VDE-Combination pliers 1000V

Our VDE combination pliers are multifunctional cutting and gripping tools with milled cutting edges, burner hole, flat jaws made of chrome vanadium steel and comply with DIN 5746. The insulation is suitable for live working up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC.

✓ VDE insulation up to 1000V AC
✓ Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
✓ Induction-hardened pliers jaws
✓ High-quality chrome vanadium steel
✓ Two-component handle
✓ Ergonomically shaped

The VDE combination pliers are optionally available in 160mm, 180mm or 200mm overall length.

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VDE combination pliers to DIN 5746 (IEC 60900)

Protective insulation up to 1000V AC ✓ Inserted joint ✓ Chrome vanadium steel ✓

Our Högert VDE combination pliers are the multifunctional tool among the cutting and gripping pliers and combine a side cutter, pipe wrench and flat nose pliers in one pair of pliers. The combination pliers, which are available in 160mm, 180mm or 200mm overall lengths, have precision-milled jaws made from induction-hardened chrome vanadium steel. This is an extremely high-quality alloy, which is primarily used for tools for professional use. The handles with wide moulded collars are insulated in accordance with the VDE test procedure and offer safety when working on electrical machines and systems up to a voltage of 1,000V AC (or 1,500 DC)

The balanced ergonomics of the handles in combination with the perfectly positioned, inlaid joint mean that less force is required when cutting, gripping and fixing. The multi-component plastic with a soft component on the outside optimally transfers the force to the pliers head and contributes to a comfortable grip. The wide collars serve as slip protection for the uninsulated head of the combination pliers

Properties of the insulated VDE combination pliers

With the VDE combination pliers from Högert, we offer a high-quality tool that is the perfect cutting and gripping tool thanks to its multifunctional jaws and is standard equipment in the toolbox or workshop for craftsmen in a wide variety of trades. The insulated combination pliers combine side cutters, pipe wrenches and flat nose pliers in one tool. The laterally arranged wedge cutting edges, which are closest to the inserted joint, have a small bevel for an almost flush cut. The oval-shaped torch hole for gripping pipes, rods, etc. has six solid, coarse gripping teeth on each side, which ensure a firm hold on the object even with low pressure. The flat pliers at the front of the head, on the other hand, have fine teeth. These are wide and solidly moulded and therefore perfect for gripping and fixing small parts, flat sheet metal or for pulling, tensioning and twisting wires, tensioning ropes or plastic strapping. They are manufactured in accordance with DIN 5746, which defines the design and properties of power combination pliers, also known as pointed combination pliers. The combination pliers also comply with DIN EN IEC 60900, which is the standard for insulated hand tools such as pliers or screwdrivers. This standard essentially refers to sufficient protective insulation of the handles, which guarantees safety when working under voltage of up to 1,000 volts AC or 1,500 volts DC. Compliance with the standard, as well as the seal for tested safety in accordance with VDE, are printed on the inside of the handles.

The combination pliers, which are suitable for professional use in trade and industry in terms of workmanship and quality and can easily compete with the quality of other brand manufacturers, are made from a high-quality chrome-vanadium alloy. This steel is an extremely stable and hard material that is characterised by very high breaking strength and toughness compared to other alloys. Good quality and a long service life are important for combination pliers, which can be used as a makeshift replacement for all conceivable tools. A special induction hardening process significantly improves the durability of the cutting edge and jaws and achieves a high degree of hardness of HRC 55 - 60 (Rockwell hardness). The different sizes of our insulated combination pliers, which are available in 160mm, 180mm or 200mm, differ both in the handle length, which is longer with increasing size, which affects the leverage, so that cutting and gripping with larger pliers requires less force, and in the size and width of the jaws. The larger the pliers, the greater the length of the cutting edge, the size of the coarse-toothed torch hole and the finer-toothed flat jaws at the front end of the pliers head.

Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the insulated handles are extremely comfortable to hold. Thanks to the multi-component production from hard and softer PVC, the force is optimally transferred from the handle to the plier head. The different components can be easily identified by the red/yellow colour of the handles, which is typical of VDE pliers. The yellow, softer plastic coating ensures a good grip and prevents sore wrists and fingers or fatigue caused by prolonged work.

