Universal dowel fischer DuoPower (long)

The fischer DuoPower universal plug with increased anchoring depth is ideal for bridging plaster layers or for push-through installation of add-on parts with high thickness and combines the functions of spreading, folding and knotting in one plug.

✓ Innovative 2-component-technology
✓ Suitable for all building material
✓ Spreads, nods and folds
✓ No spinning in the borehole
✓ No expansion pressure at the anchor edge
✓ Ideal for bridging plaster layers
✓ Suitable for push-through mounting

We offer the longer universal dowel fischer DuoPower in different sizes at low prizes - from 1 plug

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Fischer DuoPower - The extra long universal anchor

Extra hold in all building materials ✓ Spreads, knots and folds ✓

The innovative two-component plug is available from us in 6x50mm and 8x65mm in any quantity. The main difference to the fischer DuoPower universal plugs in standard length is the higher anchoring depth, which enables higher loads, among other things. Thanks to the combination of soft and hard plastic, which are combined in a special injection moulding process, the anchor acts by knotting, folding or spreading, depending on the building material. Thus, the all-purpose anchor lives up to its name, as it is suitable for all common building materials and automatically adapts its mode of operation to the nature of the installation substrate. Thanks to a strong anti-rotation feature on the anchor shaft, the anchor does not rotate in the drill hole even with larger screw diameters. A narrow edge also prevents the plug from slipping into the drill hole or being pulled into the drill hole when folding and knotting. As with all of the manufacturer's high-quality anchors, the fischer DuoPower with increased anchoring depth has an expansion pressure-free area at the anchor neck to achieve the expansion effect in the drill hole but not at the edge of the drill hole. This prevents damage caused by excessive expansion pressure when used correctly, even with sensitive materials.

In addition to the universal plugs in the extended version, we also stock the fischer DuoPower plugs in the standard length. In the category plastic anchors you will also find other anchors at favourable prices. Our product range includes plugs from the DuoSeal series, which are comparable to the DuoPower plug, but effectively seal the drill hole without any additional sealants. Standard anchors such as the fischer SX expansion anchor, the fischer UX universal anchor in the rimless version or also with a rim as the sustainable anchor variant fischer UX Green R, which is half made of bio-based plastic, are also part of our product range.

You only need a few dowels? With us you can order exactly the quantity you need, not just whole boxes!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer DuoPower plug in selected size

NOTE: For the drillings in the masonry, in the category drills and bits we offer professional SDS plus hammer drill bits with 110mm spiral length (160mm total length) for stone, concrete and reinforced concrete.

Technical data of the fischer DuoPower plugs

  • Dowel type: Plastic dowel
  • Material: Two-component plastic
  • Dowel size: See additional information
  • Ø Dowel: See additional information
  • Dowel length: See additional information
  • Operating principle: Spread, knot, flap
  • Version: With edge
  • Ø Drill: See additional information
  • Borehole depth : See additional information
  • Ø Screw: See additional information
  • Screw length: See additional information
  • Screw-in depth: See additional information
  • Mounting type(s): Push-in mounting, push-through mounting
  • Building material: Concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, aerated concrete, natural stone, chipboard, hollow block concrete, hollow perforated brick and much more

NOTE: Complete information on the drill holes, the matching screws, as well as detailed information on the selected anchor, can be found in the Additional information tab.

Installation instructions for fischer DuoPower 2-component plug

The fischer DuoPower is suitable for all common building materials. These can be solid building materials such as concrete, solid brick or clinker, or perforated brick such as hollow block concrete or perforated bricks. The anchor can even be used with panel building materials, e.g. plasterboard or chipboard. For most fixings in households and crafts, dowels in the standard length are sufficient. However, a longer plug may be useful if the wall has a larger plaster layer. In this case, the fischer DuoPower with higher anchoring depth is the right choice, because it can effectively bridge the plaster layer thickness so that the functional principle of spreading or knotting takes place in the masonry. Because the longer anchor can be inserted deeper into the drill hole, higher loads are possible than with a standard length anchor of the same diameter. A further advantage is noticeable in push-through installation, because the additional length means that a greater attachment thickness can be bridged without impairing the function of the anchor and it can anchor sufficiently deep in the wall and ceiling.

