Alkoxy silicone RAL7004 (Signal grey)

The absolutely MEKO-free alkoxy silicone SILIKONprofi in signal grey (RAL 7004) is a UV- and weather-resistant adhesive and sealant of our own brand S-Polybond. The permanently elastic silicone in professional quality adheres excellently to almost all materials used in the construction sector.

✓ 100% free from MEKOs
✓ Neutral-curing
✓ Odourless
✓ Absolutely weatherproof
✓ Easy to apply

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S-Polybond SILIKONprofi Signal grey (RAL 7004)

Absolutely MEKO-free ✓ Weather-resistant ✓ Permanently elastic ✓

The premium silicone SILIKONprofi in signal grey (RAL 7004) is a one-component adhesive and sealant of our own brand S-Polybond, which is available ready-to-use in a 310ml standard cartridge. During processing and curing of our neutral-curing alkoxy silicone, there is no intense or annoying odour, which means that it can even be used in poorly ventilated indoor areas without any problems. The permanently elastic sealant in RAL 7004 is also ideally suited for permanent outdoor use. Thanks to its excellent UV and weather resistance, the silicone ensures highly age-resistant structural waterproofing even under the most adverse weather conditions.

The alkoxy silicone in signal grey is manufactured according to the RAL colour system and is subject to regular quality controls during and after production. These not only ensure a consistently high and consistent pigmentation of the medium grey colour, but also an optimally adjusted viscosity. Thanks to its paste-like consistency, the high-quality sealant is extremely easy to apply and has first-class adhesion to almost all materials commonly used in construction. Even demanding sealing of materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion can be perfectly implemented with our highly elastic sealant in RAL 7004.

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    Scope of delivery
  • 1x Premium-Silicone SILIKONprofi RAL7004 (Signal grey) 310ml Standard cartridge

NOTE: A conventional silicone press for one-component standard cartridges is required to apply the sealant.

Properties of the signal grey alkoxy-based silicone

Our signal grey premium silicone is a neutral-curing sealant based on MEKO-free alkoxy technology. Compared to acetic-curing sealants, the processing and cross-linking is largely odourless and with very low emission values of the best grade A+, according to the classification of the VOC emission classes. Conventional OXIM-based silicones release 2-butanone oximes, which are also known as MEKOs. These are suspected of being carcinogenic. Thanks to the absolutely MEKO-free formulation of our sealant in RAL 7004, these possible health risks are eliminated, which means that it can be used indoors without hesitation.

The extremely weatherproof alkoxy silicone in signal grey is also ideally suited for permanent outdoor use. Thanks to the generous temperature range of -50°C to +150°, the silicone is absolutely frost-resistant and retains its permanently elastic properties even under the influence of intense heat caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. With our highly age-resistant sealant in RAL 7004, there is no need to worry about premature fading or embrittlement of the medium-grey joints, even after years of outdoor use in a wide range of climates. This avoids premature and time-consuming renewal of the maintenance joints and thus a large amount of work and expense.

The premium silicone in signal grey corresponds to the colour shade RAL7004 according to the RAL colour system. The colour catalogue, which is widely used in the international construction industry, assigns a unique 4-digit colour code to each colour shade. This ensures an optimal colour match of the materials used. Our grey-grained ASA/ABS sheets in window grey (RAL 7004) are not available in the exact grey shade RAL 7004, but the colour differences are so small that inconspicuous seals can be implemented very well with the signal grey alkoxy silicone.

The solvent-free silicone sealant does not attack surfaces and can be used on almost all materials commonly used in construction and industry. These include plastics such as HPL and PVC, treated wood, concrete, tiles, steel and many more. Thanks to its enormous elasticity, our sealant in RAL 7004 has excellent durability, even on materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion. Sealing the connection joints between a wooden kitchen worktop painted signal grey and a tiled backsplash on the wall are therefore easy to implement.

Our silicone in signal grey is particularly suitable for use in kitchens, sanitary areas and damp rooms due to its fungicidal properties. Even in the case of strong and long-lasting exposure to moisture, our premium sealant ensures a reliable seal against the penetration of moisture or dirt behind building structures. Sensitive surfaces such as enamel bathtubs and washbasins, glass or plastic shower walls and glazed ceramic tile backsplashes are also frequently used in these areas. With our neutral-curing alkoxy silicone, even such demanding sealants can be applied without hesitation.

CAUTION: The silicone sealant in signal grey shows quite good adhesion to natural stone. However, compatibility should be tested on an inconspicuous area or a leftover piece before application, as untreated natural stone can tend to discolour the joint edges.

Technical data of SILIKONprofi in RAL7004

  • Type of sealant: Polysiloxane
  • Colour designation: Signal grey
  • RAL Colour code: RAL7004
  • Density: 1,20g/ml
  • Shore hardness: 23 according to ISO 868
  • Elongation at break: Approx. 300% according to ISO 8339
  • Elastic recovery: Approx. 90% according to ISO 7389
  • Permissible deformation: Max. 25% according to ISO 11600
  • Voltage values: 0,36 N/mm2 according to ISO 8339
  • Temperature resistance: -50°C - +150°C
  • VOC-Emission class: A+
  • Ageing resistance: Excellent
  • UV-resistance: Excellent
  • Weather resistance: Excellent

Processing of silicone SILIKONprofi in Signal grey

Before starting the application of our signal grey silicone, the surfaces to be sealed should be thoroughly cleaned of dust, grease, oil and other dirt. A suitable cleaning agent is recommended for this, as unsuitable agents such as cleaning oils or corrosive silicone removers can sometimes severely impair the adhesion of the joint sealant. To ensure a permanently tight and secure seal, the surfaces should also be absolutely dry.

