VDE-Diagonal cutters 1000V

Our VDE diagonal cutters with milled precision cutting edges made from induction-hardened chrome vanadium steel are manufactured in accordance with DIN 5749 and are insulated for safety when working with live voltages up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC.

✓ Protective insulation up to 1000V AC
✓ Milled precision cutting edge
✓ Inductively hardened cutting edges
✓ High-quality chrome vanadium steel
✓ Two-component handle
✓ Ergonomically shaped

The VDE diagonal cutters are available in either 160mm or 180mm overall length.

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VDE diagonal cutters to DIN 5749 (IEC 60900)

Protective insulation up to 1000V AC ✓ Chrome vanadium steel ✓ Hardened cutting edges ✓

Our Högert VDE diagonal cutters are available in a 160mm or 180mm overall length version. The diagonal cutters have milled precision cutting edges that are also induction-hardened, which increases the service life of the sharp wedge cutting edges. The production from alloyed chrome vanadium steel, which is particularly stable and hard, also speaks in favour of the high quality of the cutting tool, which is aimed at professional users and DIY enthusiasts with the highest quality requirements thanks to the high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. The red and yellow handles have protective insulation that complies with VDE standards and guarantees reliable protection when working under voltage up to 1000V AC (or 1500V DC).

The ergonomically shaped handles sit comfortably in the hand and consist of a hard and a softer component, which allow for more comfortable working by giving way slightly when the pliers are squeezed. The wide collars at the front of the pliers prevent you from slipping off the handles and coming into contact with the uninsulated cutting jaws when working on electrical systems.

Properties of the insulated VDE diagonal cutters

With the high-quality VDE diagonal cutters from Högert, we offer high-quality pliers for quality-conscious users in industry and trade. They are manufactured in accordance with DIN 5749, which is the standard for diagonal cutters, regardless of whether they are cutting tools for general use or specially insulated diagonal cutters. Safety when working under voltage requires compliance with IEC 60900, which requires protective insulation up to 1,000 volts AC or 1,500 volts DC. These requirements are of course met by our VDE pliers, as evidenced by the corresponding imprint on the inside of the handle. In addition to the IEC standard, the VDE seal for tested safety is also printed there.

The breaking strength of chrome vanadium is particularly good compared to other alloys. Chrome vanadium is particularly stable and hard, and its exceptional toughness is superior to most other alloys, which is why this steel alloy is usually used for high-quality tools for professional use. Additional hardening in a special induction process gives our VDE side cutters a high degree of hardness of HRC 55 - 60 (Rockwell hardness). The main difference in the sizes of the insulated diagonal cutters lies in the power transmission when cutting thicker cables and single wires, which is easier due to the longer lever path of the diagonal cutter with a total length of 180mm. In addition, the larger diagonal cutters can also be used to cut hard wires with a slightly larger diameter, which is also due to the more solid construction of the jaws.

The handle of our VDE pliers is far more than just protective insulation against electrical voltage. Although its primary purpose is to prevent electric shocks when working on electrical machines and systems, the shape and material also have a significant influence on handling and working comfort. The red/yellow colour of the two-component PVC plastic handle is not only common for pliers with protective insulation, but also serves another purpose with our VDE pliers. The red, harder component, which completely encloses the metal, is firmly bonded to the steel and provides the necessary grip, even when the pliers are squeezed at high pressure, and also gives the collar of the handle the required strength. The yellow soft component, on the other hand, gives way slightly, so that the pressure is optimally distributed over the entire length of the handle and a comfortable grip is also achieved.

Specific data of the VDE diagonal cutters 160mm

  • Total length: 160mm
  • Cutting length: approx. 23mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 11.1mm
  • Jaw height: approx. 10.7mm
  • Head width: approx. 22.8mm
  • Cutting performance: max. 2.0mm (Wire hard), max. 3.8mm (Wire soft)
  • Weight: approx. 203g

Specific data of the VDE diagonal cutters 180mm

  • Total length: 180mm
  • Cutting length: approx. 21mm
  • Jaw width: approx. 13.8mm
  • Jaw height: approx. 11.1mm
  • Head width: approx. 28.6mm
  • Cutting performance: max. 2.5mm (Wire hard), max. 3.8mm (Wire soft)
  • Weight: approx. 260g