For the longer DuoPower universal dowels, longer drill bits are also required, because the required drill hole depth exceeds the spiral length of simple hammer drill bits with 60mm spiral length, depending on the selected dowel. For the dowels in Ø6x50mm we recommend our SDS hammer drill bits in Ø6x110/160mm size. For the dowels in Ø8x65mm our SDS hammer drills in Ø8x110/160mm are the perfect choice. We offer these either with a 2-cutting edge for stone and concrete, or especially for reinforced concrete with a 4-cutting edge made of solid carbide at favourable prices. As with all fixings, care should be taken when drilling to ensure that the holes are drilled cleanly and straight. The depth of the hole depends on the length of the dowel and can be found in the additional information tab after selecting the dowel size.

For screwing the assembly object, we offer high-quality stainless steel chipboard screws in various lengths. These include screws with full threads that distribute the load over the entire thread length in the anchor and are therefore perfect for push-through assembly. In addition, through-threaded screws are ideal for pre-insertion installation of low-thickness attachments. For attachments with higher thicknesses, where the anchor is inserted directly into the masonry and not through the object to be mounted, screws with partial threads are the better choice, as they pull the object towards the wall without leaving a gap. The correct length of the screw also depends on the type of mounting. For push-through installation, the screw length should be chosen so that it corresponds to the dowel length plus the single screw diameter. For push-in installation, the thickness of the add-on part must also be added to achieve the minimum screw-in depth.

NOTE: For the anchors with higher anchorage depth, longer screws must be used than for shorter anchors. If the screws are not long enough, or the diameter is too small, this can worsen the anchoring of the anchor in the masonry, because the screws do not or not sufficiently initiate the functioning of the anchor. If a screw with too large a thread diameter is used, the coarse thread may cut too deeply into the plastic, causing so much damage that the anchor becomes unusable.

Advantages of the fischer DuoPower with greater anchoring depth

  • Innovative two-component technology combines hard and soft plastic
  • Multiple functionality by spreading, knotting, folding in one dowel
  • Intelligent adaptation of the functionalities to the nature of the building material
  • Due to the pronounced anti-rotation lock, no rotation of the anchor in the drill hole
  • The expansion pressure-free anchor neck avoids stress damage at the edge of the drilled hole
  • The edge of the dowel prevents it from slipping through or being pulled into the hole
  • Particularly suitable for push-through mounting with thicker attachments
  • Ideal for bridging high layers of plaster thanks to greater anchorage depth

Application examples for DuoPower anchors in long version

The all-purpose dowel in size 6x50mm is suitable for all fixings that are to be carried out in the household and handicraft with screws in a diameter of 4.0mm to 5.0mm. For attaching small wall decorations, such as picture frames, whiteboards or key boards, a dowel with increased anchoring depth is usually not necessary, but can be useful if the wall is covered with plasterboard or wall panels. Even with higher layers of plaster, the long anchor can show its strengths, because due to the additional length compared to the standard anchor, the anchor anchors securely with sufficient depth in the wall. The greater anchoring depth also offers the decisive advantage that the fastening can withstand higher tensile loads. This means that even larger wall mirrors, ceiling lights with a higher dead weight or brackets made of stainless steel for large advertising signs can be attached without any problems and without the anchor giving way to the load. Especially with hollow bricks and slab building materials, as well as with materials with lower strength, as is the case with aerated concrete, the anchor can convince with its multiple functionalities, which are only surpassed by special anchors that are specially adapted to the individual materials.

The long DuoPower in 8x65mm is very popular, especially in the trades, because this anchor ensures a secure hold in all building materials. The installation of radiators, kitchen cabinets, switch boxes or shower cabins made of glass are just a few examples where an 8mm dowel is used. Moss pictures for room air optimisation are currently very popular, but these are also not among the lightweights, so that here, too, dowels with an 8mm diameter are the optimal size. The 8mm dowel is particularly suitable for mounting wooden substructures that will later be decoratively clad with HPL panels, aluminium composite panels or trendy rhombus strips. Thanks to the 65mm dowel length, it can be inserted through the wooden construction or, in the case of a pre-insertion installation, it can also withstand heavy cladding thanks to its improved load-bearing capacity.

NOTE: The fischer DuoPower with greater anchoring depth has higher load capacities than comparable anchors in standard length. In addition, the screws, the building material and the type of installation play a decisive role in determining the possible loads. In the tab for our data sheets, we have provided a load table for the DuoPower universal anchors for download.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Dowel sizeNo
Versionwith rim
Length screw threadvaries
Ø Threadvaries
Screw-in depthvaries

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