fischer FIXtainer DuoPower with screws (210 pieces)

The fischer FIXtainer DuoPower plug and screw box contains 105 plugs with matching screws in 3 sizes each. The 2-component plugs combine three modes of operation and are suitable for solid, hollow and panel building materials.

✓ 105 dowels with screws
✓ Suitable for any building material
✓ Versatile transport box
✓ Flexible compartment divisions
✓ Can be transported in combination
✓ Stackable with all L-BOXX Mini

The assortment includes 60 plugs in Ø6x30mm, 30 in Ø8x40mm and 15 in Ø10x50mm and three matching screw sizes in corresponding quantities.

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fischer FIXtainer DuoPower with screws - 105 fixings in one box


Intelligent universal fixings ✓ High-quality screws ✓ Refillable L-BOXX Mini ✓

The fischer FIXtainer DuoPower plug and screw box consists of the three most important plug diameters of the intelligent all-purpose plug fischer DuoPower in standard length. The anchors, which independently adapt the functions spreading, knotting and folding to the building material thanks to the innovative two-component technology, are suitable for all installation substrates without hesitation. The screws, whose diameter and length are exactly matched to the dowels in Ø6mm, Ø8mm and Ø10mm, ensure that the dowel anchors perfectly and securely in the building material. This makes the box an excellent choice for every craftsman or caretaker and should not be missing in any household for occasional installations.

For practical and well-organised storage, the dowels and screws are supplied in the L-BOXX Mini storage box, which can be stacked quickly and easily with other L-BOXX Mini boxes and transported as a group thanks to the integrated click system. The transparent lid makes it easy to see at a glance what is in the transport box and how many screws are still there.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer FixTAINER L-BOXX Mini
  • 60 x fischer universal plug DuoPower 6x30mm
  • 60 x fischer countersunk head screw 4.5x40mm (full thread, TX20)
  • 30 x fischer universal plug DuoPower 8x40mm
  • 30 x fischer countersunk head screw 5.0x55mm (full thread, TX20)
  • 15 x fischer universal plug DuoPower 10x50mm
  • 15 x fischer hexagon head screw 7.0x69mm (partial thread, SW13, TX40)

Advantages of the L-BOXX Mini assortment box

The L-BOXX Mini, which is used by fischer for the FIXtainer assortments, is used by a large number of well-known brands. In addition to Bosch and Sortimo, who jointly developed the L-BOXX system, countless other companies use the packaging solution for small assortments, which is popular among craftsmen, for their purposes. In addition to the click system already mentioned, it is above all the versatile options for adapting the compartment division to your own needs. A total of 36 possible variations for individual compartment division are possible, which can be made in seconds with removable dividers.

Removing all dividers results in usable interior dimensions of rounded 23cmx15cm. The interior height measures approx. 4.5cm. Depending on the use and variation of the dividers, up to six small compartments, each about 8cm wide and 8cm deep, are possible, each of which is occupied by a screw size or dowel size in the DuoPower dowel and screw assortment.

Many brands that use the L-BOXX Mini sell it as an empty box. Some, on the other hand, use the system to distribute small assortments, such as washers in various sizes, wire end ferrules or terminals for different cable diameters. Once the screws are all used up, the box can be used in countless other ways. From tools, assembly materials and equipment accessories for cordless screwdrivers and drills, the assortment box can also be used for completely different purposes. As a lunch box, for example, because L-BOXX Mini is made of food-safe polypropylene. Bandages and plasters can also be stored in the box in the workshop or at home. The possible uses are as versatile as the compartment divisions.

Technical data of the L-BOXX Mini plastic box

  • Product type: L-BOXX Mini
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • External dimensions (WxDxH): 258.5mm x 157.5mm x 63.0mm
  • Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 229.0mm x 149.5mm x 44.2mm
  • Weight (empty): 0.3kg
  • Loading capacity: max. 1.5kg
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C - +80°C
  • Food safe: Yes

The contents of the DuoPower plug and screw box in detail

The fischer DuoPower plug and screw box contains 105 universal plugs and matching screws made of galvanised steel. Because plugs with diameters of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm are most commonly used, these three sizes are also included in the assortment box in varying quantities. The DuoPower dowel, which is made of a soft and a hard component, adapts itself to the building material. In solid building materials, the functional principle of expansion is used. In perforated and hollow building materials, the anchor knots, whereas folding is used in slab building materials. This means that the universal plug can be used for all building materials, even if these cannot be determined, e.g. due to plaster covering. In order to prevent the anchor from slipping into the drill hole, the anchors have a pronounced anchor edge. Small retaining webs on the anchor shank make installation even easier, because this prevents the anchor from turning when the screw is screwed in.