Application and handling of VDE diagonal cutters

A side cutter is a cutting tool for cables and wires in which the wedge-shaped cutting edges are not centred, but arranged on the side of the cutting jaws. The cutting edges made of induction-hardened steel are milled in a wedge shape so that a bevel - also known as a facet - is created on the outside, which, the smaller it is, allows flush cutting. When cutting, the wedge-shaped cutting edges are pressed together so that they slide through the copper wire and cut it. The maximum wire diameter depends on the length of the cutting edges, although it is also possible to cut through the wires in smaller individual cuts. While a telephone or coaxial cable can still be cut to length very easily with a simple cut using a small side cutter, even a larger side cutter is not suitable for an electrical cable with 5 individual wires. With a cross-section of 2.5mm2 it has already reached its limits, so that the NYM-J 5x2.5mm2 must be cut in two or three cuts.

NOTE: Even if the VDE diagonal cutters are protective insulated cutting tools, cutting live cables should be avoided. If, on the other hand, it is not possible to ensure the absence of voltage, so that it is necessary to work under voltage, such a cable should never be cut completely in one pass, as this can cause a short circuit, in which the high short-circuit current results in a very high heat development, which can cause damage due to indentations, even with the high-quality chrome vanadium steel cutting edges.

When cutting cables, lines and wires, the best possible leverage is achieved by placing the cable as close as possible to the joint. Particularly with rigid single conductors of a copper cable with a higher nominal cross-section, or with harder wire, significantly less force is required in this way than if they are to be cut with the tip of the side cutter. The jaw width and height are highest in this area, which also has an effect on stability and cutting accuracy. The front area of the cutting edges is particularly suitable for single wires. The cutting edge, which is angled towards the handle, and the tapered cutting jaws allow very precise work, for example when cutting single wires inside a junction box, appliance box or switch box.

Although VDE diagonal cutters are mainly used in electronic installations or in mechanical and plant engineering due to their protective insulation, diagonal cutters are an indispensable tool in any toolbox or workshop, even if live working is not an option. The robust, sharp cutting edges are ideal for shortening the Bowden cables of gear sticks and cable brakes on bicycles and e-bikes, for example. They can also be used to cut plastic strapping or cable ties, as well as to shorten all kinds of welding rods for welding plastics or electrode welding. A side cutter can also be the ideal cutting tool for crafting in the hobby workshop with iron wire and fine sheet metal. For most applications, protective insulation in accordance with IEC 60900 is completely unnecessary, but the wide collars of the soft handles, which prevent slipping towards the pliers head, not only offer effective protection against electric shock, but also increase working comfort when handling pliers such as side cutters.

Application examples for insulated VDE diagonal cutters

  • The VDE diagonal cutters are an indispensable tool for electrical installations
  • The diagonal cutters are suitable for cutting cables, electrical cables and single wires
  • Thanks to the solid construction made of hardened CrV steel, even thin sheets can be cut
  • Side cutters are suitable for shortening wood and threaded screws with a small core diameter
  • Side cutters can be used to cut cable ties, strapping and perforated tape
  • A side cutter is ideal for cutting plastic welding rods and welding rods to length

WARNING: The integrity of the plastic insulation is of great importance and should therefore be checked for damage to the insulation layer of the handles before each use. Damaged diagonal cutters must no longer be used when working on electrical systems. There is a danger to life.

Data on insulated diagonal cutters according to IEC 60900

  • Product type: Plier
  • Material (Handle): 2-Component PVC
  • Material (Jaws): Alloyed chrome vanadium steel
  • Stiffness (Jaws): HRC 55-60
  • Colour: Red-yellow
  • Protective insulation (AC): Up to 1000 volts according to IEC 60900
  • Protective insulation (DC): Up to 1500 volts according to IEC 60900
  • VDE-Certified: Yes, VDE test seal imprinted
  • Total length: 160mm or 180mm
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-handed operation: Yes (both sides)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
PropertyProtective insulation up to 1000V AC (IEC 60900, VDE-tested)
MaterialAlloyed chrome vanadium steel

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