Acrylic sheets opal 5mm

Buy acrylic glass Opal (opaque) with approx. 30% light transmission in 5mm thickness as a cut. The opal acrylic glass plates in frosted glass look are provided on both sides with a protective film.

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Dimensions of the samples approx. 200mm x 100mm

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Opal acrylic sheets - opaque and translucent

Acrylic sheets in opal design, are in our standard delivery program in a thickness of 5mm. Our opal acrylic glass plates are massive plate goods and not hollow or double wall sheets. Furthermore, our panels are completely dyed in white, so that surfaces and cut edges have the same white color. The glossy surfaces of the opal plates are covered on both sides with a protective film to prevent damage before and during processing.

The high-quality plates are milky cloudy and are therefore often called frosted glass. Opal acrylic glass panels are opaque, which means you can't see objects and people behind it , but shadow outlines are, depending on the light incident, quite possible. This is exactly one of the advantage of opal acrylic glass plates, because they are opaque but also translucent. For this reason, the panels are ideal for privacy on balconies, partitions or furniture. Furthermore, these panels are very often used for interesting lighting effects or for local lighting.

We cut the opal acrylic glass plates to the millimeter to your specifications.

We not only supply you with high-quality acrylic sheets in opaque opal design, we also cut them to your individual size. You benefit from our cutting service in two ways, because you not only save the work of cutting the acrylic sheets, you also save money, because of the smaller size compared to our opal sheets in standard format, the shipping costs for smaller sheets are lower. In addition, the waste produced during sawing will be processed by us as far as possible so that you will not be charged for it.

We always have opal acrylic sheets in a thickness of 5mm in stock, so we can do the cuts very promptly, so that the delivery of your transparent sheets can be done within a very short time.

Application examples for opal acrylic glass

  • Acrylic glass in opal design as a balcony cladding combines privacy protection with good translucence
  • Opal acrylic glass is opaque but translucent and can provide with LED-stripes for exciting lighting effects
  • Acrylic glass is often used as a light, scratch-resistant partition and also serves as a visual protection in opal version
  • Acrylic glass in opal serves as advertising display with backlighting even in the dark as perfect outdoor advertising
  • Acrylic glass in frosted glass look is often used in furniture as glass replacement for cabinet doors or table tops
  • and many more

Processing of acrylic glass in opal

Just like our transparent acrylic glass, the opal acrylic glass can be processed in a variety of ways. It can be brought into shape by machining methods such as sawing, milling or grinding. The drilling of opal acrylic doesn't require special knowledge or tools. But it should be noted, that acrylic glass can break if handled incorrectly. We therefore recommend placing the boards on a level surface before sawing or drilling.

Due to the workability by thermoforming, you have got all possibilities open in terms of the shape of opal acrylic glass. It can be bent, arched, twisted and brought by vacuum forming in almost any shape. Thanks to the full coloration of our opal acrylic glass panel, this happens without having to renounce the light transmittance or opacity.

Opal acrylic glass can be varnished and laminated. Backlit advertising displays are created by labeling with foils or full-surface gluing, as you can find for example in every pedestrian zone and at every petrol station. That's why, opal acrylic glass is indispensable in advertising technology.

Acrylic glass in the opal version can be glued with the same adhesives as acrylic glass in a transparent design. With our crystal clear cold welding adhesive especially for acrylic glass S-Polybond PMMAprofi provides a secure and permanent bonding of opal acrylic sheets to each other or to others materials. For gluing and sealing with professional silicone, we recommend the colorless Parasilico PL transparent, which was specially developed for the bonding and sealing of acrylic glass and polycarbonate.

NOTE: Please do not remove the double-sided protective films until all processing steps have been completed. So you prevent and protect the glossy surface from unwanted damages.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length3050
Standard width2050
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
UV resistanceUV resistant
Color accuracyNo
Color designationOpal

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