After the surfaces have been optimally prepared, the application of the sealant can begin. The extremely easy-to-apply silicone in RAL 7004 is applied evenly and in sufficient quantity to the joint using a conventional cartridge press. In the subsequent smoothing process, excess material is removed with the help of a joint scraper. A joint smoothing agent can be used for a particularly uniform appearance and gap-free flank adhesion, which also facilitates the removal. During this time, the processing time is about 10 minutes because, taking into account the processing temperature of +5°C to +30°C, skin formation begins after this time.

The high-quality adhesive and sealant can be used not only for sealing and sealing but also for simple bonding of joined parts with a relatively low own weight. Since our silicone in signal grey hardens through contact with atmospheric moisture, the application should not be all-over, but in the form of stripes, dots or waves. Once the medium grey sealant has been applied, the parts to be bonded are fixed in the final position and pressed firmly together until the silicone has fully cured. If minor corrections are necessary, these can be done before the skin formation is set in place.

Processing properties of SILIKONprofi in Signal grey

  • Odour formation: Neutral, weak
  • Hardening system: Cross linking due to humidity
  • Curing speed: 1 - 2mm after 24 hours
  • Skin formation: Approx. 10min. at 23°C
  • Processing time: Approx. 10min. at 23°C
  • Processing temperature: +5°C - +30°C
  • Storage temperature: +5°C - +25°C
  • Shelf life: 15 months (unopened)

NOTE: Opened silicone cartridges should always be sealed airtight and stored in a dry and cool place at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C for optimum shelf life.

Application examples for our premium silicone in signal grey

The country house style is a very popular building and furnishing style. Typical features of this architectural style include the use of natural materials such as wood, as well as cosy and muted colours. For permanently elastic connection joints outdoors, for example between the window frame of a detailed mullioned window and a rustic façade cladding made of larch façade profiles painted medium grey, our absolutely UV- and weather-resistant silicone in signal grey is ideally suited. The excellent weatherproof properties ensure long-lasting and effective sealing protection, even in the case of strong temperature fluctuations and the influence of heavy rain.

Due to its chemical resistance, our high-quality sealant is often used for hygienic sealing in hospitals. There, for example, it is used for the expansion joints between an easy-care vinyl floor in medium grey and an aluminium skirting board. Despite contact with strong cleaning agents or disinfectants, our silicone sealant in RAL 7004 provides reliable sealing protection for a long time. The sealant used in car washes must also be highly resistant to alkalis and strong cleaning agents. Our silicone in RAL 7004 fulfils these requirements in a first-class manner and offers optimal sealing there, among other things of connection joints between the floor covering made of grey concrete and the wall cladding made of PVC wet room panels. In addition, mould infestation is effectively prevented, despite strong and long-lasting exposure to moisture through the cleaning nozzles, thanks to the fungicidal finish of our premium sealant.

As our permanently elastic silicone in signal grey has excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, it is well suited for bonding joined parts with a large surface area or a low dead weight. The attachment of a skirting board made of PVC is perfectly possible with our high-quality adhesive and sealant. Tedious drilling and the time-consuming installation of mounting clips are not necessary with our silicone in RAL 7004. If parts with a high dead weight or objects with a high tensile force are to be bonded, we recommend using an assembly adhesive such as our MS-Polymer Parabond 600 in grey.

  • The UV- and weather-resistant sealant in signal grey is ideally suited for long-lasting structural waterproofing
  • The chemical-resistant silicone in RAL7004 is ideal for hygienic connection joints in hospitals
  • Our mould-inhibiting silicone in signal grey is perfect for alkali-resistant connection joints in car washes
  • For age-resistant sealing of canopies outdoors, the weatherproof silicone in RAL7004 is perfect
  • and much more

Safety instructions for processing silicone sealant SILIKONprofi

During the application of the sealant SILIKONprofi in signal grey (RAL7004), make sure there is a sufficient supply of fresh air. In addition, please observe the information on personal protective equipment, as well as the safety sheet and the technical data sheet for our premium sealant. Silicones and adhesives should always be kept out of reach of children.

    Hazard statements according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

  1. EUH208 - Contains N-(2-aminoethyl)-N'-[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine, 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane,
    N-(3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl) ethylenediamine. May cause allergic reactions.
  2. EUH210 - Safety data sheet available on request.
  3. EUH211 - Caution! Spraying may produce hazardous respirable droplets. Do not inhale aerosol or mist.

The exact wording of the hazard statements and the safety instructions for the silicone sealant S-Polybond SILIKONprofi Alkoxy-F in signal grey (RAL7004) can be found in section 16 para. 1 of the safety data sheet.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Adhesive typeSilicone
filling quantity in ml310
Color designationSignal grey
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7004

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