We take a break

We take a break

The winter break is approaching - but we're not leaving without bringing you up to date on the latest developments

We are taking our winter break - but not without keeping you up to date on what's new in our online shop, because there's been a lot going on in our shop in the last few weeks. Find out everything about our developments and new products.

We go into the well-deserved winter break

In three weeks it will be Christmas and the time is moving fast. So I guess now is the time to inform you that, as every year, we will be closing the hall doors between the holidays. Specifically, this means that we will be closed from 24.12.2022 to 01.01.2023. From 02.01.2023 we will be there for you again as usual. However, orders received by 22.12.2022 will still be shipped this year, depending on material availability. Orders received after this date will not be processed, sawn or shipped this year.

Lots of news in the online shop

New products from our own brand S-Polybond

With two new special solutions for acrylic glass, our own brand S-Polybond has grown into a family. On the one hand, there is our acrylic and Plexiglas cleanerPMMAclean, which is used for gentle cleaning of dirty and dull acrylic glass surfaces. The cleaner prevents stress cracks caused by ageing and effectively reduces dust absorption due to its antistatic effect. The second product for acrylic glass is our polishing paste PMMApolish with which you can polish and refurbish acrylic and Plexiglas®. This polishing paste with polishing bodies equivalent to a 6000-grit sandpaper removes even small scratches for a smooth surface with a mirror-like surface shine.

Also designed for cleaning, although not suitable for acrylic glass, is our new plastic cleaner PLASTICclean. This is an intensive cleaner for plastic surfaces which, due to its special formula, gently dissolves even stubborn dirt and significantly reduces the build-up of new dirt. We hope that we will be able to add the plastic cleaner to the shop before the end of the year. At the moment we are waiting for the labels without which we cannot sell the spray bottle. As soon as these are there, the countless bottles can be labelled and prepared for shipping.

With our 2-component adhesives PEprofi and PPprofi there will inevitably also be a significant change. Our stock is empty and unfortunately we found out a little late that the double cartridges with 37ml content in a ratio of 10:1 are no longer available for an indefinite period. This is also the reason why we had to take the adhesives out of the shop. As a consequence, these two adhesives will be offered in new cartridges with 50ml content in the shop in the future. But there is more work behind it than you might think. The labels have to be completely adapted to the new filling quantity and the new cartridge shape. The new cartridge also requires different static mixers, which have a different connection, and the glue gun that we currently still offer in the shop will no longer be compatible with the new cartridges, so we also had to deal with this problem. At about the same time as the adhesives, there will therefore also be a new dispensing gun in the shop, which will be replaced by the old glue gun. The new gun is more versatile and, because it is made of aluminium, hardened steel and glass-fibre reinforced polyamide, it is also of a much higher quality. However, higher quality does not mean that it will also be more expensive.

Even though these are already many innovations, our chemical development is not sleeping. There are already three more new products in the testing phase, which, if the first tests are confirmed, will probably be launched in the first quarter of next year. However, I am not allowed to say more about this at the moment.

Aluminium profiles - Made in Germany

At the beginning of the year, we included aluminium profiles in the 6 and 8 mm clamping ranges in our standard delivery programme. For the time being, we have limited ourselves to the most common profile types for covering the edges of facade cladding. Who could have guessed that the profiles would be so popular? Of course, we had done market analyses beforehand and also had certain expectations of the new product group, but these were exceeded after a very short time and after just over a month, almost our entire stock was sold, so that we had to reorder as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we have added another thickness to the range, namely profiles with a clamping range of 3mm for our aluminium composite panels. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Due to very long delivery times, we have changed our supplier, with whom, in contrast to the previous supplier, we have the possibility to have profiles manufactured according to our own design drawings. The company, based in Germany, sees itself as a manufacturer of aluminium profiles for optical applications with high demands. In short - quality made in Germany.

