage caused by water penetrating into the installation substrate. The plug complies with water impact class W1-l for surfaces with moderate splash water impact, which also includes bathrooms used for domestic purposes.

Before installation, the drill hole positions should be marked and then carried out with a drill bit suitable for the building material. The dowel diameter determines the diameter of the drill bit. The drill should be sharp and not too worn in order not to reduce the quality of the drill hole. It is very important that the holes are drilled carefully and straight. On the one hand, this prevents the tile surface from being damaged by cracks or fissures, and on the other hand, it ensures that the dowel can be inserted straight into the drill hole. This is of high importance so that the edge of the dowel covers the drill hole completely and seals the drill hole securely. The required drill hole depth must also be taken into account. If the hole is not drilled deep enough, the dowel may not be inserted deep enough or the screw may not be screwed into the dowel sufficiently.

Before the anchor can be inserted into the drill hole, the drill hole should be cleaned by blowing out or vacuuming. Otherwise, the remaining drill dust can impair the tightness of the soft lamellae. After thorough cleaning, the plug can be inserted into the drill hole. It should be noted that the fischer DuoSeal is only suitable for pre-insertion. This means that the plug must be inserted into the hole before the mounting part is attached and not through the mounting part. The dowel must be inserted into the hole until the edge of the dowel rests on the tile surface and completely closes the hole. The attachment part can then be mounted with the screws supplied.

NOTE: Each anchor is supplied with a matching screw with half-round head and partial thread and hexagon socket drive. These are ideally matched to the sealing anchors and ensure that the anchor seals the drill hole watertight. Other screws can severely impair the functioning of the anchor, which is why only the use of the supplied screw is recommended.

  • Soft and hard components combined in one anchor through innovative manufacturing
  • Functionality adapted to the building material by spreading, knotting and folding
  • Softer lamellae and a large dowel edge effectively seal the drill hole
  • No damage to tiles or plaster due to expansion pressure-free anchor neck
  • The stainless steel screw matching the dowel is included in the scope of delivery
  • The large dowel edge prevents the dowel from slipping too deeply into the drill hole
  • The rotation lock on the anchor body ensures a tight fit without rotation
  • Suitable for pre-insertion in wet areas on tiled surfaces
  • Can be used without hesitation up to water impact class W1-l according to DIN 18534

Application examples for sealing DuoSeal anchors

The fischer DuoSeal universal plug with 6mm diameter is suitable for all fixings that are otherwise carried out in the household with a conventional plug of the same size, but with the decisive advantage that this plug ensures reliable borehole sealing on tiled surfaces. This makes the anchor, which initiates the functional principle of spreading, knotting or collapsing depending on the installation substrate, ideal for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms, guest toilets, changing rooms or public sanitary facilities. Typical examples of mounting objects for which a six-pin anchor is used are towel rails, soap dispensers or toilet roll holders. Wall lights and mirrors can be fastened just as securely with the dowel and the corresponding screw as wall brackets for kitchen utensils that are to be mounted near the sink. The generous dowel edge in combination with the soft lamellae of the dowel neck eliminates the risk of water penetrating into the mounting surface, if the dowel is installed properly.

The DuoSeal anchor in Ø8x48mm, on the other hand, is very suitable for fixing heavier mounting parts or those that are subject to movement. A very good practical example are shower bars with a large rain shower in the shower cubicle or grab rails for people with disabilities inside the shower or above the bathtub. Light bathroom furniture near the washstand, towel rails or partitions between urinals are also among possible applications where an 8mm dowel is a good size. Mounting partitions on the wall in changing rooms, installing light shelves and hanging cabinets in wellness areas and swimming pools, as well as fixing an instantaneous water heater or under counter appliance in the immediate vicinity of the sink or washbasin, are other possibilities for the fischer DuoSeal with 8mm diameter.

NOTE: The fischer DuoSeal is suitable for pre-insertion on tiles in all common building materials. The load capacity of the anchor may vary depending on the specific building material. We have clearly presented information on the possible loads in a load table as a PDF. This can be downloaded from the data sheets tab.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Dowel sizeNo
Versionwith sealing rim
Length screw threadvaries
Ø Threadvaries
Screw-in depthvaries

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