New in our shop - fasteners from fischer - and much more

New in our shop - fasteners from fischer - and much more

We have been very busy in the last few weeks. Among other things, Fischer fastening solutions - from simple dowels to matching screws and rustproof bolt anchors - have found their way into our shop. And there is a lot more to come.

We have been very busy in the last few weeks and have added a whole range of new products to our online shop. These include fastening solutions from Fischer - from simple dowels to matching screws and rustproof bolt anchors. And there is a lot more to come. We have summarised the products and innovations for you below.

Our shop is growing properly

We have been working diligently over the last few days and weeks to add a large number of new products to the shop, and there are still a few more to come. This is a lot of work, because for each product, sensible product descriptions have to be written, which are then translated into English and Dutch by our two translators. In addition, all products must of course be photographed and cropped. This means that the background of the photograph is replaced by a white background, because this is not always immediately possible for photography.

Since the new products are completely new articles that cannot be compared with existing products such as plastic plates or drills in terms of their properties and necessary information, the programming of the shop must also be adapted and expanded in some files. We could do without this step, but we would like to provide comprehensive and product-related information in the additional information.

For the new heavy-duty anchors, dowels and bolts (which are currently not all photographed and therefore not yet available in the shop), we have already made the adjustments and a few products are also already on the big, wide internet, so that you can order the new Fischer dowels and bolt anchors at favourable graduated prices. As usual, we are taking the approach of dispensing with minimum quantities and packaging units. This is more work for us when it comes to packaging, but we want to offer you maximum flexibility so that you can only order the quantity you need for your project.

Stainless steel bolt anchor

A few days ago, we activated the new bolt anchors from fischer in our shop. These are suitable for mounting particularly heavy loads and since our fischer FAZ II Wedge Anchors are made of stainless steel, they are also suitable for outdoor use without hesitation. We have deliberately chosen the stainless steel version because our aim with the heavy-duty anchors is to offer the ideal installation material for our aluminium construction profiles for the erection of façade cladding.

The bolt anchors, which are equally suitable for cracked and non-cracked concrete, are available in different diameters and effective lengths. In the shop, we have combined the different anchor lengths with the same nominal diameters into one article each. Of course, the bolt anchors are also available in other sizes, but we do not (yet) have these in our standard delivery programme. However, other diameters and lengths are available on request. With more regular demand, these will also be available in the shop at a later date.

Dowels for every substrate

We have been offering drills and spacers for some time now. So it was only a matter of time before we also included the appropriate anchors for fastening in our shop. With the high-quality plastic plugs from fischer, we have added a whole range of plugs for different building materials to our range. From simple expansion anchors for solid building materials, to inexpensive universal anchors - optionally even made of 50% bio-based plastics - to intelligent all-purpose anchors that can be used for all building materials. The best thing about our extensive range of dowels is that you can order them in any quantity. Even if you only want to buy a single dowel.

Matching assortment boxes with different plug sizes, with plugs and matching plug screws, as well as empty assortment boxes for self-configuration will soon be added to the shop. The so-called FIXtainer from fischer are already there, but the texts haven't even started yet. So it will still take a little while until they are available.

Chipboard screws in countless versions

We are currently working flat out to finish the new chipboard screws for the shop. The texts are almost all finished, but the translations are still missing, but they are already in progress.

Probably the most extensive work is photographing every single screw. Especially with small screws, it is sometimes a real challenge to put them in the right light so that the finished picture later shows all the details that make fischer screws so special. The cropping of the screws is not only extremely tedious, but also takes a lot of time. The thread is a horror for the graphics department. Maybe we should have chosen nails instead of screws *joke*.

We chose the PowerFast II series from fischer for the screws, because these screws offer maximum hold with convenient processing. The special screw geometry with core cutter and increased thread pitch reduces the screw-in resistance as well as the screw-in time enormously compared to conventional wood screws. This saves power and significantly reduces the battery life of cordless screws. If there were a kind of energy efficiency class for battery-saving screws, the fischer PowerFast would clearly have been given the top rating A+++.

What else is new

Less associated with great effort, but still worth at least a mention, are our special gauge mouthpieces, which are required for our head-painted aluminium facade rivets. The two special tools are differentiated according to the material of which the panels are made that are to be riveted with our aluminium rivets. The special gauge mouthpiece ALU-16 is suitable for aluminium composite panels and panel material. The special gauge mouthpiece HPL-16, on the other hand, is suitable for rivet joints of HPL and fibre concrete. However, the mouthpieces cannot be used the other way round because the gap dimension changes significantly, which is extremely important for constraint-free assembly of façade panels.

That is quite a lot of new items already, but we have a lot more in the pipeline. There will be a new special S-Polybond brand adhesive for rigid PVC. In addition, our POLYCARBONATEprofi is to come back on the market. We have taken the adhesive, which enjoyed great popularity, off the market because the needle bottles in which we distributed it did not have a sufficient barrier layer for diffusing substances. But here we are very close to the solution, but we are always grateful for suggestions.

But we have not reached the end of the novelties yet, because a whole new product category is (finally) being introduced. These are pipes, solid rods and hollow rods made of plastic. As one of the first sub-categories, special pipe systems made of polypropylene are introduced, which are suitable for countless applications. From heating construction, drinking water supply, the installation of heat pump systems to water supply for pool systems and garden irrigation systems. The innovative system, which is currently not so well known in Germany, is very easy to work with, even without great manual skill. No overly expensive special presses are needed to connect the pipes and fittings, and they can be joined together easily, safely and absolutely tightly using a very inexpensive welding system. This saves time and is easy on the wallet.

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