The range always includes screws to match the dowels, so that you can be sure to have the perfectly matched combination ready for installation. For the 6mm and 8mm diameter dowels, the screws have a countersunk head and a Torx drive in size TX-20. In addition, the thread extends over the entire length of the screw to achieve the best possible load distribution in the anchor. The large 10mm dowels, on the other hand, include screws with hexagonal heads and partial threads. In order to hold heavy loads securely, the screw head is equipped with a moulded washer that distributes the tightening torque of the screw perfectly over the mounting object. The large screws have both a hexagonal head, which can be tightened with a spanner in 13mm width across flats, and with a Torx bit in size TX-40.

NOTE: Detailed information on the mode of operation, the application possibilities, as well as technical data sheets on the fischer duoPower universal plugs, can be found on the product page for the plugs. There, the anchors can also be ordered to refill the assortment box, regardless of whether one anchor or a whole box is to be ordered. The screws from the assortment are not available individually. However, we carry in the category anchor screws an extensive selection of high-quality screws from the fischer PowerFast II range at reasonable prices.

General data of the fischer DuoPower universal plug

  • Dowel type: Plastic dowel
  • Material: Two-component plastic
  • Functional principle: Spreading, knotting, folding
  • Design: With edge
  • Mounting type(s): Pre-insertion mounting, through-insertion mounting
  • Construction materials: Concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, aerated concrete, natural stone, chipboard, hollow block concrete, hollow perforated brick, and many more

General data of the fischer anchor screws

  • Screw type: Dowel screw
  • Material: Steel, electrogalvanised
  • Corrosion protection: Galvanised, blue passivated
  • UV resistance: Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Sufficient
  • Acid resistance: Moderate

Universal plug fischer DuoPower Ø6x30mm with countersunk screw

The fischer DuoPower in 6mm diameter is the best option if you want to play it safe with fixings, because it holds securely in all building materials. Even in plasterboard or hollow bricks. Here, other anchors, with the exception of special anchors for the material, are often at a disadvantage. The screw with a diameter of 4.5 mm and a length of 40 mm always initiates the functioning of the anchor safely. However, in pre-insertion assembly, the thickness of the attachment is limited to 5mm. If this is higher, the minimum screw-in depth cannot be reached, so longer screws have to be used.

The DuoPower in 6x30mm is included in the box 60 times and like all other 6mm fixings, is suitable for most simple fixings where the predominant loads are not too high. Mirrors, keyboards, lamps, surveillance cameras, pipe clamps or wall decorations are among the typical examples where the small dowel is an excellent choice. There are countless other applications, but we are running out of ideas and surely you have many more examples yourself.

Technical data of the fischer DuoPower Ø6x30mm

  • Dowel size: 6x30mm
  • Ø Dowel: 6mm
  • Dowel length: 30mm
  • Ø Hole: 6mm
  • Borehole depth: min. 45mm
  • Maximum recommended load: 50kg1

Technical data of the countersunk screws for the DuoPower dowel Ø6x30mm

  • Screw size: 4.5x40mm
  • Ø Thread: 4.5mm
  • Thread type: Fully threaded
  • Screw length: 40mm
  • Head shape: Countersunk head, round
  • Ø Screw head: 9.0mm
  • Drive: Torx 20 (TX20, ISR20)

Universal plug fischer DuoPower Ø8x40mm with countersunk screw

The two-component plug with an anchoring depth of 40mm is suitable for mounting higher loads for which a 6mm plug is no longer sufficient. The countersunk screw with full thread provides perfect load distribution for higher tensile loads. Taking into account the required screw-in depth of 45mm, attachments with a thickness of up to 10mm are possible in the pre-insertion assembly.