In the first step, we will have the existing profiles pressed by the new manufacturer. Before this happens, the pressing tools have to be manufactured based on our design drawing. Then the profiles are sampled and only when they meet the requirements can the series production of the profiles begin. We have already designed a profile for inside corners that is based on our current outside corner profile and will also go into series production soon. In addition, we have already ordered a larger quantity, which will be powder-coated after pressing. For the coloured profiles, we will limit ourselves to the colour RAL7016 anthracite grey for the time being, because we have to gain experience here as well. But as you know, this always happens very quickly, so I am sure we'll be adding other colours to our delivery programme very soon. The substructure profiles, which we currently offer in silver anodised in the shop, will be completely discontinued and replaced by improved versions. These will also no longer be available in silver in the future. Instead, we will use a black anodised layer so that the profiles are less conspicuous in facade cladding due to the space in between.

The new profiles at a glance

  • In Production U- and H profiles with 3mm clamping range in RAL7016 (anthracite grey)
  • In Production U- and H profiles with 6mm clamping range in RAL7016 (anthracite grey)
  • In Production U- and H profiles with 8mm clamping range in RAL7016 (anthracite grey)
  • In Production Z- and Omega profiles for facade cladding in black anodised finish
  • In planning Outside corner profiles in 3mm, 6mm and 8mm clamping range in RAL7016 (anthracite grey)
  • In planning Inner corner profiles in 3mm, 6mm and 8mm clamping range in silver anodised finish
  • In planning Inner corner profiles in 3mm, 6mm and 8mm clamping range in RAL7016 (anthracite grey)
  • In planning All edge profiles in the colours dust grey, light grey, pure white and deep black
  • Furthermore All aluminium profiles cut to size with millimetre precision

NOTE: Due to the high stock of profiles from our previous supplier, it may well be that we carry the profiles from both manufacturers in the shop at the same time until the old stock is sold. To avoid confusion, our programmers are already in the process of adapting the product page for aluminium profiles so that you can later select the clamping range and length for the product or enter the desired cut length. However, there are no standard solutions for such processes, so they have to be programmed by hand. For the cutting process, however, we also have to procure a saw first.

What will happen to the site in Goch

After careful consideration of how we will continue to use the old location in Goch, we have come to the decision that it will be used as a buffer store for our existing range, because in the meantime we are having space problems even at the new, much larger location in Kranenburg. In addition, we will expand our delivery programme for aluminium profiles. But before that happens, we will first modernise the location and adapt it to the new requirements. The time is just perfect for this, because the large hall with around 750 square metres of storage space is currently completely empty. With a fresh coat of paint, new, energy-saving LED ceiling lighting and the conversion of the heating system to a heat pump system like the one in use in Kranenburg, we not only want to get a grip on the energy consumption, but also make the use of the hall more efficient and sustainable.

Afterwards, a lot of shelving systems have to be installed to store the large number of individual fittings of the Aqua-Plus PP-R pipe system. In addition, storage space must be created for the new aluminium profiles, because here, too, a number of designs and colours will be added in the future. An automatic profile saw is also to be purchased in order to be able to offer the profiles cut to the millimetre in the future.

The work steps at the Goch site

  • Modernisation of the heating system to a heat pump system with our PP-R pipes
  • Modernisation of the ceiling lighting to energy-efficient daylight luminaires with LEDs
  • Equipment with shelving systems and special storage spaces for vertically stored aluminium profiles
  • Storage and expansion of aluminium profiles in terms of finish and colour selection
  • Acquisition of a special profile saw in order to also offer the aluminium profiles cut to size
  • Expansion of the buffer stock for our Aqua-Plus PP-R pipes, couplings, joints and connections

We know that using the Goch location as a buffer store will only allow us a small amount of leeway to expand our product range, which is why we are already in talks in Goch and Kranenburg for the acquisition of one or more additional halls, each of which is located in the immediate vicinity of the previous locations. In any case, we in Marketing hope for timely solutions so that we can also implement the many new ideas that go hand in hand with the further development of our shop and the constantly growing selection.

We hope that this blog post was helpful and worth reading. We are always grateful for feedback on the article, as well as questions about our new products, and look forward to your opinion.

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Your Sascha from S-Polytec

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