STEINEL Quick welding shoe 4mm

The STEINEL® quick welding shoe in 4mm has a welding wire feeder for plastic welding wires and welding rods with a cross section of up to approx. 3.5mm, making it easier to weld plastics.

✓ With wide air slot
✓ Welding rod feed Ø 4mm
✓ Ergonomic angle
✓ Optimum heating

The STEINEL® speed welding shoe is simply attached to a 5mm professional round nozzle.

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4mm welding shoe attachment for professional round nozzles Ø 5mm

Optimised angle ✓ Wide air slot ✓ Separate welding wire feed ✓

The STEINEL® fast welding shoe with 4mm diameter is used for plastic welding and allows very precise positioning of the weld seam, especially with thinner welding wires. The separate feeding of the welding wire ensures that it is heated exactly at the weld seam. The wide air slit heats the surfaces of the plastic sheets to be welded simultaneously without heating surrounding areas too long. This considerably reduces the risk of surface burns, which has a significant effect on the quality of the weld seam. The holder of the welding shoe is designed for professional round nozzles with a diameter of 5mm, which act as an adapter and are screwed onto the outlet pipe of the hot air blower.

Usually, a welding rod with a smaller cross-section is also used for smaller plate thicknesses. With a diameter of 4mm for the welding wire feed, the smaller professional welding shoe is suitable for welding rods up to a cross-section of about 3.5mm and is therefore ideal when welding plastic sheets with a smaller thickness.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x STEINEL® Speed welding shoe 4mm

TIP: In order to use the welding shoe, a 5mm professional round nozzle is required which serves as a receptacle for the welding shoe. The round nozzle is available separately and is not included in the scope of delivery.

Application examples for the welding shoe attachment in 4mm

Welding of plastics is in principle also possible without an attachment or with a round nozzle, but by using a quick welding shoe, work is made considerably easier thanks to the welding wire feed. In addition, the use of a welding shoe also has an effect on the quality and appearance of the weld seam, as the welding rod is heated and tracked precisely at the welding point. Especially with thinner welding wires, it is much easier to produce straight welds with the same seam thickness. The smaller version of our STEINEL® high-speed welding shoes with 4mm diameter offers precise feeding of the welding wire, especially when welding thin-walled plastics, e.g. fresh water tanks, where very thin welding wires are generally used.

The 4mm quick-welding shoe from STEINEL® is ideal for repairing cracks or leaks in containers or pipes. High-strength welding wires often require too much time for reworking, e.g. to grind the weld seam flat so that thinner welding wires are used. The same applies when welding plastic sheets with low thickness to prevent the weld seam from deviating significantly from the thickness of the sheets.

The welding shoe can be used regardless of the selected plastic or the colour and design of the welding wire, as long as the cross-section does not exceed the inner diameter of the welding wire feed. From repairs with an ABS welding rod in housing construction, to the welding of food containers made of PP, to the production of collecting containers for chemicals made of polyethylene, the welding shoe offers maximum flexibility in application possibilities. The solid design of the professional nozzle allows even long welding jobs without any loss of quality and thanks to the optimal angle of the air slot, a comfortable position during welding is guaranteed.

  • The high-speed welding shoe is perfectly suited for filigree welding seams with thin welding wires
  • With the 4mm welding shoe even long plastic welding seams can be carried out very easily and precisely
  • The smaller welding shoe attachment is perfectly suited for welding small cracks and breaks
  • Welding of thin plastic sheets usually requires welding wires with lower thickness
  • And many more

The 4mm professional high-speed welding shoe from STEINEL® is compatible with all screw-on professional round nozzles with 5mm diameter. In addition, all rod blowers and hot-air guns that are suitable for screw-on nozzles via a holder can be used.

WARNING: The 4mm welding shoe attachment is not compatible with the STEINEL® HG 2120 E hot-air gun and therefore cannot be used with this blower.

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Additional Information

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