The universal dowel in Ø8x40mm with the dowel screw in 5x55mm is the perfect choice for mounting heavy wall decorations such as moss pictures, large wall mirrors or large, lush framed pictures. For mounting wall-mounted wardrobes, light wall shelves, shelves or small cupboards in wall mounting, the maximum recommended individual load of the 8mm DuoPower anchor, which in combination with the countersunk screw from the range reaches up to 71kg1, is more than sufficient in most cases. The load capacity can be significantly increased by distributing the load over two or more mounting points. For these purposes, 30 dowels and screws are included in the DuoPower dowel and screw box.

Technical data of the fischer DuoPower Ø8x40mm

  • Dowel size: 8x40mm
  • Ø Dowel: 8mm
  • Dowel length: 40mm
  • Ø Bore: 8mm
  • Borehole depth: min. 60mm
  • Maximum recommended load: 71kg1

Technical data of the countersunk screws for the DuoPower dowel Ø8x40mm

  • Screw size: 5.0x55mm
  • Ø Thread: 5.0mm
  • Thread type: Fully threaded
  • Screw length: 55mm
  • Head shape: Countersunk head, round
  • Ø Screw head: 10.0mm
  • Drive: Torx 20 (TX20, ISR20)

Universal plug fischer DuoPower Ø10x50mm with hexagon screw


With 15 plugs each in size Ø10x50mm and 15 screws in 7.0x69mm, the FIXtainer DuoPower plug with screws provides sufficient options for mounting heavy loads for most applications. The anchors have a maximum recommended individual load of 170kg1

in concrete in the pre-set installation at an anchoring depth of 50mm, provided the screw included in the set is used, and can even be increased to 215kg1

by using an 8mm diameter screw. The anchor screws with a screw length of 69mm (total length with screw head is 77mm) have a thread length of 59mm. The thread length also corresponds to the minimum required screw-in depth in the anchor. Due to the partial thread, attachments with a thickness of up to 10mm can be pulled tightly and without gaps onto the mounting surface.

The robust hexagonal head with screw head has a length of 77mm.

The robust hexagon head screw has a Torx TX-40 drive, which allows it to be screwed in quickly to fix the attachment part. The hexagonal head, which can be tightened with a 13 mm spanner or a ratchet, allows higher torques to be achieved than would be possible with a screwdriver. The moulded washer effectively distributes the tightening torque over the entire contact surface on the mounting plate of the attachment. In contrast to countersunk screws, flush mounting is not possible with this type of screw head.

From basketball hoops to hang on to (if you can jump that high), to anchoring substructures for decorative wall cladding, to screwing control cabinets and heating systems into walls and floors, the 10mm dowel with the hexagonal dowel screw is very suitable, depending on the load-bearing capacity of the mounting substrate.

Technical data of the fischer DuoPower Ø10x50mm

  • Dowel size: 10x50mm
  • Ø Dowel: 10mm
  • Dowel length: 50mm
  • Ø Bore: 10mm
  • Borehole depth: min. 74mm
  • Maximum recommended load: 170kg1

Technical data of the hexagon head screws for the DuoPower plug Ø10x50mm

  • Screw size: 7.0x69mm
  • Ø Thread: 7.0mm
  • Thread type:Partial thread
  • Thread length: 59mm
  • Screw length: 69mm (77mm incl. head)
  • Head shape: Hexagonal head with moulded-on washer
  • Ø Screw head: 19.0mm
  • Drive: Torx 40 (TX40, ISR40)
  • Wrench size: 13mm (SW13)

NOTE: The values for the maximum recommended loads1 are specifications of the manufacturer and are valid when using the screw included in the set in concrete (C20/25). The actual load values differ depending on the specific building material, screws used elsewhere and the type of installation.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialNylon resp. Steel, galvanised, blue passivated
Dowel sizeAssortment
Ø Dowelvaries
Length dowelvaries
Ø Borevaries
Borehole depthvaries
Length screw threadvaries
Ø Threadvaries
Screw-in depthvaries

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