Universal dowel fischer UX Green R (with rim)

The fischer UX Green universal plug made of high-quality nylon is manufactured from at least 50% bio-based plastics. As an all-purpose plug, it provides a secure hold and expands in solid building materials or knots in hollow building materials and panels.

✓ Made from renewable raw material
✓ Spread and knotted
✓ Version with rim
✓ Integrated anti-twist device
✓ Expansion pressure free dowel neck
✓ Suitable for plug-in mounting
✓ Suitable for push-through mounting

We sell the sustainable universal dowels in standard sizes from 6mm to 10mm in your desired quantity.

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fischer UX Green - The GREEN universal anchor

Made from renewable raw materials ✓ min. 50% regenerative material content ✓

With the fischer UX Green R universal plug, we offer a sustainable alternative to the popular fischer UX plug, because at least half of it is made from bio-based plastics. The properties of the all-purpose plug are in no way impaired by this and so the green plug is also suitable for almost all building materials. The UX Green R combines the functionalities of knotting, which is used in hollow building materials and slab building materials, and expansion in solid building materials, such as solid clinker, solid sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete or reinforced concrete. As a universal anchor, it is also suitable for unknown building materials. For example, when installing in plaster-covering building materials that cannot be defined in more detail. Due to a moulded edge on the anchor neck, the anchor does not slip into the drill hole. This little all-rounder is therefore equally suitable for push-in installation as well as for push-through installation. Pronounced webs from the anchor neck to the edge prevent the anchor from turning, even if the drill hole was not drilled precisely. As with all plastic plugs from fischer, the UX Green R universal plug also has an expansion pressure-free area at the plug neck. This significantly reduces the risk of damage to the surface of the drilled hole, for example cracks and spalling on tiles or in plaster due to spreading of the plug.

The fischer UX Green universal plug with pronounced plug edge is available from us in 6.0mm, 8.0mm and 10.0mm diameters. In the category plastic dowels we carry many other types of anchors, from simple expansion anchors to DuoPower anchors for all building materials and DuoSeal anchors that effectively seal the drill hole. Other anchor variants made partly from renewable raw materials, for example for plasterboard or gas concrete, as well as expansion anchors with fourfold expansion, are also available on request at short notice.

The sustainable nylon dowels with at least 50% material content from renewable raw materials are available from us in any quantity!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer universal plug UX Green R in selected size

NOTE: For drilling in stone and concrete, we have various SDS hammer drills with PGM test marks. For drilling in metal and plasterboard, we offer HSS-G drills in profile-ground quality that match the dowel diameter.

Technical data of the fischer universal plug UX Green R

  • Dowel type: Plastic dowel
  • Material: Polyamide (nylon), min. 50% regenerative material content
  • Dowel size: See additional information
  • Ø Dowel: 6mm, 8mm or 10mm
  • Dowel length: See additional information
  • Operating principle: Spread, knot
  • Version: With rim
  • Ø Drill: See additional information
  • Borehole depth: See additional information
  • Ø Screw: See additional information
  • Screw length: See additional information
  • Screw-in depth: See additional information
  • Mounting type(s): Push-in mounting, push-through mounting
  • Building material: Concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, aerated concrete, natural stone, chipboard, hollow block concrete, hollow perforated brick, etc.

NOTE: The technical data varies depending on the selected anchor size. Detailed information on the anchor, as well as information on the hole or compatible screw sizes, can be found in the Additional information tab.

Installation instructions for universal anchors made of bio-based plastic

Like the conventional fischer UX plug, the UX Green R universal plug is suitable for almost all building materials. This means that the all-purpose plug can be used for solid building materials as well as perforated brick and panel building materials. This is made possible by the combination of the functions of spreading or knotting, which are used depending on the nature of the building material in which the anchor is used. This makes the dowel a perfect choice for almost all installations that are to be made with dowels and screws. In contrast to our rimless fischer UX universal plugs, we offer the green version with a pronounced plug rim, which is why it is not limited to push-in installation, but can also be used through the workpiece for so-called push-through installation.