Specific data of the VDE combination pliers 160mm

  • Total length: 160mm
  • Head width: approx. 26,2mm
  • Head length: approx. 56,5mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 12,9mm
  • Centre width: approx. 9,4mm
  • Centre length: approx. 11,4mm (Flat, finely toothed)
  • Burner hole: approx. 8,9mm (oval, coarsely toothed)
  • Cutting edge shape: Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
  • Cutting edge length: approx. 11,0mm
  • Weight: approx. 243g

Specific data of the VDE combination pliers 180mm

  • Total length: 180mm
  • Head width: approx. 26,3mm
  • Head length: approx. 62,3mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 13,0mm
  • Centre width: approx. 9,4mm
  • Centre length: approx. 10,5mm (Flat, finely toothed)
  • Burner hole: approx. 12,7mm (oval, coarsely toothed)
  • Cutting edge shape: Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
  • Cutting edge length: approx. 13,2mm
  • Weight: approx. 295g

Specific data of the VDE combination pliers 200mm

  • Total length: 200mm
  • Head width: approx. 28,9mm
  • Head length: approx. 67,3mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 14,3mm
  • Centre width: approx. 10,5mm
  • Centre length: approx. 13,4mm (flat, finely toothed)
  • Burner hole: approx. 12,8mm (oval, coarsely toothed)
  • Cutting edge shape: Lateral cutting edge with bevelled edge
  • Cutting edge length: approx. 15,6mm
  • Weight: approx. 358g

Application and handling of VDE combination pliers

Diagonal cutters are a cutting tool for wires, cables or wires. Our combination pliers are a multifunctional combination tool that has a side-mounted wedge cutter with a faceted cutting edge shape, which is comparable to a conventional side cutter. This is closest to the inserted joint to ensure optimum power transmission when cutting copper, aluminium or iron wire. The main but notable difference to diagonal cutters is that combination pliers do not cut right up to the front edge of the jaws, but have different moulded gripping and fixing jaws, each of which roughly take up a third of the entire jaw length

NOTE: As with all cutting and gripping tools with protective insulation, it should be ensured when cutting cables and individual lines that they are de-energised, even if the insulation is VDE-tested and suitable for live work up to 1000V AC (or 1500V DC). If a live cable is severed, this can result in indentations caused by burns, which can occur in the event of a short circuit due to the very high short-circuit currents. Such damage is irreversible and can severely impair the function of the pliers.

The oval-shaped torch hole, as well as the centre area with the roughly serrated recess between the side cutter and the front flat jaws, is similar to the function of a pipe wrench. This is used for gripping and holding and enables pipes, rods or nuts, for example, to be held firmly in place. The pronounced teeth wedge into the material. Even if there are special tools for most applications, combination pliers are suitable as a makeshift tool. For example, they can be used to loosen tight nuts, screw fittings on copper and aluminium composite pipes or even hooks.

WARNING: The gripping teeth of the burner hole are relatively sharp-edged. Although this has the advantage that the teeth achieve an extremely good grip, there is always the risk of scratching the surfaces of the materials. In the case of painted or powder-coated pipes, as well as pipes made of plastic or with a plastic coating, we recommend placing a cloth between the surface and the jaws of the pliers.

The front area with the wide, finely toothed jaws, which grip flat against each other, is comparable to the functional principle of conventional flat nose pliers. When fixing small nuts or hexagon bolts against turning, the flat jaws serve as a perfect replacement if a suitable spanner is not available. Tightening Bowden cables in two-wheel mechanics, as well as tensioning or twisting wires, as is practised when erecting wire mesh fences or iron braiding with the so-called Rödeldraht in concrete construction, is also best done with flat-nose pliers if no suitable tool is available.

Application examples for the insulated VDE combination pliers

  • VDE combination pliers are an indispensable, multifunctional tool in every household
  • Thanks to the cutting edge, the combination pliers are suitable for cutting cables, single conductors and wires
  • The coarsely serrated burner hole is ideal for countering or loosening nuts and pipe fittings
  • The flat, wide front is suitable for gripping and fixing screws, nails and metal sheets
  • The wide support of the flat nose pliers does not damage the insulation when wiring switch boxes
  • Optimised ergonomics allow gripping, holding and cutting with less effort

WARNING: The insulating protective effect of VDE-tested pliers is only guaranteed as long as they are undamaged. For this reason, the handles should always be checked for damage before each use, especially when working on electrical systems.

Data on insulated combination pliers in accordance with IEC 60900

  • Product type: Plier
  • Material (Handle): 2-Component PVC
  • Material (Jaws): Alloyed chrome vanadium steel
  • Joint type: inserted joint
  • Hardness (jaws): HRC 55-60
  • Colour: Red-yellow
  • Protective insulation (AC): Up to 1000 volts according to IEC 60900
  • Protective insulation (DC): Up to 1500 volts according to IEC 60900
  • VDE-certified: Yes, VDE test seal imprinted
  • Total length: 160mm, 180mm or 200mm
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-handed operation: Yes (both sides)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
PropertyProtective insulation up to 1000V AC (IEC 60900, VDE-tested)
MaterialAlloyed chrome vanadium steel

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