SDS plus hammer drill Ø 10.0mm

The SDS plus hammer drill bit in 10mmx100/160mm for stone and concrete with cutting inserts made of solid carbide (TCT) and self-centring tip with very long service life is suitable without hesitation for sustained drilling work with high precision.

✓ For SDS plus percussion drill
✓ With PGM test mark
✓ Made in Germany
✓ Optimised drill spiral
✓ Cutting plates made of HM TCT
✓ With HM centre point

The stone and concrete drill with its 10mm diameter is perfect for installations with high tensile and bearing loads.

Delivery Time: Dispatch within 2-3 working days

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SDS plus hammer drill Ø 10.0mm - For fastenings with high load capacity

With PGM test mark ✓ Craftsman quality ✓ Made in Germany ✓

You can buy the SDS plus hammer drill bit in 10mm diameter with 160mm total length and 100mm spiral length conveniently online at favourable graduated prices. The drill is made in Germany and, thanks to its professional quality, is also suitable for demanding trades. It is suitable for drilling in brick, masonry, facade clinker, sand-lime brick, natural stone, artificial stone, concrete and much more. The self-centring drill tip, as well as the two-sided cutting plate made of carbide, drill effortlessly through the hard building materials and also ensure a very long service life of the hammer drill.

A percussion drill for stone and concrete with SDS plus clamping system has the significant advantage that the power transmission of the torque can be transferred to the drill almost without loss. The system developed by Bosch owes this to the two continuous drive grooves with a contact surface of approx. 60mm2. Especially with drills in larger diameters, the special spiral geometry with 4 flutes is also noticeable, because these convey the drill dust away more quickly, resulting in less friction. The 4-slot spiral has two major advantages. On the one hand, the drilling dust does not accumulate, so that drilling can be done faster and with less effort, and on the other hand, there is considerably less heat on the drill bit, which significantly counteracts the wear of the drill bit.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x SDS plus hammer drill bit in Ø 10.0x160/100mm

NOTE: Hammer drills with an SDS Plus holder cannot be clamped and used in hammer drills with SDS Max or SDS Quick System.

Technical data of our hammer drill in Ø 10.0mm

  • Ø Bore: 10.0mm
  • Ø Shaft: 10.0mm
  • Take-up: SDS plus
  • Drill: Hammer drill
  • Spiral length: 100mm
  • Overall length: 160mm
  • Material: Carbide head (HM-TCT)
  • Spiral type: 4-fold spiral
  • Cutting edge type: 2-fold HM cutting edge
  • Tip angle: 130°
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Centring point: Yes
  • PGM test mark: Yes

Application examples for the stone & concrete drill bit in Ø 10.0mm

The hammer drill with a diameter of 10 mm is perfectly suitable for drilling holes for mounting substructures for heavy façade cladding. Especially with heavy fibre cement panels or HPL panels, the weight load of the entire cladding can be quite high, so that the construction profiles should be screwed to the wall with correspondingly load-bearing wall anchors. Wall anchors with a 10 mm diameter and M10 threaded rod are very often used here and guarantee a durable and load-bearing installation. Depending on the load-bearing capacity of the masonry, the number of fixings should be higher. With our high-quality SDS plus hammer drill, drilling in walls is no problem, even with a high number of consecutive holes.

Thanks to the SDS plus drill holder, the power is transferred perfectly and almost loss-free to the drill bit. As a professional-quality hammer drill, this will satisfy even the most demanding craftsman, especially for sustained drilling work in stone, brick, hard clinker or concrete. The robust drill head with solid carbide cutting inserts can also be used for drilling in reinforced concrete. With a spiral length of 100 mm, the drill is long enough for almost all dowels and steel anchors, so that, for example, heavy cable platforms, awnings or even substructures of terrace roofs can be easily mounted on masonry. In addition, the drill is characterised by consistent quality in terms of drill hole diameter and roundness of the hole. This is also confirmed by the PGM test mark on the drill. This is a certification that confirms that the hammer drill has been manufactured in accordance with the code of practice of the German Institute for Construction Technology. The main advantage is that a safe assembly connection is guaranteed with anchors that comply with the EA and CE directives, which can minimise liability risks if the assembly is carried out properly.

NOTE: A hammer drill with a diameter of 10 mm usually wears out less quickly than a comparable drill with a diameter of 6 mm. However, depending on the frequency and use of the drill, the diameter or the quality of the roundness may deteriorate, in which case the drill should be replaced with a new one.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialCarbide head (HM-TCT)

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