For drilling, always choose a drill bit that matches the building material and whose nominal diameter corresponds to the diameter of the anchor. How deep to drill depends on the length of the anchor and should always be done with care. The minimum depth of the drill hole is very important, because if the drill hole is not deep enough, the anchor may not be inserted deep enough into the hole. Too shallow a drill hole depth can also contribute to the minimum screw-in depth not being reached, which means that the functionality of the anchor cannot be sufficiently developed. In the case of pre-insertion installation, where the anchor is inserted through the mounting part into the drilled hole, the minimum depth of the drilled hole can be reduced by the thickness of the mounting part. Information on how deep to drill is stored in the additional information for each available anchor size. If you still need drill bits for stone, concrete or metal, you will find them in the category drills and bits at reasonable prices.

After drilling, the dowel can be inserted and the assembly completed with suitable screws. For installations where the screw head is to be flush with the workpiece, the anchor must be pre-inserted in combination with countersunk screws. For push-through assembly, our half-round head screws are the better choice. The length of the screw also depends on the type of installation, because for push-in installation, the screw length must be increased by the thickness of the attachment part. Otherwise, the rule of thumb is that the minimum length of the screw corresponds to the dowel length plus the simple screw diameter. The diameter of the screw thread, on the other hand, varies depending on the anchor diameter and can be taken from the additional information. With our fischer PowerFast II chipboard screws, we offer the right screw for every anchor and every type of installation.

WARNING: In order for an anchor to spread or knot sufficiently, the selection of the appropriate screw is very important. If this is chosen too short or with a diameter that is too small, the function may not be carried out properly. If, on the other hand, a screw diameter that is too large is used, this can damage the anchor, which also has a negative effect on the durability of the anchor fastening.

Advantages of the fischer universal plug UX Green R

  • Production from at least 50% renewable raw materials
  • Perfect hold in solid building materials thanks to secure expansion
  • Reliable hold by knotting in hollow and slab building materials
  • The universal anchor is also suitable for unknown mounting substrates
  • The anti-rotation device prevents the anchor from rotating in the drill hole
  • No stress damage at the edge of the drill hole thanks to the expansion pressure-free anchor neck
  • The dowel edge prevents the dowel from slipping through into the drill hole
  • Suitable for both push-through and push-in mounting

Application examples for fischer Universal plug UX

6mm dowels are among the most commonly used dowels in the household. This size is more than sufficient in most cases to fix pictures, mirrors, keyboards or lamps. The small plugs are also widely used in the trades, for example to mount surface-mounted electrical installations, to fasten cable conduits or to lay heating pipes with clamps in the boiler room. The fischer UX Green ensures just as good a hold as conventional all-purpose plugs, but offers the decisive advantage that half of the plug is made from renewable raw materials, which has a positive effect on the climate balance during production. A lower proportion of conventional plastic means less crude oil, which is needed for the production of most plastics, including polyamide.

In cases where a small 6mm dowel is not sufficient, 8mm dowels are often a very good alternative. The reason for using larger dowels can be manifold. Starting with the higher weight of the mounting parts, to the lower load-bearing capacity of the substrate, to the specified screw material. Large, heavy wall mirrors in the dressing room, small wall shelves or the hanging coat rack in the entrance area are typical examples where an 8 mm diameter anchor is clearly more suitable than an anchor of a smaller size.

Anchors with a diameter of 10mm or more are suitable for fixings with a greater total weight. These include, for example, wall-mounted cabinets and shelves in kitchens, garages or workshops, which, depending on the load, sometimes exert quite high loads on the mounting material. With an all-purpose anchor, such loads can usually be implemented without any problems, regardless of the building material. Distributing the load over two or more fastening points also significantly increases the overall load-bearing capacity. Large radiators, substructure profiles of drywall, or the installation of windows and doors, where the screws are screwed through the frame, are further examples for the use of larger anchors, even if the weight alone does not play a major role here. The fact that strong movement loads can also prevail here is also decisive when choosing the right mounting material.

NOTE: The load capacity of a fastening is not only dependent on the anchor, but also on the selected screw and the substrate in which the anchor is inserted. Which loads the universal anchor UX Green R can withstand in which building material can be found in the load table in the Downloads tab.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Dowel sizeNo
Versionwith rim
Length screw threadvaries
Ø Threadvaries
Screw-in depthvaries

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